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Chapter 1538: Zhang Dui Is Confused!


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 “You, you, what do you want to do?” asked Xiao Liu Zi, his mouth wide open.

A moment before, he had been standing at the front, and when he had fought against Lin Feng, he had thought he’d kill this guard if he didn’t control his strength. Then Lin Feng had kicked him and he had been blown away. He was still scared!

Lin Feng hand the money to Xiao Liu Zi and said, “I am fair. I give you money for your medical expenses.”

Xiao Liu Zi nodded hastily. As long as Lin Feng didn’t beat him up again, he was ready to do anything, even eat shit. He took the money as he heard some police sirens. Two police cars appeared in front of them.

“Everybody, don’t move and kneel down! Hands on your heads!”

The gangsters knelt down together. Lin Feng wanted to smile because he knew the people who had just arrived: Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan!

When Zhang Dui saw Lin Feng, he was stupefied. He looked at the injured gangsters, then looked at Lin Feng and asked gravely, “Lin Feng, did you injure those people?”

Lin Feng shook his head. Zhang Dui glanced at Da Liu and the guards and asked, “Did they?”

Lin Feng shook his head. Zhang Dui looked glum and frowned, “Lin Feng, did they injure themselves alone then?”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Strictly speaking, they came to beat us guards up, then the guards wanted to ensure the inhabitants safety, so they acted heroically…”

The police officers were all astonished by such bad acting. They had seen many shameless people in life, but the way Lin Feng told them the story was just too…

“Stop talking shit! Everybody come with us!” shouted Zhang Dui aggressively and icily.

At that moment, Wei San came out of the crowd, took out a pack of cigarettes and handed cigarettes to all the police officers. At the same time he said to Zhang Dui, “Zhang Dui, it was a misunderstanding. We actually solved the issue peacefully. Sorry for disturbing you…”

The police officers naturally didn’t accept Wei San’s cigarettes. They didn’t know him. He might be a gangster. They thought that he was the one who had started the fight, and in the end had gotten crushed.

Even if they arrested them, it would just be temporary and to scare them. Besides, there were too many people; they couldn’t fit so many prisoners in two cars. The best solution was for everybody to calm down and solve the issue.

“Wei San, I’m warning you, you and your gangster friends better not cause trouble again!” shouted Zhang Dui, then said, “Since you solved the issue peacefully, we’re done. If you dare and fight again… You understand?”

Wei San nodded hastily and promised, “No problem! We promise we’ll be good and peaceful citizens! We won’t disturb public order again!”

All the residents were gathered around. They had seen everything. Before, some people had defended Wei San because they were afraid of him.

However, they understood something else now; that that guard wasn’t a piece of trash, and they better not offend him!

The middle-aged woman who had offended Lin Feng said to Zhang Dui, “Comrade, it was all a misunderstanding; there were issues between the guards and the residents, but we resolved it. We’re like a big family, after all.”

Everybody said about the same thing. Nobody wanted to offend Lin Feng or Wei San!

Wei San left with his people. Da Liu and the guards left as well. Zhang Dui called Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I’d like to ask you a question. What the hell did you do for a living before? How come you’re so good at fighting?” he asked curiously.

Lin Feng pretended to sigh helplessly and said, “Zhang Dui, I’ve always been a guard. I’ve always worked in this residential district. What else could I do? Regarding my fighting skills, I’m actually not so good at fighting, it’s just that those people are too weak.”

Zhang Dui almost believed him, but Wei San and his guards were far from weaklings. They were all fierce, brutal, aggressive, and violent. Lin Feng said they were too weak? He was probably the only one who thought that way.

Su Xiao Nuan asked curiously, “Lin Feng, have you really never studied martial arts at a Shaolin temple? I wonder if you could defeat the eighteen bronze statues? You definitely studied martial arts in a school, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to beat up so many people!”

Lin Feng smiled, “Come on! You must be busy. Go back to work. You’re on duty. I am just an insignificant guard and I need to work.”

At that moment, Qin Yue Ran stepped closer. Zhang Dui was shocked. He said uncertainly, “Aren’t you Qin Yue Ran? Secretary Qin’s daughter?”

Qin Yue Ran nodded awkwardly. Zhang Dui asked worriedly, “What are you doing here? You didn’t get injured a moment ago, right?”

Qin Yue Ran shook his head, then she walked to Lin Feng and said, “He’s my bodyguard. He had a fight to protect me.”

When Zhang Dui heard that, he looked confused, then glum and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me that earlier? Wei San is really insolent! He dared…. ARGH! And he even dared fight against your bodyguard! If I had known earlier, I would have arrested them all!”

Qin Yue Ran smiled. Zhang Dui was just currying favor with her. Qin Yue Ran said, “Actually, it’s fine; it was just a misunderstanding.”


When they went back to the car, Su Xiao Nuan asked Zhang Dui, “Zhang Dui, do you really believe that Lin Feng has never studied kung fu?”

Zhang Dui looked pensive. What was Lin Feng’s background? How come he had gotten so close to Qin Yue Ran so quickly, to the extent that he had even become her bodyguard? If Lin Feng had a complex background, they had to take him seriously…

When Su Xiao Nuan asked him that, Zhang Dui was surprised, “Su Xiao Nuan, it’s none of our business. We better not stick our nose into Lin Feng’s affairs. He’s now Qin Yue Ran’s bodyguard, which means he has a particular backing.”

Zhang Dui knew that knowing too much wasn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, knowing things could lead to trouble. One could end up in a dangerous situation!

“What’s wrong with Qin Yue Ran? She’s just some official’s daughter, how come you’re afraid of her?” asked Su Xiao Nuan angrily. She had a bitter feeling. Lin Feng was a great young man and suddenly he had become the bodyguard of someone important!

Zhang Dui could see that Su Xiao Nuan felt bad and said, “You… You dare say anything. It’s not a problem with me, you can tell me anything, but if the protagonists heard you, you’d be in trouble!”

Su Xiao Nuan didn’t feel like submitting and said icily, “Hmph! I’m not afraid of her. I don’t think she can pose a threat to me at all.”

Zhang Dui smiled wisely. He asked, “Su Xiao Nuan, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Why do you ask? That is private!”

“I suggest you hurry up and find a boyfriend. Don’t cast greedy eyes on Lin Feng. I noticed that when Qin Yue Ran said Lin Feng was her bodyguard, she looked strange, as if he were her lover in fact…” Zhang Dui observed thoughtfully.


 Lin Feng and Qin Yue Ran chatted on the way from the gate of the residential district to the control room. Lin Feng suddenly remembered something and asked, “Qin Yue Ran, could it be that you don’t work? I am your bodyguard, but you can’t cling to me 24/7, right? I need to work.”

“What do you mean cling to you? Is there a problem? You’re my bodyguard so I’m staying with you. What is the problem with that?” asked Qin Yue Ran, pretending to be angry.

“No problem, no problem. Anyway, let’s say I’ll be working for you for a month. In one month, I may not be able to be your bodyguard anymore,” Lin Feng stated firmly.

Qin Yue Ran was startled. She stopped walking and asked, “Why? What’s the matter? Why would you stop working as my bodyguard in a month?”

Lin Feng sighed and mumbled, “I may not even be able to work here as a guard anymore. I may have to move out of this city. Of course, if I can, I’ll continue working for you as a bodyguard.”

The conversation he had had with Ancestor Mo and the Demon Emperor had made him think. He felt confused. Could it be that he was going to work as a guard forever? Was he really going to abide by the rules and submit to everybody?

What about his Spirit World? Had it burned and turned into a meteorite? He needed to investigate and find out. Lin Feng felt great pressure, like he had to hurry.

He wasn’t the same person he used to be, after all. He didn’t have the strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, so he didn’t need to think about things too much then. Things were different now, especially since a human’s life expectancy was really low!

On Earth, people’s lives were so short! Lin Feng didn’t even know how old he was on Earth. Could his primordial spirit influence this body’s life expectancy, or was he like ordinary humans, who usually died between eighty and a hundred years old?

If that was the case, finding Qing Huang Tian and the others among the billions of people on Earth would be too difficult! If he didn’t act as quickly as he could, he would never find them; they would all die, and never meet again!

As Lin Feng was thinking, he realized Qin Yue Ran wasn’t next to him anymore. He turned around and saw Qin Yue Ran. She was on the phone. Lin Feng stopped. Qin Yue Ran hung up and caught up with him.

Qin Yue Ran asked, “So if you don’t work as a guard anymore and move out of this city, where will you go?”

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