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Chapter 1537: Kneel Down and Apologize!


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Those people knew who to offend between Lin Feng and Wei San!

“Shut the hell up, fucking bitches!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. The two middle-aged women who had criticized him looked at him icily. Lin Feng glared at them so aggressively the two middle-aged women got scared and shut up.

They hadn’t thought that the guard who used to be retarded would become so aggressive someday. He even dared humiliate them and swear at them!

“Hey, who are you insulting? You think you need a spanking!” exclaimed a middle-aged man when he saw Lin Feng insult his wife. He was angry and ran towards Lin Feng. He wanted to kick him.

When he raised his feet, Lin Feng tilted aside and threw a kick at the man. The man was blown three meters away and crashed against a street lamp!

Everybody around was astonished. Some people wanted to call the police. Some people called the district administration office; of course, they all thought Lin Feng was to blame. He was a guard after all, so he had to submit to the residents.

When Lin Feng kicked the man, he had already let Wei San off. Wei San took a deep breath. He understood that he may not be able to compete with that guard in a fight, so he needed backup.

If his brothers came, they would destroy this guard!

Qin Yue Ran was dumbstruck. At the same time, she was a bit scared of Lin Feng, finding him extremely violent and aggressive! 

 Qin Yue Ran was starting to wonder if she hadn’t made a huge mistake by asking Lin Feng to become her bodyguard. Security guard and bodyguard seemed like very similar professions; how come he acted so strangely this time?

“You, apologize to her. Kneel down to apologize!” Lin Feng said to Wei San who was in the middle of a phone call. Lin Feng sounded aggressive and brutal.

Wei San looked at him icily and shouted in his phone, “Xiao Liu Zi! Fucking hell! Two hundred I said! I bumped into a tough bastard today!”

“I’m not going to repeat the same thing three times. Kneel down and apologize to her!” said Lin Feng, ignoring what Wei San had just said.

“Fuck your mother! I’ll kneel down to lick your mom’s pussy, motherfucker! Wait and…” Wei San didn’t have time to finish his sentence. Lin Feng suddenly appeared in front of him. Wei San was dumbstruck when he saw how fast Lin Feng was.

Lin Feng grabbed Wei San by the collar, lifted him up and threw him on the ground at Qin Yue Ran’s feet.

Wei San landed on his knees. It was extremely painful. “FUCK!” shouted Wei San explosively. At that moment, even if Lin Feng released him, Wei San wouldn’t be able to get back on his feet!

Wei San was a real gangster; being thrown on the ground at Qin Yue Ran’s feet infuriated him. He ground his teeth and remained silent. How can I apologize to anyone? He just hoped his brother Xiao Liu Zi would arrive quickly with some backup.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

When Lin Feng saw Wei San didn’t apologize, he slapped his face three times. Wei San’s nose started bleeding. Wei San was dumbstruck. His jaw was nearly broken!

“Apologize! Otherwise, I’ll slap your face every second!” said Lin Feng icily.

Pa! Lin Feng slapped him again. Wei San spoke, bubbles of blood appearing on his mouth, “I’m sorry… I apologize…”

“Louder! There are many people here. I don’t think they heard you properly…”  said Lin Feng, his hand on Wei San’s shoulder.

Even though Wei San didn’t feel like apologizing, he had no choice so he said loudly, “I’m sorry! I apologize!”

Qin Yue Ran saw Lin Feng beat Wei San up and then made him kneel down and apologize. He even kept pushing down on Wei San’s shoulder, so Wei San was unable to move.

“Your name is Wei San, right? Wei San, remember me. In the future, you can offend anyone, but you better not offend me or my people! Otherwise, it’ll be worse than today!”

After that, Lin Feng grabbed Qin Yue Ran’s arm and walked away, ignoring the crowd. He felt so good. Hitting people felt great!

Humiliating and crushing people was an amazing feeling. Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile. Lin Feng remembered how wonderful it was to challenge other people.

That was his real personality. He didn’t fear strong cultivators, and he didn’t submit to other people!

Lin Feng and Qin Yue Ran had walked less than ten meters away when Da Liu showed up. The real estate company had called Da Liu, and now he had come with over ten guards.

“Lin Feng! Stop! You dared beat up people from the residential district? I think you don’t want to work here anymore.” This time, he was convinced Lin Feng was going to be fired!

Lin Feng looked down on Da Liu and grinned, “Da Liu, I’m in a bad mood. You better not provoke me, or I may get angry.”

“You… You…” Da Liu was shaking from head to foot, but he didn’t dare say anything. Lin Feng was insane!

At that moment, a group of men wearing short-sleeved black t-shirts showed up. Their heads were completely shaved. All of them were carrying pickaxe handles.

Wei San was happy, he shouted, “Xiao Liu Zi, that guard beat me up! Help me…”

Lin Feng put his arm around Qin Yue Ran’s waist and sent her into the crowd, then attacked again!

Da Liu and the others weren’t happy. They had initially come to help Wei San get rid of Lin Feng, and now Lin Feng was humiliating every one of them. Wei San hadn’t told them the truth! He had just said he had been beaten up by some guard, he hadn’t called him by name.

Lin Feng arrived in front of a young man; the man swung at Lin Feng’s head with his pickaxe handle. Lin Feng didn’t dodge. He raised his hand and grabbed the pickaxe handle, then he kicked the young man over ten meters away. The young man crashed to the ground and lost consciousness!

After that, it became even weirder. Lin Feng kicked all the gangsters away, and they were all blown away. When Lin Feng kicked men who weighed over a hundred jin, it looked as if he was kicking hens. He easily grabbed some and threw them around too!

At the same time, some guards had been injured by the gangsters, and Lin Feng had just saved them, so they all looked at him in awe. Lin Feng was incredible!

 A few minutes later, Lin Feng had beaten up another forty-some people. Lin Feng grabbed those people and then threw them into other people, as if he were bowling.

The other gangsters all retreated. Nobody dared get close to Lin Feng again. Those people were vicious, brutal, aggressive and violent; usually they managed to crush or kill people, but now they looked scared in front of him.

Lin Feng stood there with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked like an insane tiger! “Come! Aren’t you gangsters? And you’ve many people, too! Don’t you have your brothers? Hehe, come! All together, at the same time! YOU WANT TO HIT ME, RIGHT?” Lin Feng glared at the gangsters ferociously.

Wei San was more than terrified. When Lin Feng had beaten him up, he had been terrified, but the way he felt now couldn’t be described using words. He even peed his pants!

“Hehe, Wei San, you want to leave? We’re not done yet. Why are you in a rush?” Lin Feng looked at Wei San who was running towards his car. 

Wei San stopped. He was dumbstruck, he shook his hand and shouted, “No. I’m not fighting you anymore. I submit to you. I lost. Sorry!”

He really submitted this time. He had been a gangster for over ten years. He had fought hundreds of times. He had met brutal and violent people, but he had never met anyone like Lin Feng!

“Not fighting anymore?” repeated Lin Feng indifferently.

“No, not fighting anymore… I submit…” said Wei San, gulping down. On the inside, he thought, What else can I do but submit? I would just lose even more face if I didn’t!

“What about my colleagues who’ve been injured? You think I can let you off, even though you injured them?” asked Lin Feng.

Wei San was dumbstruck. Lin Feng had destroyed his friends, and he dared asked him that?

Wei San was furious. You’re fucking awesome, huh, Lin Feng? You’re crueler than me, huh? Fucking hell! I should have never offended you, damn it!

“I’ll give you money, I’ll give you money…”

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Alright, since you’re so wise; twenty-thousand yuan for my colleagues’ injuries.”

Wei San almost choked. He had collected thirty-thousand yuan from bribes today, and now he had to give Lin Feng twenty-thousand…?!

Wei San got the plastic bag out of his car and took out twenty thousand from it. His heart pounded violently as he handed the money over to Lin Feng. He was scared Lin Feng would beat him up again.

Lin Feng took the money and waved his other hand. Wei San put the last ten thousand yuan he had in Lin Feng’s hands. Wei San was furious, but impotent. This guard was insane!…

Lin Feng didn’t care about Wei San’s miserable face, his wet pants, or his face turning from purple to green to white. Lin Feng turned around calmly, then he walked to Da Liu and the others and threw twenty-thousand on the ground. “For you to get medical treatment.”

Then he walked towards the remaining gangsters. Some of them were crawling back up. When they saw Lin Feng coming back towards them, they crawled away from him.

“Who is Xiao Liu Zi?”

An extremely fat young man staggered to the front. Actually, he hadn’t come to the front willingly. His friends had pushed him to the front! 

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