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Chapter 1553: Ancestor Bone Ring!


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 “Lin Feng, you said it was magic, so can you make them appear again?” asked Liang Zi.

Lin Feng thought, You were terrified before and now you want to see them again?, but he replied, “Forget it. Why would I take the risk? If anyone sees them, they will think I’m selling corpses.” He asked, “What are you doing here?”

Qing Yue said, “I told them what happened yesterday evening, so they were worried about you and thought coming and checking on you would be nice. You’re safe and sound, so it’s all good. Do you want to go and have some breakfast? We made it ourselves.”

Lin Feng shook his head, “Nah. I have to go and see Lu Zhan. I’m going to see him now. You can stay here and relax.”

“No, no, no, we won’t come to this flat ever again. It’s too scary!” said Liang Zi angrily. Qing Yue shook her head. 


Lin Feng finally got Qing Yue and Liang Zi to leave. He watched from the window, and after they disappeared, he left. When he arrived outside of the residential district, he called a taxi and went to the dojo Lu Zhan had told him about.

Shi Jie’s Dojo. The three words were written in big letters on the gate. Lin Feng knew it was the right place because they used Feng Shi Jie’s name. It was the Feng Clan’s dojo.

“Lin Feng!” As Lin Feng was about to go in, he heard a voice. He turned around and saw Lu Zhan walking over.

“Lu Zhan, what are you doing here?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

Lu Zhan took Lin Feng aside and said worriedly, “Lin Feng, do you really want to be enemies with the Feng Clan? They are extremely powerful and influential. They have many strong fighters. It is said that the Feng Clan even has cultivators of the Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer. We can’t afford to offend those people.”

Lu Zhan had told Lin Feng about the Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer before. Lu Zhan and the other cultivators on Earth divided the cultivation layers among Cultivation Soldier, Cultivation Spirit, Independent Supreme Unity Celestial Cultivator, Independent Supreme Ultimate Celestial Cultivator, Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator, Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator, Supreme Golden Celestial Cultivator, Spiritual Emperor, Dao Ancestor and Primordial Spirit of Creation. The Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer was three or four layers above Lu Zhan!

“Lu Zhan, if you don’t want to offend the Feng Clan, you should leave. I, Lin Feng, don’t fear anyone. Besides, I am not necessarily here to fight today.” After that, Lin Feng walked the few steps to the Dojo. 

When he entered, he saw a dozen young men. They were all practicing martial arts. Bam! Bam! When Lin Feng showed up, all the young men turned to look at him.

“You’re here to sign up?” asked that young man.

“What? Sign up? I came to see Feng Shi Jie.” Lin Feng said icily.

When the young men heard Lin Feng’s tone, their expressions changed. They weren’t polite as they blocked the way and said, “Sorry, our Young Master is not here. If you want to see him, you need an appointment. Leave your name and contact details if you want.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile. He hadn’t thought Feng Shi Jie would have so many little footmen. Lin Feng said, “Alright, so is the Elder in Charge of External Affairs here?”

The young men’s expressions changed slightly. They looked in a direction without realizing it, but said, “What do you want from our Elder in Charge of External Affairs?”

Lin Feng didn’t have time to speak before he felt some wind behind him and a voice arose, “Who’s looking for me?”

Someone came in. Lin Feng looked at the Elder in Charge of External Affairs. When the Elder in Charge of External Affairs saw Lin Feng, he was dumbstruck. He wanted to flee to his own room but Lin Feng knew he knew the Hibiscus Hiding Technique, so he didn’t let him go inside. He flashed and reappeared next to him, then grabbed him by the neck.

The young men were alarmed. Now they understood that Lin Feng had come to cause trouble. He even dared attack their Elder in Charge of External Affairs!

Suddenly, they all surrounded him and asked Lin Feng, “Hey, which sect are you from? How dare you come to our dojo and cause trouble? You want to die or what?”

Lin Feng ignored them and said to the Elder in Charge of External Affairs, “You want a big battle, or do we go out and have a normal chat?”

“What do you want? What do you want to talk about?” asked the Elder in Charge of External Affairs.

“Hehe. Why? Because I am strong enough to destroy your face. Yesterday evening, you ran away; do you think you can run away today as well?” Lin Feng said, looking down on him disdainfully. However, as soon as he finished speaking, he sensed an attack coming from behind.

That person was a Cultivation Soldier, his palm strike raised a strong wind. He was the elder’s disciple. Lin Feng had bullied his teacher, so he attacked Lin Feng by surprise.

Lin Feng grunted icily. He also threw a palm strike. Crack! The young man was blown away and crashed into the middle of the crowd.

He was terrified as he coughed up two mouthfuls of black blood and collapsed. He was now unconscious.

The others didn’t dare intervene. The Elder in Charge of External Affairs said, “Lin Feng, you hit a member of the Feng Clan today, and you caused trouble here in our dojo. You think you are strong enough to compete with the Feng Clan?!”

“Stop talking nonsense. I’m going to ask you a question. Who are you and why can you control Shi Guis?” Lin Feng asked.

The Elder in Charge of External Affairs wanted to speak, but there was a loud sound. Lin Feng looked in that direction and was startled; he hadn’t expected Feng Shi Jie to arrive so quickly.

“Lin Feng, remove your hands from the elder!” Feng Shi Jie shouted.

Lin Feng noticed that the people who were with Feng Shi Jie were different from the other time. They were all strong and sturdily-built, and their clothes were different. They were all wearing black trousers and black shirts. They all wore wooden clogs. They had white headbands on which was written MUST WIN.

Hibiscus fighters?

As expected, the Feng Clan was incredible. Lin Feng continued holding the elder’s collar and said, “Feng Shi Jie, you think you can scare me with that?”

Feng Shi Jie smiled ferociously and waved. Someone walked to the gate, closed it, and then locked it from inside.

“Lin Feng, you think you’re one of the greatest fighters in the world and that you are the king of hell, huh? Let’s see how strong you really are.” After that, he waved and the dozen cultivators charged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shouted out, and the Shi Guis came out of his ring and charged them back.

“Lin Feng, don’t get distracted. Leave the Shi Guis to me!” said the Demon Emperor. At the same time, he started chanting a mantra.

The Elder Lin Feng was holding looked surprised and whispered, “Impossible! How can you control my Shi Guis? Who are you? Could it be that you are a demon cultivator too?”

When he said that, Lin Feng asked, “A demon cultivator? Don’t you serve the Ancient Demon?”

The Elder didn’t say anything, Feng Shi Jie shouted explosively, “How shameless, Lin Feng! How dare you say the name of the founder of our clan?! Who are you? Why did you come here to ask us about the founder of our school of thought?”

Lin Feng was stupefied. He had finally heard something about the Ancient Demon!

Lin Feng smiled. “Oh the Ancient Demon is the founder of your clan? So I found the right place. Where is he now? I need to talk to him!”

When Lin Feng said that, Feng Shi Jie was dumbstruck. He finally said mockingly, “Lin Feng, are you retarded? I told you he’s the founder of our group; that was a thousand years ago already. He passed away a long time ago. I’m afraid you’ll never meet him.”

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Had the Ancient Demon really come from Earth to the World of Battles then? Feng Shi Jie didn’t know about that?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng said, “What if I told you that the founder of your school of thought and I were old enemies in the World of Battles? Would you believe me?”

“Hahahahahahaha! As expected, he’s insane! Who would believe it? Why would I believe the bullshit a moron is telling me?” exclaimed Feng Shi Jie.

When Lin Feng saw the Elder was furious, Lin Feng threw him on the ground and put his foot on him, then said, “I can control the Shi Guis, isn’t that surprising?”

Feng Shi Jie and the elder were both muted. Feng Shi Jie waved, and the Shi Guis started moving. Ancestor Mo controlled the Shi Guis to bring them back.

Feng Shi Jie was shocked. He said, “Lin Feng, it seems like I have no choice but to kill you today, you know a little bit too much!”

When he said that, he took out a black ring and put it on his finger, then started chanting a mantra. Black smoke gradually covered his entire body. When Elder Wang saw that, he realized something and gasped with astonishment, “The Ancestor Bone Ring!”

Feng Shi Jie looked like the Ancient Demon. His Qi was extremely powerful. That was the Ancient Demon’s Qi. Lin Feng suddenly looked solemn.

“Lin Feng, you made a huge mistake, hahahahaha! I hadn’t thought you’d come back to the Earth and on top of that would be so impatient. You revealed your identity way too early, so today I’m going to destroy you!” Feng Shi Jie disappeared.

Lin Feng suddenly felt some pain in his back and he was blown away. He crashed into the ceiling five meters up.

Boom! A hole appeared in the ceiling, and Lin Feng bounced off.

Lin Feng coughed blood twice and struggled to get back up. Feng Shi Jie looked at his Ancestor Bone Ring and said, “Lin Feng, it seems like your cultivation has decreased a lot, huh? You’re not the good old first cultivator of the World of Battles, huh?! In the World of Battles, you bullied me a lot, huh? I will make you pay today. I will torture you happily!”

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