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Chapter 1545: Demon Fire and Jia Yan’s Eye’s Fusion!


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 After the news, Lin Feng called Lu Zhan. The Special Operations forces might know something about the meteorites…

“Oh, hey Lin Feng! How are you doing?” asked Lu Zhan curiously.

“Lu Zhan, you alright? How have you been doing at work these days?” Lin Feng replied calmly.

Lu Zhan sighed, “Very busy. We’ve been working on a special task but for the time being, it’s classified so I can’t tell you anything about it. By the way, I may go on a business trip in two days. I’ll be gone for ten to fourteen days. If you need me for anything, hurry up and tell me because after that, I won’t be able to help you anymore.”

When Lu Zhan said that, Lin Feng felt even more curious. He said, “You’re going on a trip? I’m so bored these days and I feel depressed. Can I come with you?”

“What? Aren’t you working? If you could come, it’d be great, but it might be dangerous…”

“I was fired. I’m bored to death every day. So, what’s the mission? You say it’s dangerous but we’re going through peaceful times in the country at the moment, so isn’t that a bit exaggerated?”

Lin Feng knew Lu Zhan’s identity. Lin Feng understood it might be really dangerous.

“Ahem! Lin Feng, you’re a sly fox, huh? I told you it’s classified, I can’t tell you about it,” Lu Zhan replied mockingly. “If you’re really bored, come here tomorrow. I wanted to tell you something. It has something to do with you.”

Lin Feng accepted immediately. He was so bored in the residential district. Going to see Lu Zhan was a good way to go for a walk. 

After the call, Lin Feng was lost in thought, What did Lu Zhan mean? What had to do with him?

Suddenly, Lin Feng felt a sharp pain in his stomach and intestines, like he had eaten something bad and was about to have diarrhea.

“It seems like this body is really shitty. I wasn’t even moving and suddenly I’m in pain. Great…” Lin Feng muttered.

But he had a strange feeling at the same time. His body felt warmer suddenly, like his viscera were about to start burning.

Lin Feng was in so much pain that he laid down on the bed. His muscles kept twitching. It was almost unbearable. It felt like he had never been through so much pain, because the last time was such a long time ago.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and roared. His stomach and intestines felt like they were burning. It felt like flames were condensing in his dantian!

“Lin Feng, Lin Feng!” Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor shouted worriedly, Lin Feng forced himself to answer, the Demon Emperor sounded terrified and said, “Lin Feng, how come I can sense a very powerful thread of Qi belonging to the Ancient Demon!? It’s from the inside of your body!”

Lin Feng came back to his senses when the Demon Emperor spoke. He was surrounded by black Qi! It surprisingly came out of his skin and didn’t disperse!

Lin Feng checked the inside of his body, and was dumbstruck. There was a small black whirlwind in his dantian, and a small tornado of black Qi came out. The black Qi looked like a dark blue fire.

“Impossible! Why is it like that?” Lin Feng touched his belly and whispered, “Why do I have the Qi of the Ancient Demon in my body?”

“What’s going on Lin Feng? Why do you have the hellfire of the Ancient Demon in your body? Could it be that the Ancient Demon is looking for you?” shouted Ancestor Mo.

When Ancestor Mo said that, Lin Feng suddenly had an idea and understood where the fire came from!

Could it be that it was the empty hell space he had stored away in the World of Battles? Back then, before he had killed Kun Dao, he had been imprisoned in the Ancient Demon’s Hell World.

Lin Feng remembered everything perfectly. He had used his Buddhist heart to break free. He had also sealed the Hell World inside his body using Buddhist strength!

Lin Feng’s dantian was growing more and more dazzling. The blue flames were getting bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter. Lin Feng’s heart started pounding.

Since he had the demon’s Hell World, it meant that he may have the Ten Thousand Buddhas Heart as well?

The Ancestral Body, the Dragon-Phoenix Blood, and the Spirit World were things that belonged to his strange physical body. The Yan Huang Jing, the Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras, the Imperial Imprint Formula, and his other skills and techniques were intangible things which could stay in his primordial spirit!

When Lin Feng thought of that difference, he didn’t waste any time. He sat down in the great hall and started chanting the Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras.

Lin Feng was surrounded by black flames. If anyone were there, they would think Lin Feng was immolating himself!

Actually, what was happening was similar. The dark blue demon flames kept flowing throughout his body. Lin Feng’s physical body was facing a challenge. It was extremely dangerous, because it could burn at any time!

“Hurry up! Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras, appear! I can’t be killed by the demon flames!” Lin Feng prayed and chanted the Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras at the same time.

Lin Feng’s nose and ears started bleeding. His eyes became blue and kept flashing. His pupils were filled with bright blood-red flames!

“Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!”

Lin Feng could feel something changing inside. He couldn’t help but feel overjoyed as his Jia Yan’s Eye suddenly opened itself.

Lin Feng had no mirror, so he couldn’t see the difference between before and now. His Jia Yan’s Eye now had blue demonic marks inside!

The violent flames didn’t come out of his dantian anymore. The flow gradually became calmer and his body felt less painful.

After a long time, Lin Feng exhaled some steam.

Lin Feng walked to the door, but then he came back inside the room. Initially, he wanted to tell Qing Yue and the others the good news, but he controlled himself, Even if he told them, he first had to wash himself. He was covered in sweat.

Lin Feng took his clothes off so fast it seemed like they had just disappeared. Then he went into the bathtub and sang a song. In the past, when Lin Feng had to shower, it was a burden because there were women. Lin Feng didn’t dare sing or say anything when there were women with him.

But now, it was different! He was alone, so he didn’t mind. Lin Feng couldn’t help but sing! It made him feel free!

He had had a shower on the night before, but this time, the water turned black after touching his body. It cleaned his body and removed the Buddhist Qi containing the black Qi.

Lin Feng came out of the bathtub and hopped around happily in the great hall. He was so excited he spoke to himself, “I have my Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill back. Now, I just need to get the rest back…”

But as Lin Feng hopped around in the room, he saw a few familiar faces. Lin Feng stopped and then continued hopping around.

“Ah! How immoral!”

Lin Feng and the women shouted at the same time! Lin Feng nearly fell down. He grabbed some clothes as quickly as he could and ran to his own room!

Out in the great hall, Qing Yue covered Qing Yi’s eyes with one hand and her own eyes with the other. She whispered, “It’s illusory. It’s all illusory. The eyes aren’t always right. The eyes aren’t always right…”

Liang Zi, Meng Jing, and Zhang Juan were also dumbstruck and felt awkward. Liang Zi ground her teeth and clenched her fists. Her palms were sweaty.

Lin Feng put his clothes on in his room, looked at himself in the mirror and combed his hair. Then he came out and looked like nothing had happened. “What are you doing here? I told you not to come out in the open until I’m done with Brother Lang! He could arrive anytime to get his revenge! Then I’ll have to waste time and effort to protect you.”

Lin Feng was putting on airs. At the same time, it was a good way to make everybody forget what had just happened, so nobody would feel awkward anymore.

But Qing Yue was angry. She suddenly stood up from the couch and said to Lin Feng, “You are immoral! Why do you walk around naked?! I’ve been practicing cultivation for such a long time and you ruined a huge part of my cultivation!”

Qing Yue had spent over ten years in Mount Qingcheng. She had learned to become calm, detached, virtuous… She hadn’t thought she would see Lin Feng’s…

Lin Feng grabbed a pillow and smiled resplendently, “It’s useless to continue feeling awkward. And anyway, how was I supposed to know you were coming? How come you didn’t tell me you were coming?!”

“We told you! You ignored us!” said Meng Jing angrily!

Initially, while Lin Feng was in the bathtub singing excitedly, he hadn’t heard them come in, but they had shouted at him. Lin Feng had been so focused he hadn’t heard them.

When Qing Yue and Qing Yi had heard Lin Feng was having a shower, they had immediately felt a little awkward so they decided not to disturb him and sit on the couch. They hadn’t thought Lin Feng would come out and dance around naked!

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