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Chapter 1534: I Won’t Be A Servant!


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 “Indeed! Look at that woman’s clothes! All luxury brands! How could she possibly date a guard?”

Everybody was whispering but Lin Feng could hear them very distinctly. When he heard how those people talked about Qin Yue Ran, he wasn’t very happy.

However, he looked at Qin Yue Ran’s expression; she couldn’t hear them at all. She was still holding his arm firmly, so Lin Feng finally decided not to say anything.

Since Qin Yue Ran couldn’t hear them, why cause trouble? Lin Feng didn’t want to cause trouble, especially since Qin Yue Ran seemed to be in a good mood. 

Qin Yue Ran dragged Lin Feng to the second building. She took out a card and swiped it on the card reader. Then she took him to the sixth floor, apartment 601.

When she opened the door, Lin Feng saw the inside, he didn’t dare enter at first, but Qin Yue Ran pushed him inside and said, “What are you looking at? Have you never heard of joint rental?”

As soon as they went in, a door opened and a beautiful woman came out. When she saw Qin Yue Ran, she smiled, “You brought your boyfriend here? I’ll take you to your room.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but swallow again. Since when had he become Qin Yue Ran’s boyfriend?

The woman brought Lin Feng and Qin Yue Ran to the master’s bedroom. It was extremely clean and large, at least forty square meters. There was a couch opposite the bed.

Lin Feng looked at the woman suspiciously and asked, “Only one room?”

The woman was stupefied. She wasn’t sure she had heard properly and asked, “Are you not lovers?”

Lin Feng didn’t have time to speak, Qin Yue Ran paled and said hastily, “We are lovers. He’s my boyfriend.”

The woman nodded and asked, “Since you are lovers, you sleep in the same room, right?”

Qin Yue Ran spoke first again, “No problem. No problem! You can go. We’ll call you if we need anything…”

Then she opened the door. Lin Feng finally had an opportunity to speak, “Hey, Miss Qin, do you want to play with me for real?”

Qin Yue Ran was stupefied, “What play for real?”

“You did your best so that we could be alone in one room… We’re single and a man and a woman together in a secluded setting… you know? I’m telling you one thing though, men have limits! If you push me to the limits, don’t blame me in the end!” Lin Feng said seriously.

Qin Yue Ran blushed and said icily, “Dream on! Who would want to sleep with you?! I’m going to be straightforward. I’m renting this flat especially for you. You can consider it a privilege for being my bodyguard. Therefore, you live here from now. You understand?”

Lin Feng suddenly understood, but it hurt to think of the rent. The residential district was extremely expensive, at least two thousand yuan a month, more than his own wage!

Lin Feng thought, If I had known you wanted to rent a flat for me, I would have asked you to give me the money directly. What a waste of money!

When Qin Yue Ran saw Lin Feng was staring blankly, she pushed Lin Feng on the bed, “You’re my bodyguard, so you have to look presentable. Otherwise, how could you stand on the side of a young and beautiful woman like me? Besides, apart from this flat, you also get a salary, five thousand yuan a month…”

Lin Feng was astonished. He stood back up and asked curiously, “You mean that you’re going to pay me to be your bodyguard?”

Qin Yue Ran was stupefied. She rolled her eyes and said, “What do you mean? Do you think we’re still in the old communist times? How is getting paid for work strange? You were going to work as my bodyguard for free?”

Lin Feng nodded, “Indeed! I hadn’t thought you’d pay me a salary. I agreed to work as your bodyguard out of pure kindness because I saw Feng Shi Jie bullying you… That’s all…”

Qin Yue Ran was stupefied, and her heart started pounding. She had never thought this young man would be so pure and innocent. He just wanted to help for free?

Qin Yue Ran couldn’t help but feel touched. They were in a capitalistic society. Without money, one couldn’t eat. However, there were still people like this young man who were not interested in mundane affairs, elegant and free from mortal affairs…

Qin Yue Ran snort-laughed to tears. She put her hands in front of her face to hide it, then said, “You’re so funny. You made me laugh to tears… Anyway, you said you were tired, right? So have a rest!”

Then she pushed him back onto the bed. Lin Feng was thinking that if he agreed to get paid, then it would come down to being her servant, her footman; he couldn’t accept that.

However, if he agreed to help her out of pure generosity and kindness, it would mean they were on equal terms. It wouldn’t damage his honor and dignity. He was a man and he acted to help a fragile woman younger than him.

“Qin Yue Ran, I refuse to work as your bodyguard!” Lin Feng stood up and walked away.

Qin Yue Ran jumped in front of the door and prevented Lin Feng from going out, demanding angrily, “What is that supposed to mean? Why are you trying to find all sorts of excuses to refuse? You accepted and now you regret? If you take your word back, then you’re not a man!”

Lin Feng replied, “I don’t regret. I refuse because I am a man. I don’t want to get paid. If you want to buy me to become your footman, I refuse! Hmph! I, Lin Feng, am not a slave!”

Now, Qin Yue Ran understood and said helplessly, “I hadn’t noticed you were such a heroic and proud man. Alright, no wage, alright?”

“I’m not living here. I have a bed in the dormitory…” added Lin Feng.

Qin Yue Ran was really, really pissed off, she pushed Lin Feng onto the bed violently and shouted explosively, “Lin Feng!You stinky scoundrel! If you don’t want to be my bodyguard, then just say it! Why are you wasting time? It’s the first time someone has wasted my time like this!”

Then she burst into tears!

Lin Feng didn’t fear her, but when a woman cried, he couldn’t help but cheer her up. He said, “That’s not what I mean, Qin Yue Ran! I’m not wasting your time. I just want to help you solve the issue with Feng Shi Jie out of pure kindness and generosity. I’ve never had any ulterior motive…”

“Leave me alone. I don’t need you! If Feng Shi Jie wants to follow me all the time, what does that have to do with you? Who are you for me? Nobody! You’re not a member of my family. Why would you worry about me? At most, Feng Shi Jie and I will perish together!”

Qin Yue Ran was a proud young woman. When she got angry, it was scary!

At that moment, the woman knocked at the door and asked, “Eh, are you two alright? How come you’re arguing?”

Qin Yue Ran was still crying in front of the bed. Lin Feng hastily stood up and forced Qin Yue Ran to sit down on the bed. Then he went to the door and half opened it, “Sorry. We’re fine. We’re not arguing anymore…”

The woman was still worried. Lin Feng turned around and looked at Qin Yue Ran, “Don’t cry. You’re breaking my heart. People will think I’m hurting you. Let’s talk normally please, alright?”

Lin Feng took out a tissue and wiped the tears off her face, but Qin Yue Ran pushed his hand away. Lin Feng regretted. If he had known that she had such an explosive personality, he wouldn’t have done all this. She wanted to give him money; he should have agreed, and if he got sick of it, he could have quit!

Other people didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking; but Lin Feng knew he had come back to Huaxia to see his loved ones and children. He was here temporarily only, working as a guard for the time being. Someday, he’d leave and go far away. He didn’t want to be controlled by money!

Lin Feng continued cheering her up and she finally calmed down, but her eyes were still red. Poor girl…

When Lin Feng saw Qin Yue Ran had stopped crying, he gave her a few paper towels and said, “Let’s do as you said. I don’t mind. I… I need to sleep…”

Lin Feng was exhausted. He laid down on the bed and fell asleep with his clothes on. A few seconds later, he was already dreaming!

That big bed was so cozy and comfortable, much better than the bunk beds in the dormitory… Lin Feng dreamt he was sleeping on a cloud. It was so soft. He felt like a baby wrapped in warm clothes. So safe… So sweet…

Suddenly, his dream changed. His cloud broke apart and he started falling. Lin Feng wanted to grab something, but he failed and started falling faster and faster!

After that, Lin Feng suddenly woke up and when he realized what he had grabbed, his eyes popped wide open. Qin Yue Ran seemed dumbstruck too! He had grabbed one of her breasts!

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