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Chapter 1551: Shi Guis!


 Lin Feng was unarmed. He didn’t know how strong the man was, so he dodged quickly. At the same time, he summoned out the strange black sword he had never used here before!

When the old man saw Lin Feng unsheathe his sword, he smiled ferociously. “Good, good, good! I’ll show you my swordsmanship, then!”

He moved with agility and grace, as if he were dancing. His sword suddenly turned into several sword shadows which blotted out the sky, covered the earth, and shot towards Lin Feng!

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Even though those sword shadows were quite impressive, Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He looked at one of the sword shadows in particular.

Clang! When he hit that sword shadow, all the others disappeared. The old man was pushed back three steps. He lowered his head, dumbstruck!

His sword was cut in two from top to bottom!

“What… What kind of sword is that?”

Lin Feng said casually, “It’s an ordinary sword, that’s all. I don’t know its name.”

“Impossible! My sword is a legendary hibiscus sword, it can cut through anything, like a knife through butter! How could an ordinary sword cut it in two?” asked the elder. His eyes were filled with greed and envy.

“Lin Feng, since you ruined my sword, I’ll take yours!” He attacked Lin Feng with one side of his sword.

He had decided to use a tricky attack he knew to take Lin Feng by surprise. Lin Feng sighed helplessly. He wasn’t any slower than the old man, and had fooled him.

Clang! After a few moves, what remained of the elder’s sword was cut in two again! Without a weapon left, the elder was utterly discomfited.

He threw the pieces of sword at Lin Feng, then raised his arms. Cold lights shot from his sleeves.

They weren’t shadows. They were real throwing stars, containing real pure Qi. Lin Feng leaned aside swiftly and dodged the surprise attack.

Lin Feng jumped and rolled in the air, closing in on the elder. When the elder saw his surprise attack fail, he ran away. At the same time, he shouted explosively, “Shi Guis!”

A dozen people came out of the factory at the same time and lunged towards Lin Feng’s sword Qi. Lin Feng didn’t flinch; he attacked and destroyed the Shi Guis around him!

  When he landed on the ground, there were thirty-some strange people standing around him. Their clothes were torn, and their faces were grey or blue. They had absolutely no life Qi. They were corpses.

The ones Lin Feng had cut in two didn’t bleed. Instead, a sticky black mixture flowed out of their bodies. The sticky black fluid smelled like putrefied corpses.

The elder withdrew to the middle of the two old men and smiled ferociously. “Lin Feng, you’re in trouble. You offended the Feng Clan. If you’re smart, leave or else I’ll kill you!”

Lin Feng was curious about the old man. He hadn’t thought people could control corpses here!

“Hehe, but all the skills and techniques you used are so-so. I’m going to execute you today!” Lin Feng replied icily.

The elder’s expression fell drastically. He started chanting some mantras. Lin Feng didn’t understand Sanskrit, but dozens of corpses took out weapons.

Lin Feng suddenly realized, “Yue Ben swords? You… You’re from Yue Ben?”

The elder smiled icily, “Since you know, I have to kill you! Go! Let’s kill him!”

The Shi Gui all charged Lin Feng. Sword lights flashed. The horrible smell of their Qi nauseated Lin Feng.

He forced himself to calm down and breathe. He wanted to understand how strong this old man from Yue Ben was. How strong did a cultivator have to be to become the Elder in Charge of External Affairs of the Feng Clan?!

I didn’t think there was a Yue Ben cultivator in Huaxia, thought Lin Feng. He had a bad feeling.

The Shi Gui moved as the elder chanted mantras. They quickly encircled Lin Feng and pointed their weapons at him.

Lin Feng couldn’t get away.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether it was due to the fact that his cultivation had partly disappeared or not, but the strange black sword felt heavier than before, and after he killed a dozen Shi Gui, he was already tired.

If this continued, Lin Feng would be exhausted and get injured. He suddenly heard, “Don’t be afraid, Lin Feng. It’s nothing but a skill. How can he use such a thing in front of me! Look!”

Lin Feng was running towards the Shi Gui at that moment. He stopped and said hastily, “Don’t destroy those Shi Gui! I want to keep them and use them!”

“Ah? What for? Wouldn’t it be better if I made them kill themselves?” asked the Demon Emperor. He didn’t understand.

Lin Feng said without losing time, “You can control them, but I can, too. Why wouldn’t I use them? I don’t have friends or anything to help me, so not stealing them would be a pity!”

The elder was still chanting mantras, but his expression changed and he shouted quickly, “Hurry up and kill Lin Feng!”

The Shi Gui didn’t move when they heard him. It was like they were stuck in the ground!

“What’s going on? My technique isn’t working anymore?” The elder paled.

“Hehe, old man, you think you’re the only one who can control corpses? I, Lin Feng, can do it too. Do you want me to show you?” Lin Feng said.

At the same time, Lin Feng said to the Demon Emperor, “Hurry up and make the Shi Gui move!”

The Demon Emperor nodded. Lin Feng suddenly heard a mantra in his brain, and the Shi Gui started moving. They all raised their weapons, turned around and walked towards the elder.

The elder looked desperate. He didn’t feel like fighting anymore. Black smoke appeared around him and he started spinning violently, then disappeared. All that took place in less than a second.

The other old man said, “Lin Feng, I’m here…”

Only black smoke remained. Lin Feng remained vigilant. At the same time, he had a bad feeling. Could it be that it was the legendary Hibiscus Hiding Technique?

Lin Feng flew past the black smoke, but could not see the elder.

The elder had disappeared, but not the two strong men. They stood there, looking indifferent. Lin Feng attacked them with his sword. They didn’t move, dodge, or strike back.

“Demon Emperor, can you control those two?” asked Lin Feng.

“I’ll give it a try. They are a bit stronger, or they wouldn’t have been at the old man’s side,” replied the Demon Emperor. He started chanting a mantra again. After a short while, the two men started moving.

“Lin Feng, guess who I am!” said one of the men suddenly. Lin Feng was startled and jumped back, but then he thought, Isn’t that the Demon Emperor’s voice?!

Lin Feng had a problem. What would he do with the Shi Gui? They couldn’t just follow him around everywhere. If he had his Spirit World, he would put them inside, but now…?

Lin Feng tapped his forehead with the palm of his hand and said, “I know! I can put them in my ring!”

His ring couldn’t store living beings, but Shi Gui just had a human shape. They had no soul, so they were just like ordinary objects.

Lin Feng opened his ring and said, “Take!”

The Shi Gui turned into shadows, flickered, and disappeared into his ring. He now had dozens of small Shi Gui in his ring! 


 Lin Feng checked the other parts of the factory. When he was sure he had everything, he left and headed to the gate of Ten Thousand Willows Park.

Before he arrived at the gate, he heard Qing Yue shout, “Lin Feng! Hurry up and come back! What the hell is this!…”

Lin Feng was startled. He flashed a few times and when he saw Qing Yue again, she was chasing Ancestor Mo’s bone tablet and brandishing a wooden stick…

She kept shouting and insulting Lin Feng. Lin Feng was annoyed and quickly took the bone tablet back.

Qing Yue was covered in sweat and smelled. When she saw Lin Feng, she wanted to hit him with the stick. Lin Feng dodged, “Slowly! What did I do?”

“Hmph! What the hell is your bone thing? I wanted to go and see you, and it kept blocking me! It pissed me off so bad. Give it to me! I want to destroy it!” said Qing Yue. She didn’t intend to let him off.

Lin Feng quickly took the stick from her hand and threw it far away, “Alright, come on, let’s hurry up! We don’t have much time.”

“Did you see Brother Lang or the other people?” asked Qing Yue.

“No. The Feng Clan set up an ambush. Brother Lang and Li Ze Cheng actually cooperated with the Feng Clan. Those who burned and vanished were Shi Gui raised by the Feng Clan!” Lin Feng explained everything to her in simple terms as they walked away.

When he arrived on the street, he saw the taxi driver waiting for him on the sidewalk. Qing Yue’s taxi was gone.

Qing Yue said angrily, “That driver is really mean! He didn’t keep his promise! I gave him a hundred bucks to wait and he left!”

Lin Feng’s driver said, “Someone forced him to leave. An old man ran to his car, jumped in, and threatened to wreck his car if he didn’t drive. In the end, the old man took out a knife and threatened him. I was super scared…” 


Translation of the Author: Lin Feng’s strength is going to come back slowly. Everybody must be wondering why he lost his strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor and he has become such a piece of trash. It’s the price you have to pay when you travel from the World of Battles to the Earth. That’s why Dao Yi and Fu Xi, who are Heavenly Godly Ancestors don’t want to travel to the Earth, and had Lin Feng come instead. Now he needs to remember his skills and retrieve some of his memories. It’s not as if he has to learn cultivation all over again. Lin Feng is now like a cauldron, heavy and stable but without fire. Some of you also asked me how come Lin Feng had traveled to the Fantasy World so easily. The explanation is very simple: because back then, he was just a soul, unlike now!

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  1. Talon June 2, 2020 at 7:51 pm - Reply

    I would just like the author and the team working behind the scenes of this epic novel know that I’m still enjoying the story line as is and there’s no need to explain to those other ungrateful readers why Lin Feng has to face new trials. To me it’s a good change from the redundant story line from before Lin Feng travels meets enemies; faces difficulties at first, then gets stronger and destroys them. Kinda was getting fed up of it. The change is refreshing.

  2. Ovrlymm June 2, 2020 at 11:22 pm - Reply

    How would a regular imprint divert a godly imprint? Even if the power was the same the superior technique would win. Why can’t Lin feng perform his techniques from the li layer? He should still know them. He could at least do the blood rotation or soul splitting technique. Less taxing and useful to build his soul or make soul puppets or even clone himself. He could make his skin as hard as a boulder he could teleport with his old shadow skill. He could at least have earth sense. Since when did he have to use a tablet to find things within 100 li? Are you saying he’s at the Qi layer? The very beginning? He can’t even use his Qi to fly he can’t use formations or engrave talismans in preparation for battle? He can’t carve abstruse figures with his deep understanding? Just dancing with his sword caused others to break through about 300 chapters ago. Did he just forget? BS all of it. You could at least say the rules are different here or the techniques he understood most profoundly were the only ones etched in his heart. Or the Qi in the air is so thin that earthlings in battle world would be many times greater and that under the difficult circumstances yet still budding fruit they would thrive in a place of growth. But alas you give us no answers and you make stuff up on the spot. It’s just a translation but there should be some pride to it. Also I’m glad you can add curse words but can’t write a the between “take taxi”

    • Joke June 7, 2020 at 8:58 am - Reply

      Thats your problem, isnt that author says that a price for travelling from worlds of battle to the earth, even fu xi and dao yi didnt dare doing it. Why would lin feng use a skill ling qi layer, he already know that cultivator have a qi powerfull than lu zhan, its mean that the cultivator its around lin feng cultivation, if lin feng use some skill below that, its not just making him look weakling, lin feng cultivation layer its above holy emperror layer, and for what he can flying or not i think that the reason is maybe its be weird if he using that in earth for the time being, and also its better to keep qi for exhausting self for battle againts some cultivator, what he needs right now its for improve his strength.

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