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Chapter 1544: Ancestor Mo Intervenes!


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 She was confused. If Lin Feng was a fake monk, how come he had such an ancient item? Had he stolen it from someone? Had he scammed someone to obtain it?

Lin Feng smiled and said, “You just showed how talented you are, so I need to show you how talented I am, as well! My bone tablet is like a frisbee or a boomerang, its trajectory can be a curve, so I’ll go to the main door and throw it from there.”

Everybody looked at the entrance. Lin Feng was in the corridor which meant he couldn’t see through the walls from there, including the hook he had shown. So from there, Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to see his target. Then he’d have to throw his bone tablet, which would then need to have a curved trajectory…

The bone tablet was as wide as a green bean, and as thin as the tiny hook. It would be a surprise if Lin Feng succeeded…

It would be astonishing if he did, but it was also almost impossible, unless that bone tablet was a nano chip inside with a GPS…

“Lin Feng, we had a bet and you lost, and now you’re trying to make fun of me or what? You think we are morons?” asked Qing Yue, pursing her lips.

Liang Zi and the others all shook their heads. They didn’t believe Lin Feng could do it. Lin Feng walked to the corridor.

“Ancestor Mo, help me, alright? If you make me lose face, I will never give you pure Qi again!” warned Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, don’t worry. Don’t underestimate me. I can easy do that!” Ancestor Mo replied solemnly.

Lin Feng’s bone tablet rose up in the air and flew in a curved trajectory.

Everybody watched the tablet. Lin Feng came back in quickly to see the tablet. He hoped Ancestor Mo’s trajectory would be as discreet as possible. However, Ancestor Mo didn’t fly straight towards the hook… The bone tablet flew around like it didn’t have a target!

After a short while, it flew above the table, then the curtains, then the lamps, then it flew under the beautiful woman’s legs. Liang Zi and Qing Yue started shouting.

“Ancestor Mo! What the fuck are you doing?” Lin Feng shouted telepathically. “Don’t you want pure Qi? You want me to let you starve to death?”

“Hehehe, Lin Feng, don’t worry, I haven’t had a walk for such a long time. I was bored. I want to have some fun,” Ancestor Mo giggled.

“Lin Feng, what’s that? It’s so scary!” said Liang Zi. She was already crying. Her legs were shaking. She was afraid that thing would fly between her legs again!

Qing Yue crouched down. The other women all chose a position they thought was the best to prevent the bone tablet from coming between their legs. It was like that bone tablet had eyes and wings. It kept flying around.

Lin Feng, you… do you practice black magic?…” Qing Yue said, “That thing almost seems alive! Is it a human bone you used for a black magic ritual?”

The other women were all terrified when they heard Qing Yue. They all started screaming. When they looked at the bone tablet, they were as scared as if it were a ghost.

Lin Feng shouted mentally, “Ancestor Mo, stop messing around! If you go too far they’ll find out… Qing Yue already has doubts… If they learn the truth about us, I’ll destroy your primordial spirit and you will never be able to come back to life.”

“Hahahahaha! It’s so awesome though! So fun…” said Ancestor Mo, bursting into laughter.

“Alright, alright! It’s fun, yes? I’ll count to five, if you don’t hang the tablet on the hook, I will break it!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Since the bone tablet didn’t obey him, he had to resort to threats.


When Lin Feng reached three, the bone tablet was hanging firmly on the hook!

“Wow! How incredible! How strong!” shouted Liang Zi approvingly.

Meng Jing came back out of the corner of the room and asked, “How do you control it? It seems even more fun than a remote-controlled toy plane!”

Zhang Juan asked, “Where did you buy it? Can I find one on Taobao? I want to buy two!”

They all kept shouting, but Qing Yue just looked grave. She didn’t know what to think. But there was one thing she was sure about: that bone tablet couldn’t possibly be a remote-controlled plane!

Qing Yue wasn’t sure how Lin Feng had done that. Could it be that he was really a cultivator from Wudang Mountain? But even if he were a cultivator, how come he had such a strange and evil-looking item?

Lin Feng took the bone tablet and put it away. He also took Qing Yue’s throwing star down from the wall. It was so sharp, it could probably destroy concrete! It didn’t have a single scratch, and looked brand new!

The result was already this scary when used against a wall, so Lin Feng could imagine that throwing star would cut through human flesh like a knife through butter. It could even cut through bone very easily!

Lin Feng handed the throwing star back to Qing Yue and said, “As expected, your throwing star is a spiritual weapon. Don’t use it in front of other people too much, or you’ll draw their attention.”

It was like in the cultivator world; when someone had incredible items, people wanted to steal them! So if someone noticed someone else had precious treasures, they may kill them to steal them.

Qing Yue understood that Lin Feng warned Qing Yue because he was well-intentioned. She put her throwing star away and asked Lin Feng in a soft voice, “Lin Feng, where did you get that bone tablet?”

Lin Feng put pure Qi in the tablet and said at the same time, “Eh… My teacher gave it to me, it’s a body protection talisman. It’s not a black magic weapon or whatever you said.”

Qing Yue looked pensive and said, “Since it’s a body protection talisman, why don’t you wear it as a necklace? It doesn’t look like a body protection charm; it looks like a dangerous weapon that can be used to kill people!”

Qing Yue knew that her throwing star was a weapon she could use in a one-on-one battle to kill. However, if Lin Feng used his bone tablet to kill, he didn’t even need to show his face to the enemy. It was perfect for assassinating people!

Qing Yue had no choice to admit that in terms of cultivation tools, her throwing star was much weaker than Lin Feng’s bone tablet!

“Eh, you’re right, but there’s a saying, ‘Don’t judge a cultivator by their weapon’. It’s not because I have a powerful and scary weapon that I am a bloodthirsty murderer. I just kill people who deserve to die. Is it wrong? Killing innocent and kind people is evil and cruel. Killing evil people is… Eh…” Lin Feng surprisingly didn’t know what that was called, and felt rather awkward saying it.

Qing Yue didn’t help Lin Feng finish his sentence, because she was lost in thought after the first part of Lin Feng’s sentence. After a few seconds, she looked much kinder and warmer and said, “Yes, you’re right. When you kill someone who deserves to die, you are righting wrongs in accordance with Heaven’s decree. Therefore, it’s the capacity for cultivation, or the vessel of cultivation…” (Translator’s Note: a slogan often used by leaders of peasant uprisings)

Lin Feng wanted to laugh, but he controlled himself and didn’t argue with her. He said to the other girls, “Alright, you’re here now. We’re also done showing you our skills. I’m not staying much longer. Take your things, and I’m off.”

“You both scared me to death! His tool is too powerful. Is it a human bone?” Liang Zi asked Qing Yue after Lin Feng left.

Meng Jing also said, “Do you think Lin Feng raises ghosts? I think that thing was a Buddhist tablet from Thailand in which a demon is sealed…”

“Oh God shut up! Stop talking about scary stories! My heart is going to explode!” shouted Zhang Juan. She was shaking from head to toe, and her flesh was crawling.

But Liang Zi replied enthusiastically, “Could it be that Lin Feng is not from Huaxia? What if he were a black mage from Thailand? No wonder he’s so good at fighting. Knives can’t even pierce through his skin…” 


While they were chatting, Lin Feng went back to his flat. He was now alone in the flat. He cleaned and tidied up a little, then sat down on the couch. He felt so lonely.

Before, he was with three women in the flat. When they were there, they kept chatting, laughing, and whispering. Now, he was alone. It felt empty.

Lin Feng was bored to death, so he turned the TV on. He channel-hopped for a while and in the end, he watched the news. Lin Feng felt isolated from the rest of that world, so watching the news was a good way to learn what was going on.

Lin Feng was bored after a few news items were covered; traffic jams, arsons, routine stuff. Lin Feng nearly fell asleep.

As Lin Feng was about to fall asleep, they said something interesting on the news. Lin Feng suddenly looked astonished.

“So many things have happened in this last month, and not far from us… Something extremely rare happened…” said the smiling presenter.

Lin Feng looked at the images flashing on the screen. Lin Feng saw a video of some meteorites that had fallen from the sky. Su Qiang had shown him videos about this recently. The sky was red as fireballs fell from the sky. There were explosions. The meteorites seemed bigger and bigger as they fell, and grew more and more dazzling. It was getting difficult to look at the sky because it was too bright.

The meteorites crashed to the ground one after the other. The flames disappeared. Clouds of smoke replaced them.

When Su Qiang had shown the video to Lin Feng, Lin Feng hadn’t paid attention, but now he remembered what Ancestor Mo and the Demon Emperor had told him.

They had said that his Ancestral Body, Dragon-Phoenix Blood and Spirit World may have turned into meteorites on Earth! Lin Feng was excited!

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t think that those meteorites had anything to do with him because they hadn’t happened at the same time. Why hadn’t there been anything on the news about meteorites when he had arrived on Earth?

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