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Chapter 1546: Bitter Relations!


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 No matter what Lin Feng said, they didn’t believe him. They said he had done it on purpose and they thought it was beyond justification. In the end, Lin Feng waved and shouted, “Forget it! I don’t feel like arguing with you anymore. You said I did all that on purpose, why would I? I am a victim here. You all saw me and I didn’t blame you. So don’t come to me to talk about principles.”

Lin Feng tried to make everybody calm down, turning the TV on and putting the volume on maximum. That way, he wouldn’t hear Qing Yue and the others anymore.

He watched TV for a while and then his phone rang. Lin Feng put the volume of the TV on mute and answered, “What’s wrong, Da Liu?”

“Lin Feng, where are you? Hurry up and come to the gate. Someone is causing trouble. We can’t keep them under control…” said Da Liu worriedly, “These people are here because they want to attack you!”

“What? Attack me? Brother Lang’s people again? Hold on, I’m coming!”

Lin Feng put his mobile phone down and said to Qing Yue and the others, “Go back now, and don’t come back out! I need to sort some things out. I’m off.”

Lin Feng rushed down the building and went to the gate. In the distance, he saw a group of people at the gate. Some guards were facing a group of young people!

Lin Feng noticed some familiar faces. Li Ze Cheng? And Zhang Jing Wei?

He hadn’t thought they’d come back willingly. They can’t blame me then, thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng went up to Da Liu and said, “You can all leave. I know those people. I’ll talk to them.”

Da Liu said worriedly, “Lin Feng, you shouldn’t cause trouble at the gate of the residential district. It would be the best if you could solve the issue peacefully…”

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. Lin Feng looked at Li Ze Cheng and frowned, “Li Ze Cheng, you brought some crappy fighters to fight against me? Those people are like shrimp soldiers and crab generals. We haven’t seen each other in a few days, and it seems like you’ve become even more shameless!”

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you broke my necklace last time, but you didn’t give me the hundreds of thousands of yuan back for it! You think I will let you off? I came here for justice. One hundred and fifty thousand yuan, or I’ll cut your hand, you fucking dog!” shouted Li Ze Cheng. His people stepped aside, and two Tibetan mastiffs which had been behind them appeared.

The two dogs were huge. Their hair was at least twenty centimeters long. They looked like lions, powerful, majestic, dignified, heroic… When they exhaled, steam appeared. Drool kept dripping from their mouths.

The dogs looked at Lin Feng and barked. Then they charged the fence crossing the gate. The gate trembled at the impact.

The men who were holding the leashes were much weaker than the dogs. They did all they could to stop the dogs but in vain.

The residents of the residential district were terrified. There weren’t many dogs in the residential district, but the few ones they had were tiny, unlike these two monsters!

Someone whispered, “That guard has so many enemies. People come to fight against him almost every day!”

“Who knows? His enemies aren’t lucky, though. I’ve heard he was extremely good at kung fu and that he knows the Qigong Iron Clothes technique. Someone tried to stab him with a knife, but the blade didn’t even pierce through his clothes!”

Those two people had not seen Lin Feng and Brother Lang fight, so they didn’t know how strong he was. Actually, they had come to cause trouble. They hoped the situation would devolve into a brawl. They wanted to see if that guard could really fight and if he really knew a Qigong Iron Clothes technique!

“Fucking hell, two pieces of shit holding two monstrous dogs on a leash? Why not become the leaders of the world, then?!” Lin Feng jumped towards the gate. When the two dogs saw Lin Feng was provoking them, they barked even louder.

Lin Feng looked at the gate. The iron gate was two and a half meters high. The guards had locked it from inside. If Da Liu and the others opened the gate, the dogs might be able to attack.

Lin Feng quickly walked forwards and then, he jumped over the gate!

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Someone shouted, “He knows Lightfoot! How can he jump so high? Even the world record isn’t that high!”

Li Ze Cheng and the others hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be able to jump so high. They were terrified and started running!

The two Tibetan mastiffs hadn’t thought their human controllers would run away.

Lin Feng landed on the ground. When he saw how panic-stricken those people looked, he looked down on them and said, “Where do you think you’re going? I haven’t even starting beating you up, and you’re already afraid?”

Li Ze Cheng had brought a large number of people this time and they had been ready to fight, but at that moment, Li Ze Cheng felt stupid.

He knew Lin Feng was extremely strong, so he had brought lots of people, but he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would know how to become extremely light…

Li Ze Cheng had a bad feeling and said, “Lin… Lin Feng, don’t think you can continue bullying us because you’re good at kung fu! We came here to make you pay. You better pay, otherwise, we’ll destroy you; the dogs would love to take a bite of you!”

“Hehe, Li Ze Cheng, Zhang Jing Wei, you’ve been having a good life for the last two years, huh? Have you forgotten the accident two years ago?” Lin Feng retorted icily.

Nobody paid attention, but to Li Ze Cheng and Zhang Jing Wei, it was terrifying. They both paled. They couldn’t believe it. They thought, Could it be that that this Lin Feng is the one who was killed?

“Ze Cheng… Let’s forget it. Let’s not ask him for money. He… He really looks like Lin Feng…” said Zhang Jing Wei. Her voice was trembling.

Li Ze Cheng thought the same. Only Zhang Jing Wei and he knew about that, nobody else!

But has Lin Feng come back to life, then?

Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Li Ze Cheng tried to calm down but he kept thinking of what had happened two years ago.

It was on a cool night. Li Ze Cheng was a wealthy kid in Jiang Nan. Zhang Jing Wei and he were in his sports car on the outskirts of the city. They were there to have some sex in public. They hadn’t thought Lin Feng would catch them.

Back then, Li Ze Cheng already knew Zhang Jing Wei and Lin Feng were lovers. They had even started talking about getting married, but Li Ze Cheng had done his best to turn Zhang Jing Wei on.

When they had seen Lin Feng, they had felt awkward and then Zhang Jing Wei had burst out in anger.

“Lin Feng, you dared follow me? You’ve never trusted me, right?” Zhang Jing Wei had shouted while pulling his pants and underwear back up.

Lin Feng had cried and trembled from head to toe. He had said helplessly, “Little Wei, I didn’t follow you. I was just worried about your safety…”

“Hmph! No need to be hypocritical. Since you saw everything, I don’t need to hide the truth from you. Yes, indeed, I cheated on you. I slept with him. It’s over. From now on, you don’t need to worry about my safety anymore,” Zhang Jing Wei had said. She had told him everything she had always wanted to tell him.

“No. Little Wei, please don’t leave me. I don’t want to break up. I would agree to anything for you. I will buy you the best things to eat, drink, I’ll help you and wash you, your clothes…” Lin Feng had said kneeling down. He had looked like a miserable beggar.

Lin Feng had spent too much time and effort courting Zhang Jing Wei. He had spent so much money. He had spent every single yuan he had on Zhang Jing Wei. He had bought the best things to eat and drink for her. He had bought the best clothes and jewels for her. He had devoted his entire life to her because he had loved her more than anything. He had never thought he’d perish because of that passion.

“Shut the fuck up, Lin Feng! You disgusting sick fuck!” Zhang Jing Wei had screamed at him. Getting washed by Lin Feng? How disgusting! On top of that, he had said that in front of Li Ze Cheng; Zhang Jing Wei was incensed!

Li Ze Cheng noticed that as well. Lin Feng was hopelessly stupid. As Li Ze Cheng’s rival, Lin Feng had knelt down and begged? How pitiful and idiotic!

“Hehe, Lin Feng, I hadn’t thought you’d be such a perverted bastard, huh? Surprisingly, you have filthy thoughts, huh? But… WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, MOTHERFUCKER? YOU THINK AN INSIGNIFICANT SICK FUCK LIKE YOU DESERVES A WOMAN LIKE WEI WEI?” Li Ze Cheng looked down on Lin Feng and belittled him with swear words.

Li Ze Cheng had started thinking of Lin Feng as a coward after that. A man who knelt down and begged a woman not to break up…? Ugh…

“Mind your own business. It’s between Little Wei and me. I love her. She’s my everything, my entire world!…” Lin Feng lied down at Zhang Jing Wei’s feet and sobbed.

He kowtowed and begged, “Little Wei, I beg you, come home with me. I will not be angry at you for all those things. As long as we don’t break up, you can do whatever you want in life.”

“Lin Feng, I just told you, we’re not together anymore. Even though I know you like me and you’re pretty good to me, it’s not what I want. You’ve bought me many gifts, but they are all from shops on the streets. You know why I never wear the clothes you bought me? Because I would look ridiculous! They’re horrible! You understand?” Zhang Jing Wei had said disdainfully.

Lin Feng had been astonished. Initially, he had thought she didn’t wear the clothes he bought because she didn’t want them to damage them, and because she cherished them. It had all been a lie! 

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