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Chapter 1554: Qing Yue Is Captured!


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 After that, he flashed and reappeared in front of Lin Feng again. He reached for Lin Feng and punched him in the chest.

“One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!” Lin Feng shouted explosively. He threw a palm strike; it turned into a shadow and boom!

Lin Feng was blown away again. He crashed on the wall this time and bounced. Lin Feng whispered, “Why? Why can’t I even resist one attack?”

The Ancient Demon was using Feng Shi Jie’s body to torture Lin Feng. He felt overjoyed and said, “Lin Feng, anything to say before dying? Any questions?”

“Are you Feng Shi Jie or the Ancient Demon? Where are Qing Huang Tian and the others?” Lin Feng leaned against the wall.

“Hahahahahahahahaha! I am both! Regarding Qing Huang Tian and the others, I must tell you that, sadly, they’re dead. I killed them a long time ago. All dead! Not only did I kill them, but I’ll also take you to them!” said Feng Shi Jie, laughing like a madman.

When Lin Feng heard that, his eyes became red and he burst into tears. He was furious and devastated, “Ancient Demon, today, I will avenge them and kill your entire family!”

Feng Shi Jie burst into laughter, “I don’t think so. Today is the day of your death!”

Feng Shi Jie charged Lin Feng. Very quickly, when he arrived near Lin Feng, he was suddenly blocked by something. Lin Feng was surrounded by purple lights that looked like bubbles. In any case, they surrounded Lin Feng’s body very quickly.

“Purple Lights Aeon Armor!”

Feng Shi Jie was dumbstruck. At the same time, he threw a palm strike. A gigantic hand imprint shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was blown away again. He bounced off the ceiling and then a wall, then on the floor twice. But this time, he didn’t collapse or cough blood!

With the Purple Lights Aeon Armor, Lin Feng received almost no damage. He stood there and could feel his pure Qi was quickly refilling his meridians. He hadn’t lost his pure Qi, it had just been sealed during the trip to the Earth, and now the seal was broken. He was so happy that he released lots of pure Qi through his dantian.

With pure Qi, Lin Feng’s Purple Lights Aeon Armor was even more resistant and looked even more dazzling. Feng Shi Jie attacked Lin Feng again, and Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “No matter who you are, Feng Shi Jie or the Ancient Demon, today, you’re going to die!”

Lin Feng couldn’t let him live. He had killed Qing Huang Tian, Qian Jin Cai Yue, Lin Zu, and the others after all. Lin Feng shouted, “Imperial Imprint Formula!”

A gigantic imprint appeared; the Sky Destroying Imprint wasn’t the size of a table tennis ball anymore. It was now ten meters tall. It looked gigantic compared to a human. It shot straight towards Feng Shi Jie!

There was an explosion, and blood splashed as the Imprint sent him rolling. He coughed blood. He tried to stop the Imprint and ground his teeth, “Lin Feng, you can’t kill me, the Ancient Demon! Even if you destroy this body, it is just one of my clones, I will still live through my other bodies…”

The Ancient Demon was struggling. His body became smaller. The Sky Destroying Imprint was pressing on him but now, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill him because he had too many questions.

“Ancient Demon, you killed Qing Huang Tian and the others so… where are their bodies?” asked Lin Feng in a trembling voice.

No matter what, he had to face the truth. They were dead and it hurt!

“Hahahahahaha! Lin Feng, you think I would tell you? Never!” said Feng Shi Jie, clenching his fists.

Lin Feng clenched his teeth and pressed on Feng Shi Jie more. Feng Shi Jie fell to his knees. When Lin Feng asked again, Feng Shi Jie said, “Lin Feng, don’t kill me! I am Feng Shi Jie! I am not the Ancient Demon, your enemy. I’ve never killed anyone called Qing Huang Tian or anything…!”

Lin Feng hesitated; his enemy indeed wasn’t the Ancient Demon indeed, but if the Ancient Demon was in Feng Shi Jie’s body…?

“Fucking idiot! Why are you begging him? I, the Ancient Demon, cannot let my descendants beg him!” shouted Feng Shi Jie with the Ancient Demon’s voice again.

“Founder, I don’t want to die. You’re only a spirit, so if you die you have other bodies, but I don’t! I am your descendant, do you want me to die for you?”

“Hahahahaha! Feng Shi Jie, descendants and the same lineage are two different things. If you are my great grandson, then kill Lin Feng! Otherwise, I’ll just let you be destroyed. To me, you’re just a host body!”

When Lin Feng wanted to attack Feng Shi Jie again, Feng Shi Jie suddenly collapsed. Lin Feng hurried and darted over. He saw the ring on Feng Shi Jie’s finger was broken.

Lin Feng was ready for such a scenario. The Ancestor Bone Ring was broken into pieces.

Lin Feng brought the Shi Guis back into his ring. Then he looked at the other people, who were hiding in corners and looking terrified. They were all covered in cold sweat, shaking from head to foot. When Lin Feng saw them, they knelt down and one said, “Lin Feng, please don’t kill me. I haven’t done anything.”

Lin Feng shook his head and called him, he pointed to the ring and asked, “This broken ring, what does it mean?”

Elder Wang said trembling with fear, “I don’t know, either. I am just the Elder in Charge of External Affairs. To be honest, it’s the first time I saw that kind of thing…”

Someone knocked at the door extremely loudly. It was Lu Zhan. Someone opened the door and Lu Zhan came in with other police officers. When Lu Zhan saw Feng Shi Jie lying on the floor, he hastily went to help him get up.

But Feng Shi Jie didn’t wake up. When Lu Zhan saw that, he asked the other police officers to take him away and call an ambulance!

“Lin Feng, wait!” Lin Feng wanted to leave but Lu Zhan stopped him and said, “Lin Feng, you came here to cause trouble. Because of that, the Real Cultivators Association is going to go insane. In the Real Cultivators Association, the Feng Clan is the most powerful clan. You’re going to be in trouble!”

“Oh? Is that so? Where is the Real Cultivators Association? I precisely wanted to see them.”

“Lin Feng, if I were you, I would be very careful. You don’t know how strong the Real Cultivators Association is. You better not offend them!” Lu Zhan said worriedly.

Lin Feng said, “If they want to punish me, what can I do? If they dare come at me to avenge the Feng Clan, I’ll protect myself.”

At that moment, Lin Feng’s phone rang. He answered; it was Liang Zi. Liang Zi was crying, she shouted, “Hurry up and come back! Someone kidnapped Qing Yue and Qing Yi!”

“What? Who?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Qing Yue was a cultivator, so an ordinary person couldn’t kidnap her.

“I don’t know. The people who kidnapped them were extremely strong. They called themselves an association or whatever. They kidnapped Qing Yue and Qing Yi!” Liang Zi kept crying.

Lin Feng frowned and forced himself to keep calm. He said, “Don’t be so worried, I know who they are. I will go and talk to them.”

Then he hung up and said to Lu Zhan, “You heard what happened, right? The Real Cultivators Association kidnapped my friends!”

“It must be a mistake.” said Lu Zhan. He didn’t believe it.

“Nope. You take me to the Association right now, and you help me save my friends.”

“It’s a bit far. The Real Cultivators Association is two hundred li north of the city. We need a few hours to get there and come back,” said Lu Zhan.

“I don’t give a shit how far it is. I’m going anyway. Tell me without wasting time; will you take me there or not?” Lin Feng had no patience anymore.

Lu Zhan didn’t say anything and took Lin Feng to the car. He drove north as fast as he could. They quickly headed outside of the city.


About an hour later, they were in the mountains. The mountain road was narrow and kept winding. In the end, there was no road anymore so Lin Feng and Lu Zhan had to get out of the car and walk.

“Is it much farther? How much longer do we have to walk?” asked Lin Feng impatiently. 

Lu Zhan sighed helplessly, “To be honest, the only time I came here was for the exam for the Cultivation Soldier layer. If I’m not mistaken, we shouldn’t be very far…”

As they continued, the forest became thicker and thicker. Suddenly, they heard a sound and saw black silhouettes flying from tree to tree. A dozen sturdy men appeared in front of Lin Feng and Lu Zhan, blocking the way. 

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