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Chapter 1541: Funny Cultivators


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 “What’s wrong, little boy? You’re afraid? Come! Aren’t you a fucking champ, huh? Come and give me some of your blood, fucktard!”

Brother Lang was ready to fight, and extremely strong. He was quite skilled at knife-fighting. Lin Feng had no choice but to take three steps back.

This was mainly due to Lin Feng’s current state of mind. Since Ancestor Mo and the Demon Emperor had brought him to his senses, Lin Feng had understood one thing. He wasn’t the same Lin Feng he used to be. He had no Ancestral Body, no Dragon-Phoenix Blood, and no Spirit World anymore. Apart from his primordial spirit, there was no difference between him and an ordinary human!

Lin Feng had to face the sad truth. If he was stabbed, he might die, like anyone else!

And if he died, what would happen? Would his primordial spirit have a chance to get back to his original body? If his primordial spirit dispersed as well, then he would never be able to find Qing Huang Tian and the others!

When Brother Lang saw that Lin Feng looked scared and took three steps back, he suddenly got excited. He didn’t hurry to attack. On the contrary, he shouted loudly and bragged, “Wei San, that guy crushed all of our friends and you? Are you fucking kidding me? Hehehehe! It seems like he doesn’t understand much about kung fu.”

Wei San looked worried and serious but Brother Lang’s voice was deep and forceful; he sounded heroic so he suddenly hoped Brother Lang would defeat Lin Feng. Wei San would never forget Lin Feng for the rest of his life. Lin Feng had crushed them all, after all!

Very quickly there were many people watching all around them! Some of them had seen Lin Feng’s martial prowess that afternoon, and those people were worried for Lin Feng.

As Lin Feng was retreating, Ancestor Mo shouted explosively, “Lin Feng, you’re afraid of a weakling! Let’s have some fun, make that guy come close to you and then make him touch my bone tablet! You don’t need to be afraid of anything!”

Lin Feng was stupefied and asked, “What if you can’t stop his blade and I get injured?”

When Ancestor Mo heard Lin Feng, he said happily, “Lin Feng, you underestimate me. My bone tablet is a weapon of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. An insignificant gangster from Earth can’t do anything to me!”

As Lin Feng and Ancestor Mo were chatting, Brother Lang ran towards Lin Feng and cut at Lin Feng’s belly with his knife.

People gasped in astonishment. Liang Zi and the two girls were terrified and covered their eyes with their hands.

But when the tip of the blade reached Lin Feng’s gut, it felt like he had just hit a boulder and it emitted a metallic sound.

The blade of Brother Lang’s knife wasn’t small. It could usually cut people’s arms off very easily, but this time, nothing happened as expected.

The twenty-centimeter blade bounced off Lin Feng’s clothes and towards Brother Lang’s thigh.

“Ah!” Brother Lang shouted furiously. He fell down on his ass from the pain. His pants were instantly soaked in blood and kept bleeding.

Everybody was dumbstruck!

“So, what do you think, Lin Feng? In the future, when you need to crush that kind of moron, just leave it to us. I love destroying people! It feels so awesome! Hahahaha!…” Ancestor Mo kept laughing loudly.

Wei San and someone else went to check Wei San’s injury. The blade had broken when it had bounced off Lin Feng’s clothes, so it was now only ten centimeters long, but the entire blade was deep in Brother Lang’s thigh. His skin was swollen around his wound.

“Qigong Iron Clothes!” shouted someone in the crowd after seeing that the blade had bounced against Lin Feng’s pants and they weren’t torn at all. 

 Apart from Qigong Iron Clothes, what could stop a blade like that? Ordinary clothes couldn’t explain anything.

“Wei San, you broke your promise first, so you can’t blame me,” Lin Feng said icily, taking two steps forwards.

But Wei San was terrified and waved, “Lin Feng! No, no, no! I fucking told you I submitted to you! I’m a fucking moron! I didn’t know those three chicks were your friends!”

“Hehe, is that so? So why did you go to the real estate office and say I had stolen twenty thousand bucks from you? Now, I got fired because you broke your promise, so you have to pay the price for that!”

Wei San was dumbstruck. He shook his head and shouted, “It’s not true! I didn’t go to the real estate office! If I lie, then may I be cursed and have the most atrocious death! I swear!”

Brother Lang was furious and covered in cold sweat, he gasped out, “Stop arguing! I’m going to bleed to fucking death now! Bring me to a fucking hospital!”

He was sitting in a pool of blood. When the city lights came on, it was terrifying. Indeed, he looked weak and if he continued bleeding, he’d die!

Lin Feng naturally didn’t want to kill him there, as it would be extremely complicated and troublesome afterwards if he did.

“Hehe Brother Lang, aren’t you cruel and strong? What? Are you afraid of death? If you come back to life, will you continue working as a gangster?” Lin Feng asked mockingly.

Brother Lang felt awkward. He sounded weak as he said, “I’m not cruel! You’re an amazing fighter! I submit! My parents are eighty years old; I have children too, please, I don’t want to die! Please! Please take me to a hospital…”

Some people in the crowd said, “Guard, let him off. Poor guy… if he dies, his entire family…”

“Indeed! You’re young, don’t be too angry! It’s not worth it…”

Lin Feng didn’t attack. He said, “Since everybody is defending you, I will spare your lives today. But we’re not done. I know where you live, Wei San, so I’ll pay you a visit!”

Wei San and the other guy took Brother Lang by the arms and disappeared into the crowd, but Lin Feng was surrounded by residents.

“Hey, you’re really strong! You even know how to protect yourself using your clothes! That was the Qigong Iron Clothes technique! Where did you study it?” asked an older woman. Her hand was broken, so she used her other hand to check if there was anything in Lin Feng’s pockets.

Lin Feng was annoyed. Suddenly, many people came closer and touched his clothes!

In the end, Lin Feng pushed them all and ran away. Liang Zi and the two others ran after him. Liang Zi’s heart was fluttering with fear. She said “You scared me to death! I thought you’d get killed…”

Meng Jing also said, “Indeed! How strong! You didn’t even try to dodge!”

Zhang Juan said in a low voice, “Someone is following us. Is it Wei San?”

Lin Feng turned around. Thirty meters behind them, someone was secretly following them. Lin Feng was stupefied.

That person had the Qi of a real cultivator!

Lin Feng was surprised. How come there was a cultivator in the residential district? Was it a resident? Or…?

As Lin Feng was trying to understand, that person realized Lin Feng had noticed them, and their silhouette flickered and vanished. Liang Zi and the others were astonished and terrified. They grabbed Lin Feng’s sleeve and ran away.

Lin Feng suddenly stopped. It wasn’t easy to meet cultivators here. How could he run away?

“Why are you following us?” Lin Feng asked furiously, going straight to the point.

The person was nervous. They didn’t hide, they just came closer and bowed hand over fist, “It’s a misunderstanding. I don’t mean you any harm. Sorry to disturb you, but are you a genuine cultivator?”

“A real cultivator? What’s that?” asked Liang Zi, not giving Lin Feng time to answer.

That person coughed and waited for Lin Feng to reply. Lin Feng thought they seemed like a brainless moron. They spoke to him and now they stopped replying. Why would they ask if they knew?!

Lin Feng turned to Liang Zi and said, “You girls go back. I need to talk to this person.”

Even though Liang Zi and the others didn’t feel like leaving, when they saw Lin Feng’s solemn expression and how weird their conversation sounded, they left anyway.

When they left, Lin Feng said, “Since we are both cultivators, we should go elsewhere to talk. What do you think?”

Lin Feng pointed to a small woods nearby. They went to that copse and Lin Feng stopped. The person stopped over ten meters away from Lin Feng.

“I mean you no harm. I saw you fight against that person and you used some pure Qi, so it drew my attention and I thought we could be friends.” The person continued, “I am a disciple from Mount Qingcheng, Sichuan. May I ask you where you studied cultivation?”

Lin Feng had never heard of Mount Qingcheng. The only martial arts temple in the mountains he had seen was in a TV series and was called Wudang Mountain so he said indifferently, “I… I’m a disciple from Wudang Mountain.”

Qing Yi looked astonished. He glanced at Lin Feng meaningfully and said smiling, “As expected, a great teacher produces brilliant students. May I ask which school of thought you belong to? Under which mystical master have you studied?”

Lin Feng was annoyed. That person was so curious! They didn’t know each other and he dared ask such things?

Initially, he wasn’t from Wudang Mountain, he had never ever been there. How could he know their teachers’ names?

“Cough, cough, eh… When I arrived at the foot of the mountain, my teacher picked me up. I just went there to practice. I am not allowed to reveal my Taoist name or my teacher, so no comment.”

Qing Yi smiled wryly. He knew he had asked too much, so he changed the topic.

“Brother, to tell you the truth, I grew up in Mount Qingcheng. I followed my senior sister this time. You’re the first cultivator I have ever met since I left the mountains, so I’m a bit excited. Please forgive me,” Qing Yi bowed hand over fist again.

Qing Yi seemed kind and innocent, and well-educated. Lin Feng had a good feeling.

However, as Lin Feng was about to say something, he suddenly sensed a strange wind behind him. Lin Feng had a bad feeling that someone was trying to play tricks on him! 

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