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Chapter 1542: Barbarous Female Cultivators!


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 Was Qing Yi trying to distract him so that someone could attack him from behind?’

Lin Feng hastily turned around and threw a palm strike, hitting the thing flying towards him. It was a flower, which was now torn into pieces.

“Hihi, hihi! As expected, not bad…” said a giggling voice. Over ten meters away, someone wearing a Taoist robe appeared. The person seemed young, early twenties, and had a woman’s voice.

Lin Feng asked furiously, “Why did you attack me by surprise?”

If Lin Feng hadn’t lost his cultivation level, he would have been so startled that he would have counterattacked and destroyed the whole residential district! This woman would have died too!

Qing Yi was pleasantly surprised and said, “Fellow disciple Qing Yue, where did you go? I’ve been looking for you for half a day.”

She didn’t reply. She just grinned and said mockingly, “You’re a disciple from Wudang Mountain? But a moment before, you were with three beautiful women; you’re a fake Taoist priest!”

Lin Feng got cold chills when he heard her, but he couldn’t admit he had lied so he hmphed and said, “I don’t have to justify myself. Mind your own business!”

Qing Yue glanced at Lin Feng and grinned, “You’re tarnishing our reputation, so it’s also my business. Wudang Mountain and Mount Qingcheng both value principles and virtue. How could I ignore other monks’ immoral behaviors?”

When Qing Yi saw Qing Yue and Lin Feng arguing, he hastily said and explained, “Fellow disciple, it’s a misunderstanding. He saved those three women. Initially, I also wanted to go and help them! He acted faster than me though!”

Qing Yue frowned when she saw Qing Yi answer so honestly and asked, “Really?”

Initially, Qing Yue wanted to mess around with Qing Yi, so she had decided to hide. She hadn’t seen Brother Lang and Lin Feng’s fight. She had just seen Lin Feng and the three women, and then when Qing Yi had disturbed them.

Then Lin Feng had taken Qing Yi to a small woods and she had been afraid Lin Feng would do something to Qing Yi. Then Lin Feng had said he was from Wudang Mountain, so when she had remembered Lin Feng and the three women, she had come to the conclusion that Lin Feng was lying!

Even though Qing Yi had already explained everything to her, she still said, “No matter what, you can’t tarnish our reputation. However, you just acted in the name of justice, so I’ll let you off today.”

Then she grabbed Qing Yi’s arm and said “It’s late, let’s go. In the future, don’t talk to strangers. People are evil in the outside world and they always try to cheat others.”

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly, “Hey! You criticize me but what about you? You, a woman and a man, traveling together, and you seem closer than mere fellow disciples!” Lin Feng spoke up sarcastically. Actually, he didn’t want to let them off so quickly. He was happy to meet some other cultivators. He wanted to know more about them.

When Qing Yue heard Lin Feng, she didn’t get angry; she just smiled, then started laughing extremely loudly, going straight to tears and snorting at the same time. Qing Yi blushed and felt awkward.

“Qing Yi, did you hear what he said? He said you were a man! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! I’m dead! So funny!” Qing Yue kept laughing to tears.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He looked at Qing Yi again and suddenly he was covered in sweat. Qing Yi was actually a young nun. It was difficult to know with monks and nuns!

She was a woman! Lin Feng would have hidden in a hole under the ground if he could!

Qing Yue smiled and said gravely and solemnly, “I’m warning you, don’t cast greedy eyes on us. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

After that, she had the feeling she didn’t look scary enough so she jumped towards a tree and cut it in two with a palm strike!

Even though Lin Feng was unlikely to be surprised by her palm strength, he was still surprised by her behavior. She was wild, savage, and barbaric. She didn’t look like a nun! She was more like a gangster nun! She had destroyed a wonder of nature?

“HEY! STOP! WHY ARE YOU DESTROYING THE TREES OF THE RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT?!” shouted someone explosively. Three black silhouettes ran in and surrounded Qing Yue.

Oh no…, thought Lin Feng. Three guards… Da Liu, Chen Yong, and Su Qiang!

The upper part of the tree fell to the ground. It was only good for trash now. Qing Yue realized she had made a huge mistake. She waved and blushed, “I… I didn’t destroy your tree…! I just touched it and it fell down! Who’s the gardener here? He should be punished…”

“No matter what, you destroyed the tree and you have to pay for it! A tree costs thousands of bucks! What do we do now?” shouted Da Liu explosively.

Qing Yue was gaping. She looked at the tree and frowned, “A crappy tree like that is worth thousands of bucks? In Mount Qingcheng, we use that kind of wood to cook, and for heating as well. Who are you trying to fool?”

Lin Feng sighed helplessly. Qing Yue was too innocent. She had spent too much time isolated in the mountains. A few thousands of bucks was a normal price; things weren’t cheap!

“You destroyed that tree anyway, so come with us to the manager’s office,” said Chen Yong. He walked over and tried to grab Qing Yue’s arm.

Lin Feng shouted hastily, “Don’t touch her!…” Lin Feng knew Chen Yong was going to have a bad time.

Too late! Chen Yong didn’t even have time to reach Qing Yue’s clothes when he was blown away. He crashed into a tree and then to the ground. He groaned with pain, his entire body was sore. He struggled to get back up.

Qing Yue had reacted instinctively. She was a woman disguised as a man, and she was a cultivator, after all. She could easily destroy Chen Yong. She could cut off his legs and arms without even realizing it.

When Da Liu saw Qing Yue was attacking guards, he was furious. When Lin Feng saw that, he thought, Da Liu, are you retarded or what? Your brain really has a problem!

That woman had just destroyed a tree with her hand… How could Chen Yong compete with such a strong person?”

Lin Feng stopped Da Liu and said, “Da Liu, don’t attack her. You can’t defeat her!”

Da Liu couldn’t possibly obey other people, but he trusted Lin Feng. He had already submitted to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Qing Yue and Qing Yi and sighed helplessly, “You two, stop that. Don’t attack someone as soon as they say something you don’t like… If you do this in the outside world, you’ll end up in jail sooner or later!”

Qing Yue said sadly, “Who… Who told him to attack! Nobody can blame me!”

Lin Feng didn’t insist. He didn’t want other cultivators to get in trouble.

“Da Liu, they are my friends. How much is a tree? I can pay for it. And if Chen Yong needs medical assistance, we can take him to hospital and I can pay for the medical fees,” Lin Feng said.

Da Liu said, “I don’t know how much a tree is. I need to ask my brother-in-law…”

Chen Yong struggled to get back up. His entire body felt sore, but he staggered over and said to Lin Feng, “No need to go to hospital. I’m fine now. To tell you the truth, it even feels good!”

Qing Yue was stupefied. Lin Feng said hastily, “Da Liu, go and ask. Tomorrow, tell me the price! Now, hurry up and go patrol. It would be a nightmare if something happened.”

Da Liu and the others left. Chen Yong muttered as he staggered away, “Fucking hell, Lin Feng’s friends are insane! I could have fallen in a coma, or even died!”

Su Qiang said, “Lin Feng is so strong, so his friends must be extremely strong as well. I’ve never seen anyone who could destroy a tree with a palm strike. That tree was robust. Even with a hammer, it would be extremely difficult to destroy it, so imagine with bare hands…”

Da Liu nodded and said in a meaningful way, “Luckily Lin Feng stopped me, or I would have tried to hit her with my stick. Fucking hell, what’s going on these days? So many strong people… I’d love to spend more time with Lin Feng and learn from him… I feel like I’m a bad guard when I see him.”

When Qing Yi saw Da Liu and the others were far away in the distance, she pulled on Qing Yue’s sleeve and said, “Fellow disciple, let’s go. I’m tired.”

Qing Yue frowned. After a pause, she nodded, then said to Lin Feng, “We cultivators never owe anyone anything, otherwise our practice would be flawed. I’ll give you money for the tree.”

She grabbed Qing Yi’s sleeve and ran away. Lin Feng wanted to follow them to see where they stayed, but in the end, he didn’t. They were barbaric cultivators!

They were both women. If he spied on them, they’d think he was a pervert!


It was already nine in the evening. It was time to go and sleep. Lin Feng came out of the forest and saw three familiar faces: Liang Zi, Meng Jing, and Zhang Juan.

“Why didn’t you go back? What are you doing here?” Lin Feng asked curiously.

Liang Zi and the others were terrified. Meng Jing said, “We did go back, but when we saw Wei San standing at our door, we were so afraid we came back as quickly as we could…”

When Lin Feng heard that, he was furious, he thought, They’re gangsters, so everything they say is bullshit.

Lin Feng left quickly. Liang Zi was worried and said, “Lin Feng, let’s not go back for the time being. We can’t offend him. God knows what he’s capable of!”

Meng Jing also said, “Indeed, initially, we were going somewhere, but we had no ID and no money, so we needed to go back home. That’s why we were here…”

Lin Feng sighed helplessly and said, “I have nothing, either. We have no choice. We have to go back. Unless you want us four to sleep outside tonight?”

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    The f**k!!!! where is lin feng. This is not him.!! He lost his powers, cultivation, body and even his sprit world. And now even his character/charisma. He has become a totally different person. How can he be so submissive and low on thinking. Has he also lost his thinking capabilities!! I mean the hell!!!!
    Comeon dude autger don’t ruin a totally awesome story into nothing ness..!! Frankly i am loosing interest now. I have been clinging to this novel for more than 1&1/2 i mean including 1 part year now don’t ruin this story do something good. Pls??????????

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    Bro He’s becomes a simp wtf, the great lin feng has become a simp for two lowly mortals

  3. TheLegend27 May 29, 2020 at 11:20 pm - Reply

    He’s become a fucking simp. The great Lin feng had become a simp for two lowly mortals wtf man

  4. Hulku May 30, 2020 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Thats the feeling he wants to force us into having so when he comes back all raging wargod like… it will be that much better

    • Joke June 7, 2020 at 7:00 am - Reply

      Agree for that, keep low profile, but bloodthirsty never gone, when that time come, he should teach then good lesson, well maybe lin feng didnt wanna make problem for time being, because he have more important beside taking care that lowly gangster.

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