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Chapter 1549: Agreement on a Battle with Brother Lang!


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 Lin Feng wasn’t interested in joining the Real Cultivators Association. He didn’t like restrictions. Lin Feng said, “Alright, since we’re done, I’m off. “

Lu Zhan frowned when he saw Lin Feng walk through the gate. Lin Feng was strange. He was a great cultivator. but he wasn’t interested in other cultivators. He wanted to live like an ordinary person. He probably had something to hide…

When Lin Feng came back into the district, people moved aside to open the way for Lin Feng. They were all ten meters away from him at least, like he were a terrifying God. Everybody was so scared that many of them turned grey because of terror.

“Lin Feng, what skill did you use? How do you make a few bastards self combust?” asked Qing Yue. She wasn’t scared at all, coming up and pulling on Lin Feng’s sleeve.

Lin Feng grinned, “Don’t talk nonsense. I haven’t killed anyone. How could I make people self combust? That’s ridiculous! It doesn’t exist.”

Liang Zi and the others started whispering, “It was so terrifying! I think those people were not humans, they must be paper people! They suddenly started burning and disappeared.”

Lin Feng was surprised by what Liang Zi said. It was an interesting comparison. It did look like paper people had been burning. The paper had burned away and disappeared.

“Are you really going back to that flat, Lin Feng? Are you really not afraid that Brother Lang could come back to get revenge? Come, move in with us! We can give you the small room!” suggested Qing Yue.

“They’re right, plus you must feel so lonely over there alone. I’m sure you don’t cook when you’re alone. We’re already sharing our food with you…” said Zhang Juan.

Lin Feng smiled wryly at first and then said mockingly, “You make it sound like I was trying to steal your food, like you wanted to raise me as a pet dog?”

Zhang Juan blushed and realized she had said something wrong.

I’m not coming. We’ll talk about it again when I get rid of Brother Lang.”


Lin Feng went back to the sixth building and his flat. He sat down on the couch cross-legged and started practicing his Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras, Imperial Imprint Formula Yan, Huang Jing, and other arts.

Lin Feng had lost his Ancestral Body, Dragon-Phoenix Blood, and Spirit World, so he had to rely on skills and techniques. In order to be completely safe, he had to recover his full strength!

Those skills and techniques were in Lin Feng’s primordial spirit. He needed to practice them again to help his primordial spirit recover. It probably wouldn’t take too long…

But after three hours of practice, his Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras and Yan Huang Jing still hadn’t come back. The only skills he managed to use were his Imperial Imprint Formula and his Aggressive Punch, but they had been tiny.

They required less Qi than the others. They were more suitable for now, considering his body. He would be able to use them on Earth.

They didn’t require too much pure Qi, but they made Lin Feng feel tired. In the end, Lin Feng had no energy left.

It was a huge difference when compared to the World of Battles. At that moment, he seemed so weak. Poor Lin Feng. He released energy the size of a table tennis ball. It flew around the room. It progressively moved faster and faster.

Then more balls appeared and flew around. Lin Feng needed them as targets!

With a crunch, an Imprint appeared and condensed, then crashed into a ball. Li Feng didn’t destroy it, he just attacked.

He attacked the others, but some balls attacked back. They were faster now, and their trajectories were unpredictable.

Lin Feng’s Sky Destroying Imprint had reached the acme of perfection. In the end, it attacked a ball over and over again. The balls were so terrified they flew away. They looked so funny!

Lin Feng was having fun when his phone suddenly rang. It was Wei San.

“What do you want, Wei San? Brother Lang wants to kill me?” Lin Feng asked.

But on the line, nothing, silence. Just the sound of someone who was choking, or panting. Lin Feng was worried and asked, “Who are you? Speak!”

Lin Feng could hear that that person’s respiratory rate was different.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, long time no see…” said a voice. It was Brother Lang’s voice. Then he laughed and said, “As expected, Wei San sold me out. I’ll get straight to the point. Wei San is my prisoner right now. If you want to save his life, tonight, Binjiang Street, at the Ten Thousand Willows Park. If you’re not there by ten, I’ll kill him!” Brother Lang said evilly.

Lin Feng felt like he had just gotten caught unprepared. He had just made a huge mistake. He had just sold Wei San out.

Brother Lang had captured Wei San. Lin Feng didn’t know whether he should go or not.

“What? You’re afraid? Hehe. I told you. When you’re my enemy, you’re doomed. Of course, you can also try and run. But I never want to see you in Jiang Nan ever again.”

“You’re overestimating yourself. I, Lin Feng, don’t fear an insignificant thug. You’re ridiculous. I confirm, but I’m warning you, you better get a good insurance plan because otherwise, you won’t be able to afford a coffin when you die!” Lin Feng replied sarcastically.

“Alright, awesome! Come! I prepared a surprise for you. If you don’t come, you won’t see it.”

Brother Lang hung up. Lin Feng sighed, “What a moron… I’ll crush you, idiot!”

Lin Feng looked at the clock; it was seven. He still had three hours, but he didn’t want to waste time so he left the residential district and called a taxi.

Lin Feng didn’t know that after he left the residential district, another taxi followed him. It was a hundred and ten meters behind…


Ten Thousand Willows Park wasn’t in the district, it was in the northeast of Jiang Nan. It was an unfinished park, basically a construction site. They had just planted a lot of trees. The project had stopped suddenly and become a forest.

Lin Feng made the taxi stop before they arrived. He paid, came out and looked around. Only one word could be used to describe the situation: ruins!

What a crappy place! It had been completely abandoned by the local government. There were still many cinemas, restaurants, and factories which had been built back in the days.

After so many years, everything looked decrepit. It reminded people of death. Lin Feng turned his head, but suddenly heard a car.

“Someone is coming?” Lin Feng was worried. He immediately went inside an old cinema. There was no door anymore, it had fallen apart. Lin Feng hid inside.

Then the taxi stopped outside and someone came out.

That person looked around worriedly. They were looking for Lin Feng and one could see on their lips they were pronouncing his name.

Why the hell did she follow me?

It was Qing Yue! She couldn’t see Lin Feng so she was worried, but she was a clever girl and thought of something, footprints!

When Lin Feng saw Qing Yue managed to track him by his footprints, he knew he couldn’t hide anymore, so he called her and told her to come inside.

“What are you doing here?” Lin Feng asked angrily.

“I was just having a walk when I saw a car leave the residential district. I decided to follow to see where it would go, but I didn’t think I would end up here and I had even less thought you’d be here…” said Qing Yue.

Qing Yue was interested in Lin Feng. She wanted to know more about him. How come he had become a guard?

He had had a great fight against Li Ze Cheng. Qing Yue was a cultivator. She didn’t believe the story that they had self combusted. She was sure that Lin Feng had resorted to a skill and that he had actually killed those people!

She had seen him tonight and thought, why not follow?

Lin Feng said, “Brother Lang told me to come tonight. We’re going to have a big fight, so you better hide. Otherwise, I can’t promise I’ll be able to protect you!”

“Ah? Brother Lang chose this place? He sure isn’t well-intentioned. It’s a perfect place for a murder.” Lin Feng really wished he could slap her. She was going to bring him bad luck with her bullshit!

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