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Chapter 1550: Plot!


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 But Qing Yue was kind of right. Lin Feng had to have a plan. This kind of place was good to play hide and seek.

He had just recovered his skills and techniques, so now he had better combat abilities.

“Qing Yue, you stay away, don’t come too close. Or you can leave now and wait for me halfway. I’ll come back to pick you up!” Lin Feng said.

Qing Yue frowned and said unwillingly, “You looked down on me. I know you’re very strong, but I’m not easy to deal with, either. The members of the Qing Sect always help when they can. Not just men can be brave and heroic, women can too! I’m not leaving.”

Lin Feng looked at the time: eight o’clock. Even though the time limit was ten, he had to arrive early. He also had to scout.

He needed a good plan. He said, “Ancestor Mo, go and look around. Tell me everything you see when you come back.”

Ancestor Mo agreed and came out of Lin Feng’s pocket. He flew away like a butterfly.

Qing Yue was terrified. She thought it was a weapon attacking her. She wanted to shout, but he put his hand on her mouth and said, “Shush! Stop being so loud! If someone hears us, we’re doomed!”

Qing Yue looked at Lin Feng with her eyes wide open and blushed. She became bright red and swallowed her scream, but also ground her teeth and bit his hand!

Lin Feng snatched his hand back and looked at his forefinger; he could see the marks of her teeth!

But even if it was painful, he couldn’t shout out. He released energies to heal his finger, and the pain disappeared instantly.

“You, you’re a pervert!” When Qing Yue saw Lin Feng’s reaction, she swallowed. She had bitten his finger and now he put his finger in his mouth and sucked on it to lick her saliva!

Qing Yue clenched her fists and sighed helplessly. Lin Feng grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall.

This time, Qing Yue seemed much stronger, like a man, and was red with fury.

“Lin Feng, you stinky pervert! Let me go, or, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Qing Yue wanted to take a throwing star out to cut Lin Feng’s filthy hands!

But Lin Feng held her firmly. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t break free from him.

“How dare you lecture me about moral values? You followed me here. You’re causing trouble!” Lin Feng said.

“Let me go!” said Qing Yue icily. She understood arguing with Lin Feng was difficult. 


Ancestor Mo controlled the bone tablet and he was already in Ten Thousand Willows Park. The park was desolate and silent. It looked like a graveyard. The atmosphere was gloomy. The only thing anyone could hear was the sound of worms feeding on dead leaves.

Ancestor Mo stopped in front of a factory. It was in ruins, but there was someone inside. That person actually had some Qi.

It wasn’t an ordinary person’s Qi, but a real cultivator’s Qi. Ancestor Mo controlled the bone tablet and silently entered the factory. He finally saw what was going on inside. 


Lin Feng and Qing Yue were waiting worriedly. Ancestor Mo finally came back and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, bad news. It’s an ambush, there are dozens of cultivators.”

Qing Yue couldn’t hear Ancestor Mo. She didn’t know that bone tablet contained an old man. She was curious about it. How did Lin Feng make it fly?

When Lin Feng heard Ancestor Mo, he was surprised. Brother Lang was a cultivator? He had cultivator friends?

“Did you see Brother Lang and Wei San?” Lin Feng asked.

“No. They’re all cultivators, not a single ordinary person. Are you sure it’s the right place?” asked Ancestor Mo curiously.

Nothing was sure. Lin Feng thought that if Wei San and Brother Lang weren’t here, then he had come for nothing.

But he couldn’t leave like that. First, he had to find Wei San. Second, he was interested in those cultivators.

Lin Feng said to Ancestor Mo, “Follow me. You protect Qing Yue. Remember, protect her, don’t let her get injured. I’m going in.”

Ancestor Mo wasn’t happy, but he didn’t dare disobey. His life depended on Lin Feng’s pure Qi, after all. 

Lin Feng left the cinema and flashed away. He went inside the park and followed the directions Ancestor Mo had given to him. Very quickly, he arrived in front of the factory, and as expected, he also sensed some cultivators’ Qi.

Before Lin Feng could enter, a voice said, “Lin Feng, you’re here, finally. Since you’re here, come inside and sit down.”

The voice came from inside the factory. Small flames appeared everywhere in the darkness.

Lin Feng looked around, and saw three people sitting up on the third floor. The one in the middle was an old man, and the ones at his sides were tall and sturdy.

“Who are you?” Lin Feng asked calmly.

The one who had just spoken was the old man. His voice wasn’t loud or aggressive.

He looked like an ordinary person. Lin Feng looked around and checked if there were other threads of Qi. He didn’t know how strong the old man was, but he was convinced he was stronger than Lu Zhan!

“I am the Elder of the Feng Clan in charge of Foreign Affairs. You’re a special guest here!” the old man said gravely. He didn’t speak loudly, but he sounded threatening.

“Feng Clan? Like Feng Shi Jie?” Lin Feng inquired.

The old man said, “Indeed. Feng Shi Jie is our Young Master. You’re going to understand very quickly. You provoked the Feng Clan several times, huh? You’re very ignorant. You’re such a weak cultivator.”

Lin Feng said, “Hmph! I don’t give a shit about the Feng Clan. I am not interested in arguing with you. Let’s get straight to the point. Who is Brother Lang to you?”

Brother Lang was an ordinary thug; how come he could bring the Feng Clan in to help him?

The old man smiled icily, “You’re really ignorant. Brother Lang? He’s an external disciple of the Feng Clan. Every sect has their own methods. You injured one of our best disciples, and you burned four wooden figures. We have to settle accounts.”

Lin Feng understood something, but then he wondered who Li Ze Cheng was to this old man? Weren’t the people he had burned real people? What were wooden figures?

The old man waved and said, “Come, capture him.”

The two sturdy men jumped and as they were in the air, wings suddenly appeared on their backs. Their wingspan was over seven meters.

Lin Feng had long been ready. He dodged at once and at the same time, he threw two palm strikes. A strong wind started blowing and pushing the dust on the ground away.

Lin Feng used his One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave. Even though it hadn’t completely recovered, it was still powerful. The two men turned into eagles, but the wind stopped them and they weakened. They screamed. It sounded ominous at night.

They didn’t stop attacking. They let themselves fall from the sky, and brandished their claws.

Their claws moved towards Lin Feng like he was their prey. Lin Feng was careful and didn’t strike back. He jumped backwards first and then he shouted loudly, “Imperial Imprint Formula!”

He threw a palm strike. A golden imprint appeared and moved towards his attackers. The eagles flashed.


A wing was cut. Black Qi emerged as the wing fell to the ground.

The eagle landed on the ground and turned into a man again. One of his arms was bleeding like a pig.

Lin Feng smiled, “That’s all? What kind of skill do you use to transform?”

When the other one saw his colleague was injured, he charged Lin Feng again. Lin Feng released an Imprint again.

“Slow!” As Lin Feng was getting ready to kill, the elder of the Feng Clan threw a palm strike, which also turned into an Imprint. With a crunch, it struck Lin Feng’s Imprint and deflected it.

Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn’t expected the elder to be so strong. He looked at the man’s Imprint. It looked like a small disk.

The elder ignored Lin Feng’s expression, staggering from the feedback of the collision. He put his hand on his wound. After a short breath or two, he removed his hand, and his wound was healed.

“How shameless, Lin Feng! It seems like I have to teach you a good lesson this time!” shouted the elder. He waved and a sword appeared in each of his hands.

He leapt down to the attack. His swords were sharp, and whistled as they moved. A thread of Qi over ten meters long appeared.

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  1. Ompeng June 1, 2020 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    the plot in this arc was bad. i don care about his cultivation. But he became a retard ?
    the one separated from him are just Primordial spirit. not his Brain.
    He can remember about ancesor Mo xuan emperor n the story behind them. but he FORGOT about common sense from cultivation realm ?

    are u kidding me ?

    gonna wait n skip this arc.

  2. TheLegend27 June 2, 2020 at 12:00 am - Reply

    This is your typical chinese main character now, I’m disappointed.
    He was a very very strong GOD and even if his sky rising wave was at 1% he could pretty much eradicate that entire place wtf is wrong with this garbage power balance.
    Why is such a coward thinking like “oh he’s pretty strong” when you are a legit god.
    Even if you lost your powers you still have your techniques so act like a GOD.
    L I T E R A L L GOD but says these weaklings are strong like what happened to your demeanor.
    ITS LITERALLY A EARTHLY GODLY SKILL AND YOU CANT DEFEAT THEM WITH ONE MOVE FROM A SUPPOSED POWERFUL GODLY SKILL? Like I said even if the godly skill was at 1% power that’s like at the zun qi level or maybe tian qi level which is way more than enough to kill them.
    Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of pure qi but ITS A GODLY SKILL. if zun qi skills can easily destroy mountains than a top of the chart godly skill should atleast be able to destroy mountains as well even if at 1%.

  3. Hulku June 2, 2020 at 1:49 am - Reply

    Ots time his book spirit made a come back i hate how much of a little bitch hes become. sword god of death at 17 after dying and entering a new world but now hes afraid of everything urrrrg

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