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Chapter 1536: Gangster Wei San!



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 The Demon Emperor didn’t want Ancestor Mo to give Lin Feng all the answers so he said, “Don’t you understand? You, right now, are not the person you used to be…!”

Lin Feng’s brain buzzed suddenly. He had to admit and face the sad truth!

Without even mentioning his body, his personality had also changed! He seemed completely different!

In the past, he was extremely brave, he had defied the laws of reality. He had never lowered his head and agreed to abide by rules, but now his entire life seemed to be centered around a huge set of rules.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel terrified. Wasn’t he himself anymore? Where was his real self? Was he dead?

“Demon Emperor, why wouldn’t I be myself?” said Lin Feng. He was nervous.

The Demon Emperor said meaningfully, “Lin Feng, first, tell us about your journey back to Earth. How was the process? Did anything unexpected happen?”

Lin Feng told them the truth about Dao Yi and Fu Xi, the tunnel, and then the scorching hot energy.

“You mean that you fainted in the end? And when you came back to your senses, you were the guard you are now?” asked the Demon Emperor.

Lin Feng nodded. The Demon Emperor was surprised and said, “Lin Feng, I know why! If I’m not mistaken, your primordial spirit and your body were separated. You’re lucky, though. You narrowly escaped death. If you hadn’t gotten this body in the end, even your primordial spirit would have disintegrated!”

Ancestor Mo sighed, “The Demon Emperor is right, I think the same. Your real body was either destroyed or just separated from your primordial spirit. It means that your Ancestral Body, your Dragon-Phoenix Blood, and your Spirit World don’t exist anymore. The fire probably destroyed your body, to be honest. It may have landed elsewhere on Earth, though. If you want to recover your strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, you need to find your body.”

“Traveling to the Earth may be different from traveling to other worlds. It’s a huge price to pay to come here though. Why didn’t Fu Xi and Dao Yi come themselves? Why did they make you come here? They are Heavenly Godly Ancestors and they don’t dare come; it’s obvious that it’s dangerous, hence your current situation!” explained Ancestor Mo. 

Lin Feng suddenly understood, but at the same time, he was even more worried. He didn’t mind losing his Ancestral Body and Dragon-Phoenix Blood, but his Spirit World…!

Could it be that Ancestor Mo was right? Had his relatives burned to death…?

Lin Feng didn’t dare think about it. His eyes were moist already. He felt desperate.

But Lin Feng thought of another issue. “But why didn’t your bone tablet and bone ring burn then? Why would it just be my Spirit World?”

“Easy to explain. Our bone tablet and bone ring were real and tangible before the journey already. Besides, our primordial souls are inside, we were lucky. But your Spirit World wasn’t real and tangible…”

“Lin Feng, don’t be too sad. It doesn’t look like you. Actually, there’s another possibility: your Spirit World may be in your body, and may have now become real and tangible like us. When the Ancient Demon attacked, my soul organ became real and tangible…” said the Demon Emperor, trying to cheer Lin Feng up.

Lin Feng said hastily, “So if my Spirit World became real and tangible, would it change?”

Ancestor Mo said, “Hard for me to say. Maybe. It may have turned into a small item like my bone tablet or something else, like a meteorite?”

“Yes. I think that Ancestor Mo is right. It’s a possibility…” said the Demon Emperor.

“So how do I find them?” asked Lin Feng worriedly.

“Lin Feng, you have changed so much, it’s incredible. You’re like a completely different person. You were extraordinarily smart before, and now you can’t even figure out simple things by yourself. Since it may have turned into a meteorite, you have to search in that direction!” said the Demon Emperor.

Ancestor Mo said, “I think it most likely turned into a meteorite, like in the World of Battles. So many precious items fall from the sky and then people fight to get them. Actually, those things are from other worlds…”

As Lin Feng was about to say something when someone tapped his shoulder. He came back to his senses and turned around. It was Qin Yue Ran. She asked, “What’s wrong, Lin Feng? Why are you standing there staring blankly?”

Lin Feng had been so focused that he had been staring there doing nothing.

“Hey, you retarded guard! If you don’t move, I’ll run over you!” A man came out of a car, pointing at Lin Feng and insulting him. He had been waiting there half the day, but Lin Feng had blocked his way.

Initially, Lin Feng was standing in the middle of the road and that driver had been waiting there shouting, but Lin Feng had seemed to be absent-minded. He had been staring blankly, then he had laughed, then he had cried… In the end, the driver was infuriated.

Lin Feng hastily moved aside. The driver got back into his car. When he drove past Lin Feng, he opened his window and shouted, “You want to scam a driver by pretending you go knocked over, huh? There are CCTV cameras everywhere in the residential district, and I also have a dash cam in my car! I got you on camera, so get ready to lose your job!”

Lin Feng couldn’t care less, but Qin Yue Ran shouted explosively, “Shut up and watch your words! If you want to report him, go ahead! You’re driving a shitty Audi and think you’re awesome?!”

If Qin Yue Ran hadn’t said anything, Lin Feng would have left, but now she had offended the man.

The driver wasn’t an ordinary citizen; he was a gangster and he was a little bit famous. He was quite cruel. People called him Wei San Ye. 

Nobody had ever insulted him like that.

Wei San stopped, making his tires squeak and threw the door open. He looked furious. He pointed at Qin Yue Ran and said, “You fucking bitch! Your daddy hasn’t educated you very well, huh? I swear I’m going to kill you!”

Qin Yue Ran had been very aggressive, but she was a woman after all. When that scumbag threatened her, she was terrified.

Lin Feng hastily pushed Qin Yue Ran behind him and said to Wei San, “Brother, calm down. I was wrong. Sorry. We’re leaving…”

“Stinky bitch! I’m giving you face. You surprisingly dare show off when your boyfriend is a fucking tramp!” said Wei San.

As Lin Feng wanted to justify himself even more, he heard Ancestor Mo’s voice, “Lin Feng, you’re hopelessly stupid. Fucking hell! You’re the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners, you’re the First Cultivator on the List of the World of Battles! Someone is insulting you and you’re submitting. If people in the World of Battles heard that, they would all laugh at you!”

The Demon Emperor also decided to contribute to fanning the flames, “Lin Feng, don’t you want to be yourself? You need to regain your personality. Destroy him!”

Ancestor Mo and the Demon Emperor hadn’t learned much these days while following Lin Feng, except swear words from the Earth.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but shiver. They were right! Since he was in this guard’s body, his real personality was being suppressed. He had become a coward!

He couldn’t continue acting like that. How could he let Qin Yue Ran get insulted in front of him?

He had never submitted to others, so now he needed to force this body to adapt to his personality. His primordial spirit occupied it, but the body and his primordial spirit couldn’t fuse together. He needed to violate the rules of the Earth!

Wei San saw that Lin Feng was just standing aside because he was afraid. Suddenly, Wei San looked even more arrogant. He was a gangster, he loved trouble!

Qin Yue Ran was beautiful and cute, so Wei San’s tone of speech suddenly changed. “Honey, look at that guy, he’s not a man. He looks like a miserable and scared dog! Look at me! Be my girlfriend. I have cars and apartments. I’m much better than that stinky guard. Plus you’re super hot, you being with him is such a waste…”

Then he reached out for her face, but before he reached her, Lin Feng grabbed his wrist.

An ordinary person like Wei San couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. He only used a little bit of strength and Wei San screamed. Wei San could feel that his wrist was broken.

“FUCK YOUR MOTHER, SON OF A BITCH! My friends are going to fucking kill you!” shouted Wei San explosively. His wrist hurt so much!

But he didn’t even have time to finish his sentence, the pain was too unbearable, and he collapsed to the ground!

“Hehe, you’re awesome, huh? What about me, I’m a guard, so what? I’m a guard and you can’t even compete with me!” replied Lin Feng calmly.

Wei San was in pain. He knew he had bumped into an extraordinarily strong man this time. Wei San was a gang leader, so he knew many people who were ready to help him whenever he called them.

“You fucking want to die! Release me or I’ll call some people to destroy you!” Wei San tried to regain the advantage and scare Lin Feng.

The shouts quickly drew people’s attention so very quickly. There were many people all around them.

“Why did that guard do that? He hit an important person? Hehehe… How unruly…” a middle-aged woman giggled.

“How could such a guard ensure our safety? Those people’s wages are paid with our tax money. We should get rid of parasites like that!” said someone else.

People in that residential district were all wealthy. Everybody knew each other, especially people like Wei San. People didn’t dare offend him, they were afraid of him. Whenever they could, they curried favor with him! 

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