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Chapter 1560: The Origin of Nian Ling Jiao’s Sickness!


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 Lu Zhan had been standing on the side silently the whole time, but at that moment he called Lin Feng and took him to his office. He asked, “Lin Feng, do you really know Nian Ling Jiao?”

Lin Feng nodded and said solemnly, “Am I the kind of person who likes joking? She knows me too, but she’s lost her memories.”

When Lu Zhan saw Lin Feng’s solemn expression, he decided to believe him since Lin Feng didn’t really like joking. “Two days ago, I told you about a special mission. It’s actually in Linhai. You can come with me.”

Since Qi Xiao Hua looked down on him, Lin Feng could go to Linhai and investigate himself. He wanted to get rid of the Brotherhood’s threat, so Nian Ling Jiao would be safe.

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “So when do we go to Linhai?”

“In three days, but we can leave earlier. We can leave tomorrow if you want, what do you think?”


Two people entered the office again. Nian Ling Jiao’s father was done with the forms. He was talking to Zhang Dui. Lin Feng listened because it was about Nian Ling Jiao.

“Mister Zhang, your daughter seems confused. Her mental health doesn’t seem great. When I asked her for her name, she had forgotten it. I hope you will do your best to have her healed,” Zhang Dui said to Zhang De Sheng.

Zhang De Sheng frowned and nodded, “Sigh… She wasn’t like that before. Last year, she started university, but after two months, she had an accident. They went on an excursion with the university and a meteorite fell on her head. It might just be the shock? From then on, she started being weird. She cries and causes trouble all the time. She also keeps saying her real family name is Nian and not Zhang! In the end, she escaped from the house…”

When Zhang De Sheng mentioned the meteorite, Lin Feng was astonished. He quickly walked over and asked, “Mister Zhang, where did the accident with the meteorite occur and where is the meteorite?”

Zhang De Sheng looked at Lin Feng curiously and asked, “What? Do you collect meteorites or what?”

“No. I’m trying to understand what really happened. Were there other people there when it happened? insisted Lin Feng.

“Indeed. There were a few people with her. One of them even got injured!”

“Who? And do they have mental health issues now too?” Lin Feng asked quickly.

When Zhang De Sheng heard Lin Feng ask about mental health, he looked glum. Even though he knew his daughter had mental health issues, he didn’t want other people to talk about his daughter like that!

“Little boy, my daughter doesn’t have mental health issues. It’s just a shock. I don’t know about the other person or where the meteorite is. I heard the Bureau of Astronomy took it away. That’s all I know.” replied Zhang De Sheng.

When Zhang Dui saw Lin Feng felt awkward, he decided to help out. “Mister Zhang, luckily, Mister Lin Feng was there this time. If he hadn’t intervened in a timely manner, your daughter would have been kidnapped.”

Zhang De Sheng also realized he had gone too far. Lin Feng had saved his daughter, after all. He was a benefactor! Zhang De Sheng forced himself to smile and said to Lin Feng, “Mister Lin Feng, thank you very much. I never thank people when they don’t deserve it, but I feel really grateful this time. Say a number.”

Zhang De Sheng was straightforward. He was a businessman; he was used to using money for everything.

Even though Lin Feng looked brilliant and promising and sounded eloquent and educated, he was dressed like a poor man. Zhang De Sheng thought using money to thank him was a good thing.

“Heh! I don’t lack money,” Lin Feng replied indifferently.

Zhang De Sheng was already thinking, one hundred thousand? He had offered one million on the missing person notice so…

Nian Ling Jiao had been gone for a month already. Zhang De Sheng had posted missing person notices everywhere, promising one million for the person who would find his daughter. He couldn’t help but think a hundred thousand was more than enough for his daughter.

Zhang De Sheng thought a hundred thousand would suffice because Lin Feng was a tramp and he had probably never seen the missing person notices!

He was a businessman too, so he calculated all the time. Since Lin Feng had said he didn’t need money, he could give less.

Even when someone found a lost pet, they usually wanted money and asked for a few hundred or thousand. Zhang De Sheng almost felt guilty when Lin Feng said he didn’t want money.

“Mister Lin Feng, three hundred thousand yuan. You can buy a flat in Jiang Nan with that amount of money,” offered Zhang De Sheng, watching Lin Feng’s expression.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, so he was disappointed. He looked neither happy nor excited, as if it was nothing.

Zhang Dui looked at him in admiration. Three hundred thousand were an ordinary person’s entire lifetime savings, not just a small salary. Lin Feng earned twenty-five hundred these days!

However, Lin Feng didn’t seem interested. If anyone else had seen that, they would have thought he was insane.

“Mister Zhang, I told you I don’t need money. Your daughter is my friend, after all. Saving a friend in need is something anyone would do, and without asking their relatives for money. Use that money to pay the Brotherhood back instead. It would be better for your daughter.” Lin Feng mentioned the Brotherhood on purpose.

As expected, Zhang De Sheng looked stupefied and remained silent. Zhang Dui asked, “Mister Zhang, I’d like to ask you, how do you end up owing someone billions of yuan?”

Zhang De Sheng sighed and shook his head. “It’s a very long story.”

Zhang De Sheng told them that a year before, an evil group had formed in Linhai and called themselves the Brotherhood. They scammed people, robbed shops, and robbed people. Zhang De Sheng was one of the wealthiest people in Linhai, so those people had cast greedy eyes on his wealth, naturally.

He was also a gambler and he liked underground gambling. He hadn’t thought many people knew that.

The Brotherhood controlled the underground casino where he played. All the members in the casino were members of the Brotherhood, so they had finally found an opportunity. Zhang De Sheng had lost five million at first.

Back then, it wasn’t too much, Zhang De Sheng could pay that. But the problem was Zhang De Sheng’s wife. She was afraid and didn’t dare take cash out of the company, and the Brotherhood members were not very patient.

It became worse.

It had turned into a free fall. Each day where they didn’t pay, the Brotherhood made the price rise with interest, so the five million had turned into billions.

When Zhang Dui heard Zhang De Sheng’s story, he was astonished. Solving that issue wouldn’t be easy because there were illegal things involved, like the underground casino!

“Mister Zhang, what is the Brotherhood?” asked Lin Feng. 

Zhang De Sheng shook his head, “Nobody knows, but they are extremely powerful in Linhai. Nobody dares offend them.”

Lin Feng understood. They didn’t actually owe the money!

Qi Xiao Hua and Nian Ling Jiao came over. They looked at Lin Feng and Lu Zhang and she said to Zhang De Sheng, “What are you doing wasting time here? Let’s go!”

Zhang De Sheng smiled wryly and said, “See you.”

Nian Ling Jiao looked normal again. She looked at Lin Feng and blushed. Then she came over, stretched out her hand and said, “Thank you.”

Lin Feng shook hands with her. Qi Xiao Hua pulled on Nian Ling Jiao’s clothes and said, “Little Jiao, let’s hurry up and go. It’s late.”

Lin Feng felt awkward when Nian Ling Jiao left. After they left, Lu Zhan sighed and said, “How despicable! We saved her and she humiliates us!”

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