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Chapter 1540: Inevitable Clash!


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 But it wasn’t her voice. “Hey, do you want to eat something?”

It was a woman’s voice. Lin Feng walked to the door while rubbing his eyes. He opened the door and saw the woman, who was pointing to a table with food on it, “Do you want to eat something with me?”

Two other girls were seated at the table. They all looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was confused. What was going on? Why did those women ask him to eat with them, even though they had been flatmates for less than a day?

“We usually share everything equally, bills, food, etc. If you cook, you can also cook sometimes…” explained the woman when she saw Lin Feng was confused.

Lin Feng was really hungry. Since they had an agreement, Lin Feng had no reason to refuse. He washed his hands and joined them at the table!

The woman gave Lin Feng a bowl and said, “Hello, my name is Liang Zi. Her name is Meng Jing, and hers is Zhang Juan.”

Lin Feng smiled and introduced himself as well, “My name is Lin Feng. Nice to meet you.”

Lin Feng remained wary in front of those girls when he suddenly heard Ancestor Mo’s voice, “Lin Feng, you’re lucky with women, huh? You’re having dinner with three women now… Hehehehe…. And it smells great. I hadn’t thought food on Earth would be so nice…”

The women naturally didn’t hear Lin Feng and Ancestor Mo’s conversation. Lin Feng replied silently, “Shut up! Stop talking nonsense! Who asked you to talk?”

“Pffffffff! What I said is the truth. In the World of Battles, you were famous for making women fall for you, so I feel jealous. I hadn’t thought you’d find so many women to hang out with so quickly shortly after arriving on Earth. You’re so lucky…”

The Demon Emperor also said, “Liang Zi looks good, I like her oval face. Her skin is beautiful and tender and white. She’s got beautiful sparkling eyes…”

“Meng Jing looks even better. She looks so young. And the color of her eyes is so nice… Zhang Juan looks innocent, but good too. She looks gentle and soft…”

When Lin Feng heard them, he looked at the women again and his cheeks started getting hot. He hastily said to the Demon Emperor and Ancestor Mo, “In the future, don’t disturb me with your nonsense when I am with people. Otherwise, I’ll sell you!”

The two demons immediately stopped talking. Liang Zi said, “Lin Feng, today… You beat Wei San up, right? …”

Lin Feng was startled. Liang Zi realized she was being curious and impolite, so she continued, “It’s just that I saw…”

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “Do you know Wei San?”

Wei San seemed to be famous. This girl knew him! Meng Jing nodded and said, “Yes. We see him every day, but he’s not a good guy. And you offended him, so you’re in trouble…”

Lin Feng was surprised. She said they saw Wei San everyday? They were very close, then? Very good! Lin Feng was looking for Wei San!

“Do you know where he lives?” asked Lin Feng.

The three women looked at Lin Feng suddenly. Zhang Juan pointed to the wall and said in a low voice, “You don’t know that he lives in that flat?”

“What? Wei San lives in 602?” Lin Feng was astonished. What a coincidence!

“Indeed! Bad luck. If we hadn’t given them a six month deposit, we would have moved elsewhere,” sighed Liang Zi.

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Why? Does he cause trouble for you all the time as well? If it happens again, tell me! I’ll talk to him!”

The three women glanced at each other. Liang Zi said worriedly, “Forget it. He’s a gangster. He’s not afraid of anything, we can’t offend him. Usually, when we want to go out in the morning, we wait for him to leave first. We just look through the Judas and when we know he’s gone, we go out.”

“Yes. When he sees us, he talks dirty and tries to touch us. Once he fondled me and I was so pissed off that I started crying. He’s disgusting!” said Meng Jing, feeling nauseated.

Lin Feng was furious when he heard that. He hadn’t thought about that. A clash was inevitable, it seemed. He had fought against Wei San; now he realized Wei San lived next door and on top of that, he harassed women?! 


After dinner, Lin Feng said he was going out for a walk. He walked to apartment 602 and knocked. He waited for several minutes, but nobody answered.

As he was knocking, Liang Zi’s head appeared out of their flat. She said worriedly, “Lin Feng, what are you doing? Why are you knocking at his door? Aren’t you afraid he’ll come and attack you?”

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Why would I be afraid? We fought today already. In the worst case, we’ll just fight again.”

Liang Zi had seen them fight. She wasn’t worried Lin Feng would lose against Wei San, she was just worried Lin Feng would cause even more damage. She said, “Forget it. Since you solved the situation peacefully, don’t cause more trouble for him. Next time, he may not let it go…”

When Lin Feng saw Liang Zi seemed worried about him, he couldn’t help but think about it. Even if he fought against Wei San again, they wouldn’t be any safer afterwards. He couldn’t destroy enemies right in front of his door after all, right? 

Lin Feng stopped knocking and went downstairs. He started walking around in the residential district. He had been fired, so he had nothing to do. Now was probably the time for guards to change shifts.

Lin Feng noticed some small trees and people. He walked over. A bunch of older women were dancing on a public square. Many people were watching them.

Lin Feng watched for ten minutes and then his phone rang, Lin Feng answered. Da Liu shouted worriedly, “Lin Feng! Wei San is back! Where are you? Don’t come out! Stay in your room. He brought some people!”

When Lin Feng heard Da Liu, he wasn’t interested in watching the old women dance anymore. He put his phone away and walked towards the main road of the district, checking if Wei San’s car was there. He didn’t see it. Had Da Liu lied to him?

Then he heard some women gasp, Lin Feng turned around and nearly burst into rage. Wei San! Liang Zi and the two others were there too!

Wei San giggled pervertedly and assailed them with obscenities. Lin Feng came over and shouted explosively, “Wei San!”

Wei San was startled. His expression suddenly changed. He stopped leering and smiled at Lin Feng respectfully, “Lin… Brother Lin, what are you doing here?”

Lin Feng initially wanted to talk to Wei San about what had happened during the day, but now Wei San was harassing Liang Zi and the others!

“Wei San, those three girls are my friends. I hope you will stop harassing them from now on. Alright?” said Lin Feng straightforwardly.

Wei San was surprised. He hadn’t thought, or actually, he didn’t believe those three women were Lin Feng’s friends, but he also knew that since Lin Feng was saying that, it meant he had a good reason. He had no choice but to do as Lin Feng asked, so he nodded, “Alright, Brother Lin. I will pay attention in the future…”

Lin Feng wanted to say something else, but a man next to Wei San looked angry and asked Wei San, “Brother, who’s that little boy? Why do you care about what he says, and call him brother?”

Wei San whispered something in the man’s ear. The man suddenly looked furious.

“Fucking hell! Who the fuck do you think I am? You’re the guard who beat my friend up during the day? If we want to, we can rape any bitch we wish! Since when do we need your authorization, little fucker?” the man snarled arrogantly.

Then he ran towards Meng Jing and grabbed her arm, dragging her into his arms.

Meng Jing was terrified. The men around them smiled wickedly. One blurted out, “No wonder Brother Lang’s nickname is the Perverted Bro! He’s tried them all! Hahahah! From barely legal eighteen-year-olds to eighty-year-old grannies! Hahahahahaha!…”

Meng Jing struggled to break free from Brother Lang, clearly frightened. Brother Lang looked at Lin Feng provocatively and said, “You think you’re extremely strong, little fucker? You think you’re a cop in CSI: Miami or something? Hehehe! Dream on!”

Wei San was alarmed. He kept pulling on Brother Lang’s sleeve and saying, “Brother Lang, you’re drunk, stop. Please stop causing trouble. You’re going too far…” Then he whispered, “You shouldn’t offend that little boy, let’s go…”

Wei San spoked in a low voice, but Lin Feng could hear everything clearly. Brother Lang didn’t let go of Meng Jing, and shouted, “Wei San, it seems like you’ve turned into a fucktard since that bastard beat you up! You’ve become a fucking coward! He’s a fucking guard! How could he be strong? I don’t believe he’s as strong as you said! I will crush him today!”

He pushed Meng Jing away and took out a dagger. The blade was over twenty centimeters long. He kept spinning it around his hand.

It was easy to see at first glance that Brother Lang was good at fighting with knives. Brother Lang grinned when he saw Lin Feng remaining motionless and sneered, “What’s wrong, little boy? You’re afraid? Come! Aren’t you a fucking champ, huh? Come and give me some of your blood, fucktard!”

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