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Chapter 1558: The Brotherhood Retreats!


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 When those men charged Lin Feng, Lin Feng flashed towards the man who was holding Nian Ling Jiao by the back. He grabbed Nian Ling Jiao by the arm and threw her on his back.

The big man staggered as he looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had already taken her away!

“Motherfucker, how dare you steal her? You want to die!” the man cursed. He took off his two bracelets and charged Lin Feng.

It was like those bracelets had wings as they shot towards Lin Feng’s legs. Lin Feng jumped on the red car. With a crunch, the bracelets pierced through the doors of the car!

The blades were short, but those bracelets were great weapons. After piercing through the doors of the car, the bracelets continued moving and went back to the man’s hands. Thee man threw them at Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to dodge anymore.

He flashed over and grabbed one of them. When the man saw that, he wasn’t surprised; he smiled and said, “Stupid moron. You dared grab my Thunderbolt Gold Bracelet? You’re doomed!”

The man started chanting a mantra. Blue sparkles appeared on the bracelet Lin Feng was holding. The tall and sturdy man started laughing like a madman. “You dared grab my bracelet with your bare hands? Well, nobody can say I am cruel. You just brought about your own destruction!”

But after that, his smile stiffened!

Lin Feng didn’t get electrocuted. On the contrary, he smiled. The blue sparkles surrounded his entire body and flowed throughout his veins. Lin Feng was bathing in lightning!

“Hehe! Poor skills,” Lin Feng commented, smiling and looking down on his opponent. The other bracelet also arrived closer to him. Lin Feng threw the bracelet he was already holding at it, and when they collided, they sparked.

The bracelets broke into pieces!

“Little boy, you want to die! You destroyed my weapons!” The big man’s muscles twitched. He had spent a hundred thousand yuan to buy them at an auction. He hadn’t expected Lin Feng would break them!

Lin Feng jumped off the roof of the car. He walked towards Lu Zhan with Nian Ling Jiao on his back. He opened the car and put Nian Ling Jiao inside.

“Little boy, you think you can leave? You’re going to die here today!” When those people saw Lin Feng wanted to leave, they glared at him ferociously.

Lin Feng didn’t reply after putting her in the car. He didn’t look scared. He got closer to two of the men and grabbed them, then used them as weapons to hit the other men. They all flew around.

When Lu Zhan turned his head around again, all the men were lying on the ground. Lin Feng flashed and back to Lu Zhan, then kicked the last two men into the ditch.

Some men who had fallen before stood back up and surrounded Lin Feng and Lu Zhan. One of them said calmly, “Brother, which gang are you from, and why do you hate our Brotherhood?”

“I am not from any group. I don’t know anything about your Brotherhood. When I saw you bully a woman, I thought I had to intervene. Why did you attack that woman?” asked Lin Feng. Even though he had saved Nian Ling Jiao, he still asked them for information.

The leader of the group bowed hand over fist, “Brother, that woman owes us money, but doesn’t pay!”

Lu Zhan said, “Do you think we’re stupid? You think you can threaten and attack people when they owe you money?”

When Lin Feng heard that, he asked curiously, “Why does she owe you money? And how much money?”

The tall and sturdy man looked hesitant. He looked kinder though so he said, “Brother, her clan actually owes us money, a few billion yuan. Do you think we should capture her now or not?”

Lu Zhan swallowed. Billions? What? No wonder they had to resort to violence!

When the tall and sturdy man saw Lin Feng and Lu Zhan’s expressions, he bowed hand over fist and said, “Brothers, just hand her over, it doesn’t matter. We’ll thank you with a huge sum of money. Is a million enough?”

“Are you trying to bribe us?” Lin Feng asked icily.

“Brother, it’s a principle on the path of cultivation. It’s not a bribe, it’s a sign of our friendship! If you think one million is not enough, then I can add another million,” replied the man, smiling but feeling slightly offended.

When Lu Zhan heard that, he pointed at the big man and said, “Stop! Even if you pay us, we won’t hand her over. If there are tensions between you, you can go to a lawyer and sue her. You can’t resort to violence to solve issues.”

The big man’s smile stiffened. He suddenly felt furious. Fucking moron, two million aren’t enough? Fucking moronic cop! He’ll be a fucking loser his entire life!, thought the man.

At that moment, Nian Ling Jiao came back to her senses. She had been terrified a moment before, so when she came back to her senses, she hammered at the window of the car and shouted loudly. She kept calling for help.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting any more time. He said, “I am not interested in money. We want the girl. I know her and she is my friend. Lu Zhan, you take her away. Leave them to me,” Lin Feng said.

Lu Zhan was surprised, but he trusted Lin Feng and knew Lin Feng was strong. Lu Zhan got in the car and stepped on the gas. The men looked furious. Their hostage was gone? If they went back without her, they would be punished.

“Hand her over!” shouted the leader of the group. Lin Feng smiled icily and took out his black sword. He slowly walked towards the men.

They didn’t even have time to react before Lin Feng was attacking with his sword. He didn’t attack them, he burst their tires. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng sliced through the tires of their three cars.

“No need to get tired. I will tell you one thing: I can kill you very easily, but I don’t want to kill you today. Stop courting death. If you don’t want to submit, come to the Feng Clan in Jiang Nan to see me. I’ll be waiting for you there.” After that Lin Feng ran to the car, which had stopped some distance away and got inside.

Lu Zhan accelerated. Nian Ling Jiao kept crying. Lin Feng said, “Nian Ling Jiao, don’t be afraid. It’s me, Lin Feng. Do you remember me?”

Lin Feng was amnesic when he first arrived on Earth. Nian Ling Jiao looked at him with her eyes wide open and said in a trembling voice, “Who are you? I don’t know you! Let me go!”

Lu Zhan said, “Lin Feng, stop scaring her. When we arrive at the station, we can make a report.”

The few men were infuriated. With their flat tires, they were stuck. Actually, they wouldn’t have dared chase Lin Feng any longer, even if they didn’t have flat tires. When Lin Feng had taken out his black sword, they had understood he was dangerous. He was much stronger than they were!

The leader of the group called his superior and said, “Big brother, someone from the Feng Clan hijacked our hostage!”

“What? You are fucking pieces of trash! So many men together and you didn’t manage to kidnap a woman?” The man on the line was furious, then asked, “You said it was the Feng Clan?”

“Yes. He was extremely strong. He said he was from the Feng Clan, and he also had a strange ring…”

“Fucking hell, the Feng Clan again… They think Jiang Nan is their fucking territory?” After a few seconds, the man muttered to himself irresolutely, “You’re not coming back. First go to Jiang Nan and investigate. This is an opportunity I’m giving you. If you make a mistake again, I can’t promise I’ll be able to ensure your safety!”


 Lu Zhan drove to the normal police station because it was an ordinary case, not part of the Special Operation Department’s activities. He went to the station where Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan were.

After entering the station, Su Xiao Nuan boiled some water and then gave Nian Ling Jiao a cup of hot water. After a cup of hot water, Nian Ling Jiao calmed down. Lin Feng asked, “Nian Ling Jiao, I am Lin Feng. Don’t you remember me?”

Nian Ling Jiao looked at him absentmindedly and shook her head, “I don’t know you. Really. Stop asking me that question!”

Su Xiao Nuan came closer and took Lin Feng aside, “Lin Feng, what are you doing? If you want to have sex with girls, go elsewhere to find them, not in a police station!”

Lin Feng also pushed Lin Feng aside and said, “What’s wrong with you? We saved her while we were on our way and now, you keep saying she’s your friend, but she doesn’t know you and seems annoyed by your questions! Are you upset or something?”

How could Lin Feng justify his behavior? It was beyond justification. If he said they had come from the World of Battles together, Lu Zhan would probably bring him to a psychiatric ward! 

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