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Chapter 1543: Brother Lang Has a Gun! 


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 As they chatted on the way back, they quickly arrived at the foot of the building. Someone came out of the building and nearly bumped into Lin Feng, “Are you fucking blind or what? …Aaaahhh… Brother Lin, I’m sorry! I was precisely looking for you.”

Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road. Lin Feng immediately grabbed Wei San by the collar and said, “Wei San, you think you can mess around with me as you wish? How many times do you need me to destroy you? You waited at my door to cause trouble, huh? You don’t think I’m capable of killing you?!”

Wei San turned grey as Lin Feng lifted him up by the collar. Wei San mumbled, “Lin Feng, I… That’s not what I meant! I was waiting for you because there’s something I need to tell you…”

Lin Feng pushed Wei San against the wall above the ground and asked ferociously, “What? Some more bullshit?”

Wei San smiled, “No. I came to tell you that Brother Lang means you harm. I just took him to the hospital. He called someone and asked for a gun to kill you. When I heard that, I made up an excuse to come back and tell you…”

Lin Feng frowned. It didn’t seem like Wei San was lying at all. He let go of Wei San and was less angry. He asked, “Did he really say that?”

“Yes. I was right next to him, so I came back to see you as quickly as I could. Brother Lang is a real gangster. He’s already killed people. He’s got guns. You should leave!”

“Hehe, he’s fucking awesome because he’s got a gun? Go back and tell him that if he wants to take me out, no problem. We can agree on a place and a time and I’ll go.” Lin Feng replied, grinning ferociously.

Wei San was momentarily speechless. He said, “Lin Feng, I think you seem like a good guy, so I came to tell you that. If Brother Lang learns that I told you his secret, he’ll kill me too! I know you have some kind of Qigong Iron Clothes, but that kind of stuff doesn’t stop bullets.”

Liang Zi and the others were terrified when they heard Lin Feng and Wei San’s conversation, and almost peed their pants. It was already scary to see people fighting with knives, but guns…?

“Alright, since you told me secretly, I can’t put you in a difficult position. I have to go and find him myself. We’ll see how strong he is, and if my Qigong Iron Clothes are better than his gun!” Lin Feng said furiously.

Wei San spent half the day trying to convince Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was too stubborn. Wei San sighed helplessly in the end and said, “Alright, look out for yourself. I need to go back now. Otherwise, he may start wondering what’s taking me so long.”

After Wei San left, Liang Zi said, “Lin Feng, will you really go provoke Brother Lang and risk your life? Why don’t you just sue him?”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Cops are useless. If I call the cops, they will just keep him for a few hours and then they will release him. I have a better way to teach him a good lesson.”

When they arrived at the flat, the three women were still worried. They started talking about moving away. Zhang Juan said, “But what do we do with the deposit? We don’t have any money right now. We can’t live on the street!”

“Otherwise, we go to a cheap hotel and stay there for a few days. We can come back after Lin Feng scares Brother Lang away!” suggested Meng Jing.

Liang Zi frowned and said, “Do you really think that Lin Feng can make Brother Lang leave? He’s got a gun! If Lin Feng goes and provokes him, Brother Lang will shoot him dead. If we want to move away then, it’s going to be very complicated. He got in an argument with Brother Lang because of us, after all…”

They talked about that half the day. In the end, they didn’t find a good solution. 

Lin Feng was in his room and heard them clearly. Actually, Lin Feng was very worried. He wasn’t afraid of Brother Lang, but what if Brother Lang came to kill him and injured the three girls?

Lin Feng didn’t sleep that night. Now and then, he heard some sounds coming from the corridor. Each time, he was afraid it would be Brother Lang and some other gangsters.

Early in the morning, at sunrise, Lin Feng finally fell asleep, but after two hours he woke up to go and have breakfast with Liang Zi and the others. During breakfast, he handed five thousand to the three girls and told them to go and rent another flat to avoid a potential disaster in the future.

Liang Zi refused a few times, but Lin Feng insisted, so the three women had to accept.

After breakfast, Lin Feng helped them move away. He found a flat with the help of Da Liu. It was also a flat for flatmates in the twenty-third building on the fifteenth floor.

The women had too many things. Lin Feng carried heavy things while they carried light things.

On their first trip to the new apartment, when they came out of the elevator on the fifteenth floor, they bumped into two people.

“Who’s that, Lin Feng?” Qing Yi was surprised.

“Ah? You live on this floor?” Lin Feng asked. He was stupefied when he saw Qing Yue and Qing Yi.

“Indeed. Wait, it can’t be? Are YOU the ones who are moving into 1502, our apartment?” asked Qing Yue curiously.

What a coincidence. Qing Yue and Qing Yi lived in apartment 1502 as well. The landlord rented its rooms to different people. It was a flat share. Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. His life seemed to be made up of coincidences sometimes!

He had fought against Wei San who lived next to them, now they wanted a new flat to avoid Brother Lang, but they were going to live with Qing Yue and Qing Yi?

It wasn’t the right time to think about life. He had no time to lose. They had to finish moving in first. Brother Lang and his friends could come at any time, after all!

Qing Yue and Qing Yi also helped them carry things.

Qing Yue and Qing Yi were excited. They were both women after all. Living with other women would be even more fun. They would have cheerful and merry evenings every night in the living room! At that moment, they didn’t look like cultivators at all.

“In the next two days, don’t go out, and don’t go to your other flat, wait until I’m done with Brother Lang,” Lin Feng said to Liang Zi and the others.

“Yes. You be careful too. I still think that calling the police would be a better solution. Why don’t you let the police arrest them and send them to jail?” Liang Zi ground her teeth. She was afraid the three of them were going to lose six months of deposits for the other flat. It would be a nightmare.

Qing Yue said disapprovingly, “Those gangsters? Lin Feng, you don’t need to fear them. I will help you kill them if you want.”

She took out a door chain from a cloth bundle; it twinkled in sunlight. A throwing star was hanging on it.

Lin Feng remembered the tree. He was over ten meters away from her and she had attacked using her throwing star. Her accuracy was excellent. If Lin Feng hadn’t reacted in a timely manner, he might have been injured.

No wonder Qing Yue’s accuracy was so good; she was probably very good at darts!

Qing Yue took out the smallest one, it was as small as a lighter, but extremely sharp. Qing Yue glanced around and then at the corner of the room.

“I can aim at the exact corner, do you believe me?” said Qing Yue, grinning provocatively.

Lin Feng didn’t even have time to speak that Liang Zi and the others all shook their heads and said, “No, I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you either…”

They all tried to push Qing Yue so that she would do it. The three girls were very curious, after all!

Qing Yue grinned icily and looked at Lin Feng, waiting for his answer. Lin Feng did like the three girls, so he also grinned provocatively, “The corner of the room is as thin as a slice of fragrant flower garlic; I don’t think you can do it, either.”

Actually, Lin Feng believed her, but he provoked her on purpose. She was a real female Taoist nun from Mount Qingcheng, after all.

“Hehehehe… Good! Good! If you don’t believe me, then let’s bet, hmm… Let’s bet one thousand bucks!” said Qing Yue confidently.

Qing Yue was excited because Qing Yi and she didn’t have much money left. Initially, they wanted to go out on a public square and do a show using throwing stars, but it felt wrong, like they were fake nuns.

Therefore, Qing Yue took advantage of the situation to try and make some money. She was a nun from Mount Qingcheng, but without money, life wasn’t fun in a city!

“Alright! One thousand yuan then!” Lin Feng accepted without hesitation. He still had fifteen thousand. A thousand wasn’t much.

Qing Yue was overjoyed. She was convinced she was tricking Lin Feng. She imagined that many evil enemies were attacking her.

Then she looked at the corner of the room, focusing on a specific point. Since she was showing them her skills, why not act a little? Skills weren’t everything, with a little bit of acting, she would be able to impress them even more.

She moved towards the wall gracefully, then she suddenly stopped, made a 360-degree spin and a light flashed around her left hand.

“Waaaaaah! She did it!”

“How strong!”

Liang Zi, Zhang Juan and Meng Jing were all astonished and gasped with amazement. Lin Feng sighed. She really was skilled. Her accuracy was perfect. The throwing star was exactly in the corner.

Apart from accuracy, strength was also needed. The throwing star was extremely sharp, but she was also very strong. She looked happy and satisfied, grinning and showing her beautiful white teeth!

“Give me the money!” said Qing Yue, stretching out her hand. Lin Feng had prepared the money already so he put it in her hand.

Qing Yue took the money stack, licked her finger and started counting it, looking delighted.

“Cough, cough! Qing Yue, I also have some skills. You want to see?” Lin Feng asked, once Qing Yue was done counting.

Qing Yue looked at him and pursed her lips, she asked, “Lin Feng, I know you are a fake monk. What talent do you have? Don’t use cheap tricks in front of us, otherwise, we’ll expose them to the world…”

She grinned mockingly, like Lin Feng were dumb. He took out his bone tablet and pointed to the corner of the room as well. “You can see my bone tablet has a small hole to put a string inside for sewing. I can throw it and hang it on that hook there at the top.”

Qing Yue looked at Lin Feng’s strange bone tablet. She looked grave and solemn. Even though she didn’t know what it was, she could see it was an extremely old item! 

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