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Chapter 1556: Intimidating and Terrifying Purple Lights Aeon Armor!



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 “Lin Feng, you understood what I said. I am honest and my disciples can’t become friends with whomever. We don’t even know who you are. I’ve been kind enough so far. Don’t push me to the limit. Otherwise…”

She sounded angrier and angrier. Lin Feng couldn’t help but say, “Otherwise what, Elder Dao Hu?”

When Dao Hui heard Lin Feng, she almost choked.

She had been a cultivator for decades. She was an old Master, she had lots of experience, and now a young boy was talking to her as if they were on equal terms, as if they had the same status. “Lin Feng, don’t be too reckless! You’re a little boy, you’re impulsive! Or could it be that you want to challenge me, an old woman, to a duel?”

Everybody stared at them. Some of them seemed like they were gloating over Lin Feng’s misfortune.

Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, “I don’t want to offend you. And if I said anything, nobody in this room could stop me.”

A moment before, Lin Feng had checked everybody in the room. Even though they were all stronger than Lu Zhan, considering their Qi, Lin Feng already had a plan.

Lin Feng knew that if he continued begging this woman, it wouldn’t work. Since she wasn’t flexible at all, no problem, he could be pretty inflexible if he tried.

Besides, he also wanted to know how strong those people really were, especially Leader Feng. He was a great leader in Jiang Nan, so he probably knew a lot about the Ancient Demon.

Lu Zhan warned Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, how could you possibly say such a thing…?”

“Lu Zhan, no need to get involved. I know how to behave.”

“Lin Feng! You’re extremely audacious! I, Dao Hui, will show you how strong Mount Qingcheng is!” After that, the old woman flashed and appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Any ordinary person would have been terrified.

But Lin Feng acted as if she didn’t exist. He just sat there indifferently. Dao Hui was astonished. Suddenly, she grew even angrier and reached out for Lin Feng’s head.

As she stretched out her hand, Lin Feng suddenly slid aside, so Dao Hui’s hand didn’t reach him. She just grabbed… air.

Lin Feng was still seated so everybody gasped in astonishment.

The stone chair actually made one with the ground, so everybody was astonished, it meant that Lin Feng managed to detach it from the ground!

“You really pissed me off! Come here!” shouted Dao Hui. Golden lights appeared and swirled towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng knew Qing Yue was good with throwing stars, so guessed Dao Hui had just used one. He naturally couldn’t waste time.

Boom!  Lin Feng’s body flashed and his Purple Lights Aeon Armor appeared.

Clang clang clang! Dao Hui’s throwing star collided against his armor with sparkles. The throwing star burned, turned into ashes, and fell to the ground.

“Ahhhhhhh! That was my meditation body charm!” shrieked Dao Hui. She had just used a power meditation body charm she had made herself. It was as tough as a diamond.

She had expected Lin Feng to destroy it!

At the same time, the others were all amazed and astonished, “Spiritual Armor! It’s Spiritual Armor!”

“I hadn’t expected such a young man to have the strength of the Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer!”

Everybody stood up and looked at Lin Feng in admiration. Even though those were modern times, cultivators still admired and respected strong cultivators.

How could they continue sitting in front of a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator?

Dao Hui was astonished. She had been a cultivator for decades. She was only a Cultivation Spirit, but the twenty-year old boy in front of her was a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator?!

A Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator could destroy a Cultivation Spirit easily. It would be as easy as crushing an ant!

On Earth, the real Cultivation World, Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators could have a golden dantian, but only Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators and above could have Spiritual Armor!

Lin Feng stood up and looked at them. Of course, he looked at Leader Feng first. Lin Feng looked majestic and dignified.

When he saw Lin Feng was looking at him, Leader Feng nodded hastily and said, “Master Lin Feng, we apologize for our ignorance. I didn’t know you were a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator! Sorry, really sorry!”

Lin Feng didn’t know what a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator was. He was confused, but since they were afraid, it probably meant it was strong!

“Master Dao Hui, I just want to see them. If they’re really safe, I will not get involved in Mount Qingcheng’s affairs ever again,” Lin Feng stated, turning his head.

“Yes, of course. No problem. I can release them now. They can come and see you.” She ran out of the room.

Lin Feng wanted to follow them but Leader Feng said, “Master Lin Feng, may I ask you which Clan you’re from?”

When Lin Feng heard that, he felt annoyed. He was so young, why call him Master?

“Just call me Lin Feng. Don’t call me Master, I am much younger than you! I don’t belong to any sect or school of thought, therefore, you don’t need to ask me about my teacher and the rest,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head.

Leader Feng felt awkward, but he smiled and replied, “Oh, I see. What brings you to Jiang Nan?”

Lin Feng said, “I told you; I just want to know about the Ancient Demon and the Feng Clan’s relationship.”

Leader Feng was covered in sweat. He looked at the others, then walked closer to Lin Feng and said in a low voice, “Let’s walk and talk at the same time.”

Lin Feng didn’t want to cause trouble. He followed Leader Feng, who said, “Actually, the Feng Clan’s founder is the Ancient Demon. It was a long time ago. Nobody knows when exactly. That’s the only connection.”

Lin Feng frowned. He had the feeling there was a problem. When the Ancient Demon had just come back in the World of Battles, he had said it was recent, but the old man said it was a very long time ago?

But Lin Feng thought of an explanation: could it be that the Ancient Demon had had the same issue as him? Had he been transferred to the ancient times on Earth, and then come back?

If that was the case, then how could Lin Feng find clues to his whereabouts?

“So what about Feng Shi Jie’s Ancestor Bone Ring?” Lin Feng asked.

Leader Feng suddenly seemed panic-stricken and muttered to himself irresolutely, “Well, to tell you the truth, it’s all my fault. I raised him poorly. Initially, it was a tool for rituals, but that moron stole it to sell, and now it’s broken…!”

Lin Feng naturally knew how it had broken. It was during his battle against Feng Shi Jie.

But the Ancient Demon had clearly possessed Feng Shi Jie’s body. He had done and said things the same way.

When Leader Feng saw Lin Feng’s gloomy expression, he thought Lin Feng didn’t believe him and explained hastily, “Actually, that ritual item has been passed from generation to generation. Nobody was strong enough to use it. It’s been five hundred years since we last had a Dao Ancestor in the clan…”

“What you mean is that only Dao Ancestors can use it?”

“Yes. It’s a rule imposed by our ancestor. The Ancestor Bone Ring contains the ancestor’s clone. People who aren’t strong enough can’t use it. Sigh… Shi Jie is unconscious now… I’m afraid…” When Leader Feng said that, his eyes became wet.

Feng Shi Jie was in a critical state. Thinking about that, Lin Feng whispered, “It seems like the Ancient Demon is in Feng Shi Jie’s body and is trying to use a body capture technique!”

“What? Body Capture?” When Leader Feng heard Lin Feng, he seemed astonished.

“Yes, when he and I fought, the clone of the Ancient Demon possessed his body…” Lin Feng said pensively.

As he was speaking, he heard a woman cry, “Lin Feng!” He turned his head and saw Qing Yue and Qing Yi. 

Lin Feng asked Qing Yue what was going on. Dao Hui had told him the truth. They were safe here.

“Qing Yue, stop being impolite. How dare you call him by his name? He’s a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator! You should call him Master!” shouted Dao Hui furiously.

Qing Yue pursed her lips, “He’s so young, why would I call him Master?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, little child. We are cultivators. We call people Masters when they are strong, not older. If anyone is stronger than you, you call them Master,” explained Dao Hui.

Lin Feng waved and said, “Enough. I don’t like when people call me Master. I like it when they call me by my name.”

Lin Feng sounded firm and strict, so Dao Hui didn’t dare continue. When she saw Qing Yue and Lin Feng start chatting merrily, she couldn’t help but look vicious and angry. Lin Feng was a cultivator and strong, but what if he said obscene things to Qing Yue and Qing Yi? What if they got too close?

“Qing Yue, Qing Yi, you should practice cultivation with your Master in the future. Your Master is much, much stronger than you!” said Dao Hui. Then she said, “Master Lin Feng, if you have time, you can come to Mount Qingcheng. We could exchange views on cultivation.” 

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