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Chapter 1539: An Old Enemy!


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 Lin Feng shook his head. Qin Yue Ran frowned, “You don’t seem like a very responsible person. Since you agreed to be my bodyguard, you have to take your job seriously. You offended Feng Shi Jie and his family, and now you’re telling me you’re going to abandon me? What if they want to hurt me, then?”

Qin Yue Ran started crying. Poor girl. Lin Feng felt guilty. Qin Yue Ran was exaggerating, but it wasn’t far from the truth.

If Lin Feng abandoned her, Feng Shi Jie would come back and harass her again. Nobody would be able or willing to help her anymore!

Lin Feng said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Qin Yue Ran. But don’t worry, I will help you get rid of Feng Shi Jie within this timeframe. He will never come back and harass you again.”

“Get rid of him? What do you mean? Could it be that you want to kill him?” Qin Yue Ran asked curiously.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “If that’s what you want, I don’t mind helping you.”

Qin Yue Ran was dumbstruck. She looked at Lin Feng with her eyes wide. She understood Lin Feng less and less. He talked about killing people without even raising an eyebrow, and he definitely wasn’t joking.

“Stop talking nonsense! I never asked you to kill anyone! Killing people is illegal! Do you commit crimes?” said Qin Yue Ran in alarm, then sighed, “Sigh. Forget it. If you don’t want to work as my bodyguard, don’t wait for another month. Let’s stop our cooperation right now. No need to do anything for me again in the future.”

Lin Feng didn’t understand. He looked solemn and respectful. He asked, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid that if I kill him, you will get in trouble as well?”

“What the hell! I just don’t want you to commit a crime because of me!” shouted Qin Yue Ran angrily.

Lin Feng also realized he was going too far, so he laughed and pretending to be joking, “Hehehehe! You’re so funny. I was just joking. I don’t kill people. Don’t worry.”

Qin Yue Ran smiled and said, “I hope so. Don’t do anything silly, please! But I was serious, from now on, we’re not cooperating anymore. We don’t need to meet ever again. I have things to do now. I’m off. Farewell.”

After that, Qin Yue Ran walked away quickly. Lin Feng caught up with her. He wanted to justify himself, but Qin Yue Ran ignored him. When she arrived at the gate, she jumped into a taxi and left.

Lin Feng watched the taxi leave, and felt sad and disappointed. Even though he had known Qin Yue Ran for a short time only, she was one of the first people he had met on Earth!

Lin Feng gazed into the distance for a while and sighed. Then he whispered, “It’s good that she left. We’re not from the same world after all… When I’m done with everything I have to do, I may come back to her and give her an explanation.”

“Lin Feng, Manager Zhang is calling you.” As Lin Feng was lost in thought, he came back to his senses when he heard Su Qiang call from behind him. 


When they arrived in the real estate office, Manager Zhang sat down on the armchair of a chair. Da Liu and the other guards were all standing at the table. There were lots of one hundred yuan notes on the table!

Lin Feng understood Manager Zhang probably knew about the fight already, given how angry he looked. He hammered the table and shouted explosively, “Lin Feng! You’re going too far! You dared rob people while on duty! Do you know that’s a crime?!”

Lin Feng didn’t look afraid at all. He said indifferently, “I didn’t rob anyone. Wei San gave the money willingly. If you don’t believe me, ask them. They were all there.”

The guards glanced at each other. None of them dared say anything. Da Liu whispered, “Brother, Lin Feng is right. Wei San really gave us the money willingly… Many residents were there too…”

“Shut up! You understood nothing! You trust Wei San? You dare trust him? Don’t you know what kind of person he is? He’s been living in the residential district for over ten years! He doesn’t even pay for his bills, electricity, water, or anything! It’s almost impossible to get money from him! You stole twenty-thousand yuan from him, you’re insane!” shouted Manager Zhang explosively.

Da Liu wanted to say something else, but Manager Zhang glared at him, then turned to Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, don’t think that because Chairman Sun supports you, you can do whatever you wish! You caused trouble, so all this is your own fault. You can take those twenty-thousand yuan, all of them. We’re not keeping a single yuan. Go and bear the responsibilities for your actions! And also, you’re fired! Now, leave! I don’t want to see you in this residential district ever again!”

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just smiled indifferently and took the money. Then he turned around and left. 

After Lin Feng left the room, Da Liu said to Manager Zhang in a low voice, “Brother, aren’t you going a bit too far? Lin Feng fought for us. He protected us. If he hadn’t helped, he would all be in hospital.”

When he recalled the dozens of young gangsters lying around, his heart started pounding again. After that, Da Liu’s impression of Lin Feng had completely changed. He used to hate him, but now he admired him.

The first reason was that Lin Feng had made him submit by force, the second was that Lin Feng hadn’t hesitated and had gone to the front line to save his colleagues, the other guards. Da Liu didn’t want Lin Feng to get fired; on the contrary, he hoped he’d stay!

“You understand nothing. You’re a moron. He offended Wei San! He injured so many people, and he stole twenty thousand yuan! Wait and you’ll see, Wei San will kill him. What do you want me to do if I don’t fire him? Perish along with him?” shouted Manager Zhang explosively.

Manager Zhang was an old fox, after all. He had suffered a lot because of Wei San for years. He had lost a lot of money because of Wei San. At the beginning, he didn’t know about Wei San’s background; in the end he had offended him, and Wei San had sent him to hospital!

Not only had he failed to get the money for Wei San’s bills, but on top of that, Wei San’s friends had started harassing him all the time. In the end, Manager Zhang had taken the initiative to go and apologize to Wei San. He promised him he would never ask him for money for his bills ever again. That was the price he had to pay to feel safe. 


Lin Feng went back to the dormitory and changed his clothes. He put on his clothes. Actually, apart from clothes, he had absolutely nothing else. Lin Feng looked at that familiar place one last time, turned around, and walked away.

As Lin Feng was on his way to the flat Qin Yue Ran had rented for him, Da Liu and the other guards caught up with him.

“Lin Feng, are you really leaving?” asked Da Liu. He couldn’t believe it.

“Hehe! Indeed. People who do the same work their entire lives are rare. It doesn’t matter,” replied Lin Feng, smiling calmly.

“Where are you going?” asked Chen Yong.

“Oh… I’m renting a flat in this residential district. I can stay there for another month. When Wei San comes back, I’ll teach him a good lesson, and he’ll never dare cause trouble for you ever again.”

Da Liu sighed and said, “Lin Feng, in the past, we kept bullying you. We’re sorry. We hope you don’t hate us anymore. I don’t think you should live in this residential district. Don’t wait for Wei San and his friends. Take the money and go as far as you can!”

Chen Yong said, “Yes, I think Da Liu is right. Even though you’re good at fighting, Wei San and his friends can also fight. They could come back and hurt you this time!”

“Indeed. I’ve even heard that Wei San has a gun. Don’t provoke him. Hurry up and leave! With twenty-thousand bucks, you’ll be able live without working for a while!” a guard called Cui Chao added.

Lin Feng sighed when he heard them. They were kind to him now. They had changed so much. How come? 

Because he was strong!

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Thank you. Anyway, I need to go and have a rest, see you!” Lin Feng turned around.

Da Liu looked at Lin Feng’s back and sighed, “Lin Feng is really stubborn. It seems like we can’t convince him. If you see Wei San, come and tell me. I’ll do my best to protect Lin Feng.”


Lin Feng went back to the second building, apartment 601. When Lin Feng entered the flat, he saw the girl who had shown Qin Yue Ran and him the room. She was watching TV in the living room. When she saw Lin Feng, she greeted him. Lin Feng said hello back and went into his room.

When the girl saw Lin Feng lock himself up in the room, she was startled. How come the girl wasn’t with him? He seemed depressed. Had they broken up?

That girl had heard Lin Feng and Qin Yue Ran argue in the room before so… In any case, she wasn’t far from the truth! 

Lin Feng lay in bed. He had mixed feelings. Too many things had happened on that day. He had taught Wei San’s friends a good lesson, he had pissed Qin Yue Ran off and she had left. He had been fired… How exhausting…!

But Lin Feng was even more pissed off after what had happened with Wei San. He had promised Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan that he wouldn’t cause trouble again, so…

Had the guards told Manager Zhang about that? Or had Wei San gone to Manager Zhang and threatened him, asking him to fire Lin Feng?

Lin Feng looked at the money and thought of something. He had forgotten to ask Wei San for his phone number, otherwise he would have called him directly.

Lin Feng was exhausted and fell asleep without even noticing it. 

He slept until someone knocked at the door, and he jumped off the bed. Was Qin Yue Ran back?! 

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