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Chapter 1561: Please Become the Chairman of the Board!


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 Zhang Dui sighed and said, “Officer Lu, don’t be angry. That’s how our modern society is. There are many things which can be frustrating when you do good things. Just like us; we’re police officers and some people insult sometimes. People always have a reason to complain!”

They remained pensive for half a day. Lin Feng was lost in thought, annoyed because he wondered how he would be able to find information about the Brotherhood’s background.

“Lin Feng, you’re really weird,” whispered Su Xiao Nuan, coming over.

Lin Feng asked curiously, “Am I? Why?”

“I heard everything the man said. He took the initiative to offer you three hundred thousand yuan to thank you, and you refused. Are you not interested in money? Or are you…  secretly so rich that you don’t need more money?” asked Su Xiao Nuan, frowning.

When she said that, both Zhang Dui and Lu Zhan turned around. Lu Zhan tapped Lin Feng’s shoulder and said jokingly, “Lin Feng, I hadn’t thought you were an extremely wealthy gentleman!”

Lin Feng sighed helplessly and pointed to his clothes, “Stop making fun of me. Do I look like I’m rich?”

“Hehehe! Who knows? Huaxia is going through peaceful and prosperous times. There are many wealthy people in the country. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Dressing simply is also a way of protecting oneself from potential robbers. Besides, really rich people usually wear simple t-shirts and loose pants, so I’m sure you very rich.”

Lu Zhan and Su Xiao Nuan made fun of Lin Feng. Zhang Dui couldn’t help but say, “Su Xiao Nuan, can you stop saying such things? People are free to live the way they want. Don’t make reckless remarks about other people. Even if Lin Feng were secretly rich, so what? In any case, you must show him respect.”

Su Xiao Nuan nodded and said, “Alright, so anyway, we investigated, but the vehicles all left, so I’m afraid the case will remained unsolved. Finding them will be impossible.”

When Lin Feng and Lu Zhan came out, it was already 3-4PM. They agreed to meet the next day at 8 AM. Lin Feng headed back to the Jinjiang Residential District.


As soon as he entered the Residential District, Da Liu stopped him. Lin Feng was startled because he hadn’t seen Da Liu for an entire day and now… Da Liu had a black eye!

“What happened, Da Liu? Did you fight with someone?” asked Lin Feng, trying not to laugh.

Had Da Liu offended anyone? He looked miserable.

“Lin Feng! Don’t make fun of me! It’s your fault!” said Da Liu angrily.

Lin Feng didn’t understand and asked, “What do you mean? I wasn’t in the Residential District today. How could I have done that to you?”

Da Liu touched his swollen eye and said, “Wei San is still on the property. Not only did he hit me, but he also beat up my brother-in-law…”

When Da Liu said that, Lin Feng frowned and ground his teeth, “Fucking hell, that fucking son of a bitch! I’ll make that fucking bitch eat shit. I can’t believe he came to me to warn me about Brother Lang last time, and he even promised he would never cause trouble in the Residential District again. Today, I’m not here, and he starts again!”

After that, Lin Feng went straight to the real estate office. Da Liu followed him closely and explained while walking, “Lin Feng, he came to cause trouble because you were fired. He wanted to force my brother-in-law to hire you again. He also asked for your salary to be multiplied tenfold…”

“Ah? Are you serious?” asked Lin Feng curiously. He smiled on the inside. Wei San was bold!

Da Liu’s brother-in-law was Manager Zhang. The latter wasn’t a very nice man. Only people like Wei San could train someone like Manager Zhang. Lin Feng couldn’t help but say, “Good. Your brother-in-law deserved it. He actually deserves a good spanking, too!”

Da Liu nodded in embarrassment, “Yes. I used to have a neutral opinion about him, but not anymore. He’s been sleeping around with more and more women recently, and he threatened my older sister to get a divorce. He deserves to get beaten up, indeed!”

Lin Feng smiled, “Sigh, but you didn’t deserve a black eye. Did you stand on your brother-in-law’s side?”

Da Liu said helplessly, “I’m just unlucky to be his brother-in-law. When Wei San came, he didn’t say anything and he started beating me up!”


When they arrived in front of the real estate office, Lin Feng immediately noticed a fight had happened. The glass door was smashed to smithereens. The place was a mess.

When they entered the building, ten men with crew cuts were sitting on the couch. They all sat with their legs crossed and one foot in the air.

Lin Feng glanced around and saw Manager Zhang, Vice Manager Li, and a few other people. They were all covered in mud and dust. Some of them had black eyes, some others were purple, and they all looked miserable.

When Lin Feng entered the room, he saw Wei San. The latter was smoking a cigarette. He glanced at Lin Feng and stood up hastily, “Lin Feng, where were you? We’ve been waiting for such a long time!”

Everybody stood up and shouted in unison, “Hello, Brother Lin!”

They all seemed well trained. Lin Feng felt a bit awkward. It was like he had been made emperor.

“Wei San, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” asked Lin Feng, pretending he didn’t know.

“Brother Lin Feng, I did this to help you. Yesterday, I heard for the first time that you had been fired. I thought, what the fuck? How did they dare fire my buddy, my brother! I had no choice but to come and teach these bitches a good lesson!” proclaimed Wei San, currying favor with Lin Feng.

Manager Zhang didn’t look as arrogant as usual. He nodded and looked at Lin Feng imploringly, “Lin Feng, I was wrong, I should have never fired you. Please come back to work tomorrow…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wei San slapped his face and cursed him, “Have you turned into a complete fucktard or what?! What did you call him?! We all call him Brother Lin and you called him Lin Feng! You don’t give Brother Lin face?!”

Manager Zhang nearly collapsed. Actually, Lin Feng didn’t care what Manager Zhang called him!

“Brother Lin, Brother Lin! I’m sorry! Please come back to work tomorrow. I’m really, really sorry. I will pay you in a few days and I will compensate you for the possible financial losses you may have incurred after getting fired.”

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He wasn’t a guard anymore. He didn’t intend to come back and work as a guard again. He had a peaceful and tranquil life now.

Wei San asked Manager Zhang grimly, “What kind of job are you going to give Brother Lin then?”

“He could be a team leader…”

Pa! Wei San slapped his face again! Wei San really thought Manager Zhang was a good-for-nothing. Wei San said angrily, “Are you amnesic or what? A team leader?”

Manager Zhang understood that trying to negotiate with Wei San was dangerous. Manager Zhang mumbled, “Brother San, what position do you think would be suitable for Brother Lin?”

Since he had said something wrong at first, he wisely deferred now. Wei San smiled, “I think it would be fair if Brother Lin became Chairman of the Board. What do you think, Brother Lin?”

Lin Feng nearly burst into laughter. Wei San was insane. In the real estate company, all the members were investors. Lin Feng had never invested any money in the company, how could he become Chairman of the Board? Everybody would think it was ridiculous.

But Lin Feng hadn’t thought that Manager Zhang and Vice Manager Li would say at the same time, “Alright, alright! We don’t mind, Brother San. Brother Lin can become Chairman of the Board!”

Lin Feng was dumbstruck but he waved and said, “Enough! Wei San, stop pestering them. I’m not going to work as a guard again, and I’m definitely not going to become Chairman of the Board. Besides, I already have a new job.”

When Wei San heard that, not only didn’t he let Manager Zhang and the others off but on top of that, he slapped Manager Zhang again and cursed, “You need a good spanking, fucking asshole! Because of you, Brother Lin left! Even if Brother Lin doesn’t work here anymore, he’s still the new Chairman of the Board, is that clear?!”

Manager Zhang hastily said, “Brother Lin, please agree to become our Chairman of the Board. We’ll do our best to support you…”

“Wei San, stop stirring up trouble. If someone who’s never invested any money in a company became Chairman of the Board, it would be ridiculous. Would you submit to your boss if he had never done anything to become the leader?” Sighing, Lin Feng pushed Manager Zhang away from Wei San.

“Why don’t you agree? You’re our brother! Right, brothers?” shouted Wei San loudly.

“Indeed! He’s our Brother Lin! Big Brother Lin!” shouted everybody in unison. Their voices made the windows and the floor shake! 

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