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Chapter 1557: Nian Ling Jiao?


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 Leader Feng was annoyed and looked unhappy. He felt threatened by Lin Feng, a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator. He was a high official in the Feng Clan, how could he accept submitting to Lin Feng? Impossible! When new strong cultivators emerged, the old ones had to act!

It wasn’t an individual problem, it was a problem for the whole clan. He had to think about everyone’s interests. For now, he had no choice but to curry favor with Lin Feng and get him to join their sect!

“Master Lin Feng, let’s go inside and talk. Standing outside is not convenient,” said Leader Feng, interrupting them. 


When they re-entered the building, many people were sitting and talking. They all stood up and nodded at Lin Feng respectfully. Leader Feng then had Lin Feng sit down on the main seat, and just stood near him, his hands joined in his sleeves like a servant.

Usually, if anyone dared sit in front of Leader Feng, their punishment was cruel. It was about social status, power, and influence.

Now a young man nobody knew had shown up, who was a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator. Some people respected Leader Feng for having brought such a strong cultivator here, and some others hated him for currying favor with someone like that.

“Master Lin Feng, I am the leader of the Real Cultivators Association of Jiang Nan. My name is Feng Yin Quan! We are honored by your presence. All those people have cultivation dojos in town. I hope you can give us pieces of advice regarding cultivation in the future…” said Feng Yin Quan respectfully.

Lin Feng nodded at those people. Most of them were wearing modern clothes, but some of them wore strange clothes. Some of them were Buddhist monks, some others were Taoist priests… what a rich variety!

Those people were all extremely strong in their own groups, and they all did their best to remain the best.

“Master Lin, I am Zhu Jin Tai from the Dan Xia Sect in Yun Ling Mountain. As a representative of the Dan Xia Sect, I would like to invite you to come to Yun Ling Mountain when you have time. We have abstruse spiritual stones there. Cultivators love abstruse spiritual stones,” said a forty-year-old Taoist priest who looked quite weak.

“Master Lin, I am the Elder in Charge of External Affairs of the Celestial Sword Sect in Celestial Sword Mountain, Li Ke Chang. We have abstruse iron stones in Celestial Sword Mountain. We use them to make swords. It’s the best material you can ever find for swords!” proclaimed a fifty-year-old man. He looked quite sharp.

They all introduced themselves to Lin Feng and told him about the good things they had. In the end, only a Buddhist monk remained. The Buddhist monk didn’t say anything and frowned.

After everybody finished speaking, he said calmly, “Danapati Lin, I am from the Golden Roof Temple in the western part of Jiang Nan. Even though our temple doesn’t have any special materials, we have mysterious and ancient books. If you are interested, you can pay us a visit and study some of them.”

Everybody looked at Lin Feng in respectful admiration. Everybody curried favor with him except the Buddhist monk, who looked at him neither haughtily nor humbly. Lin Feng couldn’t help but look at him with different eyes.

When he was in the World of Battles, he had been to the Buddhist Mountain of Sadness several times. He had even studied the Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras from the twelve ancient Buddhas. Therefore, he felt close to them.

After the introductions, Feng Yin Quan gave the address of their sect to Lin Feng and bowed, “Master Lin, we have lots of businesses in Jiang Nan. They are the best way to mingle with the rest of modern society. Everything in Jiang Nan is connected to the Feng Clan. It is powerful and influential everywhere in town.”

After that, he took out a black badge and put it on Lin Feng’s table with two hands, then stepped backwards respectfully. He said apologetically, “I wasn’t really ready. Please use this badge for now. When you come back to the Feng Clan, I’ll give you a first class one!”

Lin Feng looked at the badge and frowned. There was a faint thread of Qi on it; it was the Ancient Demon’s Qi.

When Feng Yin Quan did that, everybody came back to their senses. Everybody took out items and put them on the table in front of Lin Feng; a mala, a spiritual stone, and many other things.

“Everybody, I, Lin Feng, may not be able to stay in Jiang Nan for a long time. Everybody is so kind and I feel touched. I am not taking your items, but thank you very much.” Lin Feng stood up and said, “I am sorry for disturbing everybody today. I’m off.”

He headed off with Lu Zhan. 


Feng Yin Quan and the others saw them off to the car. 

 On the way out, Lu Zhan was driving and said, “Lin Feng, I hadn’t thought your cultivation level was so high. You really astonished those people.”

Lu Zhan was excited, but Lin Feng knew that no matter whether he had that level or not, it was a problem. The Purple Lights Aeon Armor wasn’t his. Fu Xi and Dao Yi had given it to him for protection for now, that’s all.

A short time after they left, Lin Feng felt like he was being watched. He came back to his senses and said to Lu Zhan, “Lu Zhan, look at the cars behind us.”

Lu Zhan looked in the rear-view mirror and saw a red car. Behind that red car were three cross-country vehicles that kept changing lanes. The people inside kept shouting something.

Lu Zhan had good senses. He assessed the situation and knew the red car was in danger.

Lu Zhan told Lin Feng to sit properly as he slowed down and stopped on the side to let the red car pass. He came back on the road and cut the off-road vehicles off.

A bald man in the car behind them shouted and cursed, “You fucking want to die! Hurry up and move over!”

Even though Lu Zhan blocked one car, the others overtook him and continued chasing the red car. Lu Zhan accelerated again and chased them.

The cross-country vehicles were quite fast, and the red car couldn’t escape from them. After a short time, one of the cars overtook the red one. When it was at the same level, it pushed the red car to the side. The red car was forced into a farm. The red car was really low, so it slid further and landed in a low ditch between two farms.

Three big men came out of the back of the cross-country vehicles and ran to the red car. A big man grabbed the driver of the red car by his shirt and smashed him to the ground.

At that moment, Lu Zhan arrived. He came out of the car fast and shouted, “Freeze now! I’m a police officer!”

The three men were stupefied. They glanced at each other; one of them said to the two others, “You take him away. I’ll handle this.”

He strode towards Lu Zhan and threw a punch. Lin Feng was stupefied. That person was also a cultivator!

His punch contained real pure Qi. When Lu Zhan and that person’s fists collided, there was an explosion. Lu Zhan and the man were both pushed back two steps. Neither had the advantage.

If those people had all been ordinary gangsters, Lin Feng wouldn’t have felt like getting involved. Lu Zhan could destroy any ordinary person, but now the situation was different. A big cultivator was already fighting against Lu Zhan. If the three other men pitched in, Lu Zhan would be in danger.

“Lin Feng, what are you looking at? Help!” Lu Zhan shouted when he saw that Lin Feng was still standing on the side with folded arms.

At that moment, two men opened the red car and took a woman in white clothes out of it. That women was terrified and kept shouting. She struggled to break free, but in vain. She looked quite fragile, and the two men were too strong.

As the woman was struggling, her hair moved aside and Lin Feng saw half of her face. His hair bristled, he frowned and shouted worriedly, “Nian Ling Jiao?!”

When Lin Feng saw that familiar face, his blood started boiling. He flashed and shouted at the two men explosively, “Let go of her!”

One of them cursed, “You better mind your own fucking business! Who the fuck do you think you are? If you don’t piss off, I’ll cripple your cultivation!”

“I’m not going to repeat it again. Let go of her!” Lin Feng said icily, “Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Brothers, destroy him!”

After that, all the men ran towards Lin Feng, all of them carrying short knives. If they all stabbed him, what would happen? The blades were extremely sharp and those knives had been made to kill. 

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