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Chapter 1548: Invitation from the Real Cultivators Association?


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 Lu Zhan walked over to Lin Feng and whispered, “I’ve heard that you used a real cultivation spell to kill four people? Is it true?”

“I didn’t kill anyone. To be honest, I don’t even know what happened and how they died!”

Lin Feng explained everything, including the red stars. It had happened during a fierce battle, after all. Not everybody had noticed since Lin Feng and the gangsters were initially in the middle of a fight.

“Really? You really didn’t do anything illegal? You know, we cultivators, have extraordinary powers and there are many different sects and clans, but the Association of Real Cultivators has rules. It is forbidden to use cultivation against ordinary people. Otherwise, the situation could become extremely troublesome!” said Lu Zhan. He didn’t really believe Lin Feng.

“Oh? The Real Cultivators Association has such power? Why are there rules?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

Lu Zhan replied carefully, “It’s a kind of agreement between the Real Cultivators Association and the government. It’s to avoid giving cultivators too much power, and also for ordinary people’s safety. Therefore, the Real Cultivators Association agreed to set rules so that the cultivators and the rest of the world could coexist peacefully. When someone violates the rules, their cultivation is sealed for a while and sometimes it’s even crippled…”

As he was speaking, Zhang Dui came over and said, “Officer Lu, we checked the whole place and there’s not a single trace of blood or anything. Your people taking over the case?”

It wasn’t an ordinary case, so they needed Special Operations officers.

Lu Zhan nodded and said to Lin Feng, “Actually, I am a member of the Real Cultivators Association, and I am naturally a member of the government, too. I have a lot of responsibilities. I’m sorry, but some people may ask you questions and investigate your cultivation, but don’t worry; as long as you tell the truth, you’re fine.”

Lin Feng was surprised when he heard Lu Zhan was a member of the Real Cultivators Association, but he was curious about the investigation.

Lin Feng followed Lu Zhan to the back of the car. There was a van behind it, Lu Zhan knocked at the window. The person in the passenger seat was a thirty-year-old man wearing big black sunglasses.

Lin Feng sensed real Qi from that cultivator. He was surprised when that person’s Qi was even more powerful than Lu Zhan’s.

That person asked someone to open the sliding door of the van; Lu Zhan and Lin Feng went inside. Two other people were in the car already. They were both between fifty and sixty years old.

Lu Zhan told them a few things and then an old man looked at Lin Feng strangely, curiously, and suspiciously. His eyes looked like yellow crystals.

“What’s your name?”

“Lin Feng.”

“Which sect are you from?”

“…” Lin Feng was hesitant. He remembered he had told Qing Yue he was from Wudang Mountain, but he decided not to say that. “I don’t belong to any sect. I am an independent cultivator.”

The old man looked Lin Feng over and asked, “What’s your teacher’s name?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you. He passed away already and he never told me what my sect was.” Lin Feng finally decided to lie.

The old man looked unhappy. He was an old member of the Real Cultivators Association. He knew all the cultivators of Jiang Nan. He had never heard of an independent cultivator before.

Even if there were some independent cultivators, they usually relied on sects and teachers. The old man was convinced that Lin Feng was lying.

He took out something from the back. It had a measurement gauge and was as big as a rice cooker. He put it on the seat and said to Lin Feng. “Give me your hand, and let’s measure your pure Qi.”

He took out a wire and put it around Lin Feng’s wrist. If Lin Feng hadn’t cared about offending Lu Zhan, he would have refused the test.

The instrument had been made specially to check and compare cultivator’s real pure Qi. It was the result of cultivators’ desire to combine science and cultivation. There was a small screen on it, and digits appeared when measuring someone’s real pure Qi.

“Now, use a skill,” said the old man.

Lin Feng didn’t think that thing would work. It looked like nothing. Did it really function?

Lin Feng released some pure Qi, and the device went crazy. It started trembling, and lights of all colors started flashing.

The old man couldn’t help but frown. “Again!”

The same thing happened the second time. The old man looked serious as he said, “Very strange. Surprisingly, no sect is detected. What kind of cultivation is that?”

Lu Zhan was curious too. He asked the old man, “Mister Sun, what is his cultivation level?”

Mister Sun frowned and sighed, “I’m not sure. The device can only check up to the Cultivation Spirit layer, but he… it seems like his cultivation level is MUCH higher than what the device can read!”

Lu Zhan was surprised, “You mean that his cultivation level is much higher than the Cultivation Spirit layer?”

The old man knocked on the device and said meaningfully, “If the device is not wrong and if I’m not mistaken, he’s much stronger than a Cultivation Spirit, and stronger than me too!”

The old man’s eyes were suddenly filled with jealousy and envy. He had been practicing cultivation for fifty years and he was only a Cultivation Spirit. This unknown young man in front of him was beyond the Cultivation Spirit layer?

It was astonishing. The Real Cultivators Association had never heard of anything like that. Only a hundred people had a level above the Cultivation Spirit layer and most of them never showed up in public, they were hermits!

The other old man who hadn’t said anything yet said, “It seems like we have to report to our superiors. It’s an incredible discovery for Jiang Nan. He could join the Real Cultivators Association and create a new sect?”

The old man meant to offer Lin Feng amnesty. He seemed excited too. He looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Young man, are you interested in becoming a member of the Real Cultivators Association? I can recommend you!”

“That’s not part of my plans,” Lin Feng replied indifferently.

The old looked disappointed. Any independent cultivator would have loved to join the Association, but Lin Feng refused?

“Young man, joining the Association has a lot of advantages. That way, you can find other people to rely on, and every month, the members get some help… Also… today, you killed some people… We could handle the case in a special way so that you don’t get punished at all!” the yellow-eyed old man said, “With your strength, you could get ten thousand yuan every month. You could also open your own sect and recruit members. All those things require money and you will get the money for that if you ask; at least one million yuan, probably more!”

When Lin Feng heard one million, his heart twitched. First, Li Ze Cheng had said he would give one million to anyone who would manage to kill him, and now someone was trying to recruit him by promising one million yuan. Was he worth that much?

He didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing. He felt like an object, like his sole purpose was to be traded.

“Nah… I’m not interested in those things. Besides, I didn’t kill anyone today, so I don’t need your special help. Are we done with the check up? If we are, I’m leaving!” Lin Feng answered, refusing again.

The two old men glanced at each other, and then opened the door of the van. Lin Feng and Lu Zhan got out. 

Lu Zhan said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, what the hell are you doing? Why don’t you want to join the Association? It’s an awesome opportunity. My current salary is only five thousand bucks. Aren’t you interested in creating your own sect and doing great things?”

Lu Zhan admired Lin Feng. If he was as strong and talented as Lin Feng, he would have already opened his own sect. It would be like the Feng Clam, stirring up trouble.

“Hehe, Officer Lu, I don’t think so. I don’t want to be tied to a group. I am used to freedom. I don’t like it when there are restrictions. Besides, I like being an ordinary person.”

Lin Feng then looked at the police officers at the crime scene. Some of them had already walked over a thousand meters looking for those ashes.

“Officer Lu, do you know who came to provoke me today?” Lin Feng asked.

“Hehe, of course I do! Last time, you ruined his necklace at Qin Yue Ran’s birthday. Everybody knows about that in the rich kids’ milieu. Not only did Li Ze Cheng lose hundreds of thousands of bucks, but on top of it, he lost face! He didn’t want to leave the matter at that, right?”

“So you knew. Why did you need to bring me to the van to make a deposition?” Lin Feng asked.

Lin Feng patted Lin Feng’s shoulder and said, “Nah. That’s not enough. We still need to understand who those people were. If we make progress, I’ll contact you again, but I strongly suggest you think about Mister Sun’s offer. If you join the Real Cultivators Association, you will have people to rely on.”

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