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Chapter 1547: Strange Immolation!


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 Li Ze Cheng had then lit a cigarette and walked towards Lin Feng, then kicked him. Lin Feng had fallen on the ground and then Li Ze Cheng had put his foot on Lin Feng’s face and said grimly, “Lin Feng, now you understand, I guess? Actually, Wei Wei and I have been together for a while. And you were sitting at home… like a moron. Sigh… As a man, I’d prefer being dead than having such a miserable and pathetic life.”

Lin Feng had been dumbstruck. He had looked hopeless and desperate. He had felt humiliated and furious. He had pushed Li Ze Cheng away and stood up. Then, he had looked at that slut and that gigolo furiously and ferociously.

Suddenly, he had grabbed a stone from the ground and thrown it at Li Ze Cheng and shouted, “I’m going to fucking kill you today!”

Li Ze Cheng had dodged it, and the stone had landed on his car. The stone made a hole in the hood of the car.

Li Ze Cheng had charged Lin Feng and they started fighting. Li Ze Cheng thought he was a gangster. He used to fight all the time. He had wanted to destroy Lin Feng.

He hadn’t realized Lin Feng was a manual worker, so he was extremely strong. He had also just been humiliated, so he had gone crazy, and quickly gained the advantage.

In the end, he had punched Li Ze Cheng in the face over and over again. Li Ze Cheng had had no strength to strike back.

But Lin Feng had forgotten Zhang Jing Wei. When Zhang Jing Wei had seen Lin Feng crush her boyfriend, she had acted hastily. She had taken the stone Lin Feng had used before and she had hit his head with it.

Lin Feng had shouted with pain and started bleeding, staggering back. Zhang Jing Wei had hit him? Lin Feng’s vision had become blurry because of the warm blood flowing into his eyes. Everything had turned red.

After a certain amount of time which seemed endless and extremely short at the same time, he had suddenly heard squeaking tires. He had slowly turned his head and had seen a sports car coming towards him extremely quickly.

Then, everything had started spinning. Lin Feng had felt like his body had suddenly become extremely light. He had been blown away and had crashed far away on the ground. Lin Feng had felt an immense pain, he had started trying to get back up…

But then he had seen two evil faces in the car. They were coming back at him. They ran him over again.

Lin Feng remembered all that perfectly. Those were just memories, but they felt so real. Now Li Ze Cheng and Zhang Jing Wei were in front of him. Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile wryly. He realized he used to be a real weakling. Zhang Jing Wei had cheated on him and then her boyfriend and she had killed him!

 He had to make them pay now!

Lin Feng didn’t say anything else. He was so furious he was shaking from head to foot with anger. He slowly walked towards Li Ze Cheng. It was all because of him, so Lin Feng decided to start with him.

Lin Feng’s eyes looked strange. They were filled with flames of fury; blue lights flashed in them.

“Ahhhhhhh! A ghost!…” screamed Li Ze Cheng. He wanted to run away, but Lin Feng didn’t let him, he grabbed him by the collar from behind and lifted him up. He spun and threw him at the iron gate!

People at the gate ran away screaming. Li Ze Cheng’s face crashed against the top of the iron gate and blood splashed. His nose was dripping blood.

Lin Feng wanted to attack Li Ze Cheng, but the people who had come with Li Ze Cheng charged Lin Feng. They had baseball bats.

Li Ze Cheng had given them a lot of money to come and help. All of them were extremely strong and they loved fighting. They had to do it well because it was their job, they were paid for it. Nobody wanted to be the weakest one.

“Crush him! Kill him! If anyone manages to kill him, I’ll give them one million yuan!” shouted Li Ze Cheng, struggling to get back up on his feet. His face kept bleeding, especially his nose. He was panting and dismayed. He had suffered a crushing defeat.

When he said that, everybody was astonished. One million yuan?

They all got excited. None of them intended to be merciful at that moment, and they all surrounded Lin Feng. Some of them even threw their baseball bats away and took out knives. They looked terrifying!

But they had really underestimated Lin Feng. When they were about to reach him, Lin Feng suddenly looked up to heaven and gave a long and mournful cry. His voice sounded deep and loud, like it could make the ten thousand things of creation tremble!

As the crowd hadn’t come back to their senses, a faint black Qi emerged from Lin Feng’s Qi. Everybody was dumbstruck.

“Oh no! Lin Feng is burning!” shouted Da Liu explosively. He ran to the guards’ room to grab a fire extinguisher.

The ones who were attacking Lin Feng were startled, but they didn’t want to miss this opportunity. After a few seconds, they came back to their senses, put their fears aside, and charged Lin Feng.

The one at the very front was a thirty-year-old man who wore his hair in braids. He had terrifying scars on the face. They looked like two red centipedes.

He was a real desperado, a real criminal. He had spent over ten years in jail for killing people, and had only recently come out of jail. Now he ran towards Lin Feng, brandishing his knife.

“Lin Feng…” someone shouted worriedly. It was Qing Yue’s voice.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”, the whole crowd shouted with terror. The blade stabbed at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng staggered and took two steps backwards. He looked at the blade and was astonished. Why didn’t he fail any pain? Why didn’t he start bleeding?

His attacker was even more astonished when he tried to remove the knife from Lin Feng’s body. It seemed like it was a part of his body. It was stuck!

He had already killed people using it, so he had to be able to pull it out. As he was lost in thought, he suddenly screamed. His hand was still on the handle, and it was scorching hot! It was melting!

White lights emerged from Lin Feng’s chest wound. They were dazzling. It suddenly seemed like Lin Feng were on fire. He looked like a gigantic burning cauldron.

When the attacker finally managed to pull the knife out of Lin Feng’s body, there were small red stars on his hands. They seemed alive as they penetrated into his body!

When the little red stars drove into him, pain stabbed him all over his body. Black smoke kept emerging from his five sensory organs. It smelled like rotten fish and burning skin!

The crowd was terrified. The attackers all stopped moving, and nobody dared attack anymore. The bravest ones wanted to grab the attacker by the arms, but when they touched him, their hands pierced through his skin and penetrated into his body!

Now that his body had been pierced, the whole crowd saw lights emerging from his body. He was burning. Flames kept emerging from inside of him!

The people who had tried to help him weren’t lucky either. Small stars penetrated their bodies as well. It was extremely painful. Some of them collapsed and rolled on the ground. Nobody dared go and help them now!

When Da Liu saw that, he didn’t care about the danger. He opened the gate and pressed the trigger of the fire extinguisher, aiming at those people. He wanted to help them.

However, in less than a minute, all those people had turned into ashes. The wind carried them away and the ashes dispersed. Nothing remained; no bone, no tooth, no hair, no clothes… 

What had just happened went beyond people’s imagination. Even Lin Feng was confused. His wound was already healed!

He hadn’t died; he wasn’t even injured, and his enemies had died in mysterious circumstances. Their bodies had even disappeared.

“Lin Feng, are you alright…?” asked Da Liu. He looked terrified, and didn’t dare come closer.

Lin Feng shook his head to say he was fine. Li Ze Cheng and the other gangsters were so terrified they had run away and disappeared.

The crowd, including Qing Yue, Liang Zi and the others, all remained silent. Five people had just died and completely vanished. It was astonishing.

Some people shouted at the guards, “Call the police! Some people died! How scary!”

Someone else said, “What for? Those people are dead already and their corpses have disappeared. Those were legendary self-combustions!…”

“Indeed. Lin Feng didn’t do anything. On the contrary, the man attacked him, stabbed him and then immolated himself!” The crowd kept talking.

Someone still called the police, though. Some people had died, after all!

Lin Feng wasn’t worried at all. Everybody had seen him, and he hadn’t done anything. The man had attacked him. He knew Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan, so they were definitely going to believe him.

Lin Feng hadn’t expected that this time they didn’t come alone. Lu Zhan was there too! The circumstances of the crime were too mysterious, and Lin Feng was involved, so Special Operations officers were needed too…

Seven police cars arrived. Lu Zhan was driving a huge Cherokee. When he got out of the car, he shouted, “Lin Feng, come over here!”


Translation of the Author’s Note: in the original version, Lin Feng saved a female undergraduate student, then they had had a short relationship, and only after that did she find a new boyfriend! 

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