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Chapter 1535: Lin Feng’s Soul Organ?


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 Qin Yue Ran blushed and felt extremely uncomfortable. When she had seen Lin Feng was sound asleep, she had decided to lie down next to him to watch him sleep, nothing more.

Lin Feng quickly sat up. He had slept so well. It was much better than in the dormitory, where there was always someone shouting and it was extremely dirty. Such a bad environment! But Lin Feng just wanted to escape now!

Even though he had grabbed her breast because of a bad dream, he still felt awkward.

“You can sleep. I’m going to work,” Lin Feng said. He left without waiting for Yue Ran’s answer.

Lin Feng was still thinking of what Qin Yue Ran had said and the wage. Even though Lin Feng didn’t care about a few thousand yuan, he still felt uncomfortable.

But it was a sad truth; in this world, without money, nobody could do anything. Lin Feng was just an insignificant guard. His salary was so low… Qin Yue Ran possibly wanted to help him because she had compassion, but Lin Feng realized there was a problem. What was the money / compassion ratio?

For people not to pity him, there was only one solution; he had to improve his lifestyle! At least, he couldn’t let people think he was poor…

At Qin Yue Ran’s birthday party, Lin Feng had been humiliated because of his social status. Then he remembered Zhu Dai Fu. Since Zhu Dai Fu knew about underground auction houses, why not go with him?

Lin Feng was in a difficult position. Initially, he was an extraordinary cultivator. After he had arrived, he had lost his powers, his Ancestral Body, and his Dragon-Phoenix Blood didn’t react anymore. He had lost contact with his Spirit World. Lin Feng was terribly annoyed.

He also felt rather lonely. He had colleagues. He had become friends with Lu Zhan and Qin Yue Ran, but he couldn’t tell any of those people his secrets and even if he did, they would never believe him.

Lin Feng’s past and these people were too different. It was ironic to think that Lin Feng now felt closer to his old enemies, Ancestor Mo and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor!

“Ancestor Mo, Demon Emperor, come out!” said Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, give me more pure Qi. I’m too hungry, I feel too weak to talk to you…” said Ancestor Mo in a trembling voice.

“Lin Feng, stop disturbing me when I’m dreaming. I just stuffed myself and got hammered, so I fell asleep. You scared me!” answered Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

Lin Feng was even angrier. Everybody had their own reasons not to talk to him!

Lin Feng sighed. Back then, he had tortured these two. However, nowadays, he contacted them because he felt lonely. How pathetic!

When someone felt lonely, they did weird things. Lin Feng shook his head helplessly. He released some spiritual Qi into the bone tablet. Ancestor Mo absorbed it greedily and suddenly looked livelier.

“Lin Feng, do you feel sad? Tell me about it. I have experience. I can help you,” claimed Ancestor Mo, flattering himself.

“Indeed. I have no money, so I intend to sell you guys for a little bit of money,” said Lin Feng cruelly.

The Demon Emperor shouted hastily, “Lin Feng, sell Ancestor Mo! He does nothing at all and on top of that he needs to feed on your Qi! He’s a burden!”

“Nonsense! He should sell you as well! You think I don’t know? You just get stuffed and hammered every day. You don’t give a shit about Lin Feng! Where do your drinks and food come from? If you leave Lin Feng’s pure Qi area, can you survive? No! You’ll have nothing to eat and nothing to drink anymore!” said Ancestor Mo.

Lin Feng was surprised. No wonder the Demon Emperor’s world was so great; he kept stealing pure Qi from Lin Feng in secret!

But why couldn’t Ancestor Mo’s bone tablet do it?

When the Demon Emperor heard Ancestor Mo reveal his secret, he shouted in anger, “Ancestor Mo, shut up! You’ve always been lazy and you’ve never thought about your future. If you had put your life in your bone tablet, you wouldn’t need other people’s pure Qi!”

Lin Feng finally understood; these two people’s life soul organs were different!

But Lin Feng had a question, they both had a life soul organ. In the past, he used to be stronger than them, so why didn’t he have a life soul organ?

Ancestor Mo and the Demon Emperor kept arguing. They even called each other names and insulted each other’s parents. If they weren’t in different worlds, they would have started fighting.

“Alright! Enough! I initially felt sad and depressed. I wanted to ask you if you could help me solve some issues, but you keep arguing!” said Lin Feng helplessly.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, don’t get involved! I’m going to destroy that son of a bitch!” shouted Ancestor Mo explosively.

“Ancestor Mo, you’re shameless. You deserve to starve to death! Lin Feng, stop feeding Ancestor Mo! Let that old grouch die! Or sell him and then he’ll die slowly without your pure Qi! If you need any help, you can ask me. I promise you I will help you!”

“Lin Feng, don’t listen to him. I can help you too!”

“Alright, I’ll tell you what my problem is, I will NOT sell the one who helps me solve it first.” Lin Feng added, “You both have life soul organs; do I have one too?”

Both demons looked thoughtful when they heard Lin Feng.

“Ancestor Mo spoke first, “Lin Feng… you have to refine it yourself. If you haven’t done that yet, then I guess you don’t have one…”

Ancestor Mo didn’t sound so confident. When the Demon Emperor saw Ancestor Mo spoke first, he added, “Lin Feng, you don’t necessarily need to refine your soul organ, it can actually appear by itself for no reason. For example, I’ve had my bone ring since birth, and its level has always been based on mine!”

“Oh? I also had such a thing before for example, in my body, I had a Spirit World, an Ancestral Body and Dragon-Phoenix Blood. Are those things my soul organs?” Lin Feng asked.

In the past, he would have never told them about his secrets, it would have been extremely dangerous!  But now things were different, the two demons were sealed in his world.

“What is a Spirit World?” the two demons asked at the same time. 

Lin Feng explained, “My Spirit World is actually similar to your small worlds. There are all sorts of things inside it, just like a real world. Even my family members and friends are inside.”

He also explained what his Ancestral Body and Dragon-Phoenix Blood were. When the Demon Emperor heard that, he said, “Lin Feng, I don’t think your Ancestral Body and your Dragon-Phoenix Blood are soul organs. At least, the conditions required to be soul organs are not met; having no inner space, for example. So the only thing which could become your soul organ is your Spirit World!”

Ancestor Mo and the Demon Emperor both agreed on that. A soul organ had to have an empty space inside. It had to be a small world to be able to contain primordial spirits.

“But I don’t know why, I lost access to it…” Lin Feng had no choice but to tell them about the situation because he was worried. What if his Spirit World was like Ancestor Mo’s soul organ and could dry up and disappear if he didn’t give them pure Qi?

What if his parents, friends, children, and wives had starved to death?

Lin Feng would never accept that. He had come back to the Earth to find some relatives he had lost, and now he had lost even more!

Without family members or friends, Lin Feng didn’t know whether he could find the courage to continue living!

“Lin Feng… did you lose your Spirit World?” asked the Demon Emperor icily. Lin Feng was covered in ice-cold sweat when he heard that.

“What do you mean? Do you mean losing your soul organ is possible?”

“Of course. Just like the bone tablet soul organ, someone stole it from me once; if I hadn’t taken it back, I wouldn’t be here talking to you!” said Ancestor Mo.

“But my Spirit World isn’t a bone tablet or a bone ring, it just exists inside of my body. I can’t lose it!” said Lin Feng confidently.

How could he lose something which didn’t physically exist?

Ancestor Mo and the Demon Emperor remained silent. After a while, Ancestor Mo said in a low voice, “Lin Feng… It may not sound good, but I really think you lost your Spirit World…”

Why do you say that?” asked Lin Feng worriedly, “And if I lost it, what happened to it?”

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