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Chapter 1552: Chi You’s Controlling Technique!


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Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He and Qing Yue got into the car, but the driver wasn’t done. “Where did you go? Did you come here for a one-night stand? Hehehe…. Young people know how to have fun. Your surprisingly came to that kind of place to hide and have a one-night stand…”

Lin Feng and Qing Yue were dumbstruck. They asked at the same time, “What is a one-night stand?”

Did this driver know about Brother Lang and Lin Feng’s meeting already? Had the elder of the Feng Clan told him?

The taxi driver continued, “When a man and a woman sleep together, don’t tell me that you don’t know! You’re not kids!”

Whap! Qing Yue slapped him in the face, and his head hit the wheel. “Shut the hell up! You’ll regret it if you dare say such nonsense again!” Qing Yue took out her best throwing star.

The driver initially wanted to strike back, but when he saw the sharp throwing star, tears flowed down his cheeks and he said in a trembling voice, “Don’t kill me. You can have all my money and even my car…”

Lin Feng pushed Qing Yue’s hand away. She was really angry; she wanted to kill him!

“Hurry up and drive. We’re not criminals. We don’t want anything. Just don’t make irresponsible remarks,” Lin Feng explained hastily.

The driver didn’t say anything this time. He just stepped on the gas.

The driver thought, Fucking hell, today is a bad day. First the old man scared me so bad that I nearly peed my pants, now these two people threatened me… I will never come to this shitty neighborhood again…


 Half an hour later, the car stopped in front of the gate of the residential district. Lin Feng handed a hundred yuan to the driver, but the man said hastily, “Hurry up and leave my car. I don’t want your money. Consider it a gift…”

Lin Feng and Qing Yue hadn’t said anything during the trip. He had watched them in his rear view mirror the whole time.

Lin Feng threw the money on the passenger’s seat and said, “Why wouldn’t we pay? But you better watch your words. Don’t talk carelessly. We know your plate number.”

When they got out of the car, the driver left as quickly as he could. He slowed down only after a few kilometers. He looked at the hundred yuan on the seat and smiled wryly. He had been more scared than hurt tonight. But at least he had some money to buy food for his child and wife! 


“Lin Feng, you… Where did you go? How come you’re back so late?” Da Liu came out of the control room and looked at Lin Feng kindly.

Lin Feng said without losing time, “We went to see a movie. Anyway, we’re off! Bye bye!”

Da Liu wanted to talk to Lin Feng and ask what was going on between Qing Yue and him, but Lin Feng was afraid he would talk about sex again, and Qing Yue would go insane and hit him.

Lin Feng and Qing Yue had remained silent during the trip back. They had felt awkward because of the stinky driver’s remark. Qing Yue still felt weird. She should have never followed him!

“I’ll see you off,” Lin Feng said.

“No, I can do it myself.” said Qing Yue, lowering her head and speeding up.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He silently followed her to the foot of her building. When she went in, he left. 


When Lin Feng arrived at home, he had the Shi Gui come out of his ring. They all stood against the wall, looking impressively frightening.

“Demon Emperor, what kind of mantra do you chant to control the corpses?” asked Lin Feng excitedly.

“What? You want to study it?”

“Yes. The Shi Gui are mine now, so I need to learn how to control them. I can’t ask you for help each time.” Lin Feng said it courteously, but actually he was thinking, It would obviously be much more convenient if I could control them myself.

The Demon Emperor smiled, “Actually it’s just like any controlling technique. You just need a few special methods.”

He taught Lin Feng the mantra. Lin Feng tried it, and the Shi Gui started moving according to his thoughts.

Lin Feng was annoyed. As the master of the Shi Gui, he wanted to be the only person who could control them. Why could the Demon Emperor do so?

Lin Feng didn’t understand and asked the Demon Emperor, “Demon Emperor, how come you know the mantras to take control of them? What if other people know the mantras as well? Can they control them too?”

The Demon Emperor didn’t say anything. Ancestor Mo spoke up, sounding as if he had just woken up. He yawned and said, “Lin Feng, don’t forget that we used to work for the Ancient Demon. Therefore, we understand the Ancient Demon much better. He’s Chi You’s clone. Chi You is the ancestor of the Miao Clan. They had had a great war against some enemies. It was a bloodbath.

After that, all the corpses rose. The Ancient Demon was an expert in controlling corpses. We learned from him.”

“If other people know the mantras, can they control the corpses?” asked Lin Feng, worried.

The Demon Emperor replied, “Only with the Ancient Demon’s Qi. Back then, we were absorbed by the Ancient Demon’s primordial spirit, so we have the Ancient Demon’s Qi on us. Otherwise, the mantras would be useless.”

Lin Feng frowned. He immediately thought of something: if the elder of the Feng Clan could control the corpses, didn’t it mean he had that Qi, too?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng got excited. He had come back to Earth and he had lots of planning and scheming to do. He wanted to find more about the Ancient Demon in order to find Qing Huang Tian and the others!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng thought of Lu Zhan. He called him hastily and asked if he knew where the Feng Clan’s headquarters were. Unfortunately, Lu Zhan answered, “The Feng Clan’s headquarters are a mystery. We’ve tried to find out more, but never found anything. Why do you ask?”

“I need to talk to them. Where does Feng Shi Jie live? The one who harasses Qin Yue Ran. You do know that, right?” asked Lin Feng.

Lu Zhan said pensively, “I’m not sure, to be honest. They are a clan of cultivators. They are powerful and influential in Jiang Nan. They have lots of properties. I’m not sure where, but if you want to find Feng Shi Jie, you should go to their dojo.”

Lu Zhan gave Lin Feng the address of the dojo. Lin Feng decided to go there early in the morning. He had to find the elder of the Feng Clan and ask him about the Ancient Demon.

Lin Feng hung up at three-something in the middle of the night. Three more hours until sunrise. Lin Feng laid down on the couch and fell asleep. He needed to recharge his batteries. 


After a while, in the middle of a sweet dream, a shout woke Lin Feng up. Lin Feng jumped off the couch and saw two people sitting at the doorway.

Lin Feng asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Qing Yue and Liang Zi were pale as they pointed behind Lin Feng.

He had fallen asleep and forgotten to put the Shi Gui away. They were still standing against the wall. The corpses naturally terrified Qing Yue and Liang Zi.

“Lin Feng, you killed people…” Liang Zi was on her butt and kept crawling backwards, as if she had seen a ghost.

Qing Yue was a cultivator, so she wasn’t as weak as Liang Zi. She stood up and helped Liang Zi stand up. Then she frowned and asked Lin Feng, “You control corpses?”

Qing Yue had studied in Mount Qingcheng, after all. She knew about all sorts of cultivation. Those corpses were kind of new, meaning they had died recently. Their bodies were in perfect condition, with no wounds.

Lin Feng didn’t reply. He hastily pushed the girls out of the apartment and closed the door behind them. He quickly put the Shi Gui in his ring. When he reopened the door, Qing Yue and Liang Zi were still frightened and didn’t dare come back in.

“Lin Feng, where are the dead people?” asked Liang Zi.

“What corpses? It was a magic trick only. You fell for it.” Lin Feng said, glancing at Qing Yue. 

Qing Yue understood and said, “Not bad. It’s a bit like mine.”

Qing Yue knew that ordinary people shouldn’t learn about cultivators. Even if they did tell ordinary people, they wouldn’t be believed!

Qing Yue pushed Liang Zi in. Liang Zi glanced around, including into the bathroom. As expected, she didn’t see any corpses, so she ended up believing Lin Feng’s story.

She was excited now. Since it was all fake, all magic, she didn’t need to be afraid!

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