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Chapter 1562: Real Cultivators Association’s Internal Conflict!


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 Manager Zhang shouted extremely loudly, “Brother Lin, please stop trying to find excuses. After you were electrocuted, the real estate agency didn’t give you any money. You must get a compensation, just consider the money as an investment in the company. That way, you can become our Chairman of the Board…”

Wei San tapped Manager Zhang’s head like he was a dog and said, “Hehehe! Good, Manager Zhang! You’re a good little boy. You learn quickly. If you had done that earlier, I wouldn’t have needed to hit you!”

Manager Zhang hastily said, “Brother Lin, you accept, right?…”

Lin Feng almost burst into laughter. The situation was simply too ridiculous. He still had to go to Linhai city with Lu Zhan tomorrow. He initially intended to come back and rest. He didn’t have time to waste with them. So he said to Wei San and Manager Zhang straightforwardly, “Enough is enough. Regarding the position as the Chairman of the Board, I accept for now. Regarding the compensation…”

“Lin Feng, as long as you accept, it’s fine. I’ll talk to them about the compensation!” said Wei San, volunteering to help.

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly, “Alright, alright. Anyway, I’m going to have a rest now, but remember, you have to stop fighting!”

After that, Lin Feng turned around and walked away. He was happy inside. He didn’t really care about what these people thought, as he didn’t intend to get involved. Regarding the title of Chairman of the Board, it was nothing but a title, who cared about what he thought? 

Lin Feng walked towards his own building. When he arrived in front of the building, he saw Liang Zi, Meng Jing, and Zhang Juan. They were gossiping in front of the building.

“Hey, what you up to?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“Hey! You’re back! Where were you all day? Many people were looking for you?” asked Liang Zi, preventing Lin Feng from entering the building.

Meng Jing who was standing behind said, “Lin Feng, what do you want to do? How come you know so many strange people? Qing Yue and some people came here and they’re in your apartment!”

When she said that, Lin Feng ran past her and rushed over to the sixth floor. He could hear some people speaking inside. When he arrived inside, he was dumbstruck. There were people everywhere, on the couch, on the chairs, everywhere! And Lin Feng knew them all!

Lin Feng didn’t have time to speak when an old man shouted, “Master Lin! You’re back!”

Then, someone took a chair and brought it to Lin Feng like he was a god. Lin Feng shouted explosively, “Silence!”

Everybody calmed down. Lin Feng stood up and said, “We’re not in the temple of the Real Cultivators Association! Why are you here?”

Those people were the elders of the Real Cultivators Association of Jiang Nan! After Lin Feng had left, they had been worried and had a bad feeling. They had been cultivators for a long time and they had never seen a cultivator of the Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer able to condense a spiritual armor!

When Lin Feng arrived, they looked enthusiastic.

Before today, those people had never seen such a strong cultivator. They looked at Lin Feng like he were a god, chanting mantras silently in their head. They all had the same idea; they couldn’t let Lin Feng go. They had to find him!

Lin Feng hadn’t left any clues though, so they had asked Qing Yue and Qing Yi, and then rushed over to his flat.

When they heard Lin Feng, Elder Zhu Jin Tai from the Dan Xia Sect said, “Master Lin, we were looking for you. You are an extraordinary cultivator. Strong cultivators have been respected since the ancient times.”

Elder Li Ke Chang from the Celestial Sword Sect chimed in, “Master Lin, we came to tell you that we support you. The Feng Clan has been putting pressure on our sects and clans for many years. We are all members of the Real Cultivators Association, but actually, we are just stepping stones for the Feng Clan.”

Everybody else confirmed what Li Ke Chang had just said.

Lin Feng understood that the Real Cultivators Association was actually an underground auction house and that they controlled the spiritual stones of Jiang Nan, ancient artifacts, spiritual medicine, and so on. When an influential group wanted to trade something with them, they had to give sixty percent to the Feng Clan!

It was very difficult for everybody to make money. They had to give almost everything to the Feng Clan and they ended up with almost nothing left.

Some sects had tried to confront and resist the Feng Clan. A few years before, some clans had formed an alliance and tried to put pressure on the Feng Clan. In the end, it had turned out to be a complete failure.

Nobody really knew what had happened back then because after leaving the Feng Clan’s courtyard, they had all gone mad.

From then on, many sects and clans had started retreating from Jiang Nan. Those who couldn’t leave submitted and joined the Real Cultivators Association.

These people had secretly come to Lin Feng to beg him for help. Of course, in ordinary times, they wouldn’t have dared, but since Lin Feng had come to the Real Cultivators Association, the leader of the Real Cultivators Association, Feng Yin Quan, had a bad feeling and didn’t feel like continuing with the Real Cultivators Association.

He had gone back to the headquarters of the Feng Clan and had reported what had happened to the higher members of the Feng Clan.

Before that, his nephew, Feng Shi Jie, had had tensions with Lin Feng several times. Lin Feng had also asked many questions about their founder, the Ancient Demon, and apparently there had been tensions between them… so Lin Feng was an enemy!

So, after Feng Yin Quan had left, those people had decided to come and beg Lin Feng for help.

“Master Lin, you have to help us, please. The Feng Clan has been bullying us for such a long time!” said Dao Hui when she saw Lin Feng didn’t say anything.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and waved, “Do I have anything to do with your stories?”

“Master Lin, you can’t abandon us. What do you need? You need people to help you? You need money? We can give you anything. Just save us please.”

“Indeed! Master Lin, please think about it. The Feng Clan has been ruling over Jiang Nan for decades. Nobody dares confront them, but you did! So now they’re probably going to do their best to get rid of you! You should be ready at all times.”

Lin Feng understood that Feng Yin Quan had lied. He didn’t want to be friends with him. He just wanted to sell him out.

“What do you mean? You want me to go to the Feng Clan and challenge them all by myself?” asked Lin Feng grinning mockingly.

Lin Feng wasn’t stupid. He didn’t intend to serve as cannon fodder for other people. Only a moron would do that! When the reward wasn’t attractive enough, Lin Feng didn’t want to help other people.

“It’s not what we mean! We can make a new association, and you can be our leader. That way, we’ll be able to resist the Feng Clan!” proposed Zhu Jin Tai.

Lin Feng nodded. How easy! That was a very good outcome. If he wanted to become more powerful in Jiang Nan, he needed to have good foundations to gain influence.

At the beginning, Lin Feng had thought of relying on Wei San and his gang, but now things had changed. The members of those cultivation sects and clans were strong cultivators, not losers like Wei San.

“Are your respective groups able to compete with the Feng Clan in terms of strength?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

Zhu Jin Tai replied immediately, “Master Lin, we are just here as representatives. Actually, there are over ten other sects and clans, but they haven’t sent anyone. They told us that if Master Lin accepted, they would agree and be part of it.”

“Oh,” Lin Feng smiled. “Alright, I accept. But don’t tell anyone for the time being. I’m leaving Jiang Nan tomorrow for a few days. When I come back, we’ll talk about everything in more detail,” Lin Feng said. He stood up and walked towards his bedroom.

But after a few steps, Lin Feng suddenly thought of something and stopped. He asked, “Has anyone of you ever heard of a certain Brotherhood?”

Someone immediately answered, “I have. They’ve been rising for two years now. Their cultivation style is really weird, and their methods are fierce and brutal. I’ve heard that they have caused heavy damage in neighboring cities all around us.”

“Who are they?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

This time, nobody said anything. The one who had just talked sighed helplessly and said, “We don’t see them often. The Brotherhood and the Feng Clan are rival groups. The Brotherhood wants to take control of Jiang Nan. We’re like the Feng Clan’s servants, so why would we ever have to bump into members of the Brotherhood?”

Lin Feng was disappointed, “Alright, you can leave now. Don’t let Feng Yin Quan know about what happened today.”

After that, he saw everybody off except Dao Hui and Qing Yi. Dao Hui made Qing Yi and Qing Yue come closer to Lin Feng. She said in a meaningful way, “Master Lin, I’m going back to Mount Qingcheng tomorrow. Qing Yue and Qing Yi can follow you. They want to see the outside world.”

Lin Feng looked at her curiously, but he didn’t say anything. Qing Yue and Qing Yi wanted to see the outside world, but they had to live in their own flat because he didn’t want them to intervene in his affairs. 

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