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Chapter 1563: Trip To Linhai!


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 After seeing Dao Hui off, Qing Yue and Qing Yi looked normal again. They walked towards Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, are you really that strong? Our teacher says you have the strength of the Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator and that you can condense a Spiritual Armor. Show us!”

When Lin Feng had displayed his strength in the Real Cultivators Association, Qing Yue and Qing Yi had been imprisoned, so they hadn’t seen anything. They wanted to see it now.

Regarding their request, Lin Feng sighed helplessly, “I’m tired today. Another day. Besides, I could use my Spiritual Armor only once, so now I’ll never be able to condense it ever again.”

Lin Feng lied and Qing Yue believed him, so she was very disappointed.

“Lin Feng, I guess you haven’t had dinner yet. Let’s go over to our place for food. We bought a big fish, so we’re going to have it with a spicy sauce and some grilled vegetables,” said Liang Zi.

When she mentioned food, Lin Feng suddenly felt extremely hungry. He was leaving tomorrow, so why not stuff himself and enjoy some food this evening?

When Lin Feng was in the World of Battles, with his strength and cultivation level, he didn’t need to eat food. On Earth, he had no choice; when in Rome, do as the Romans do! If he didn’t eat anything, people would be surprised and scared.

Lin Feng was in a mortal’s body now. He had to eat! 


Liang Zi was a pretty good cook. Her fish was delicious, especially the broth in which she cooked it. Lin Feng stuffed himself.

“Lin Feng, where are you going tomorrow?” asked Qing Yue.

“Linhai. Have you ever heard of it?”

“Never heard of it. Is it far?” asked Qing Yue.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to reply when Liang Zi said, “Linhai? Meng Jing, Zhang Juan, and I are all from Linhai! Awesome, we wanted to go home. Great, we can do the trip together tomorrow.”

Lin Feng hadn’t thought they would want to go with him. If he were alone, he wouldn’t mind, but he was going with Lu Zhan, so he had to ask first.

He called Lu Zhan and asked permission. Lu Zhan agreed happily. Lin Feng then told Liang Zi and the others.

“Lin Feng, we also want to go to Linhai with you and have fun!” exclaimed Qing Yue and Qing Yi.

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly, “Why would you come? They’re going home. Where would YOU go? Could it be that you want to stay in my hotel? I don’t think so. Be good girls and stay home. I’m coming back in two days.”


After a few explanations, Qing Yue decided he was right. Not going was better.

The next day, Liang Zi and the others woke Lin Feng up early in the morning so that they could have breakfast together in the Residential District. After breakfast, they came out of the Residential District and saw Lu Zhan’s car. It drove over to them. Lu Zhan opened the window and greeted everybody.

Lin Feng sat down on the passenger’s seat. The three girls sat in back. When they got in, Lin Feng said, “You’re very punctual. I was going to call you.”

Lu Zhan smiled, “Actually, I arrived much earlier. I was chatting with Da Liu and the others for a few hours. Da Liu told me about what happened with Wei San. He caused trouble again, huh?”

Since Da Liu had told Lu Zhan everything, Lin Feng confirmed. Lu Zhan found that funny and laughed. Lin Feng was satisfied and smiled, “Wei San likes to cause trouble. He got angry and beat Manager Zhang up because he fired me. He even forced them to make me their new Chairman of the Board…”

Lu Zhan smiled, “Not bad, little boy! You surprisingly obtained ten percent of the shares of the company and became Chairman of the Board. You, little boy, are going to be rich!”

“Ten percent of shares? Da Liu told you?” asked Lin Feng incredulously.

“Indeed. Da Liu told me. He also said he is now your employee, so he admires you a lot. You can now get your revenge for what those people did to you in the past,” said Lu Zhan, amused.

Lin Feng had almost forgotten that Da Liu used to be a bully. It was something that had happened before Lin Feng had come back to the Earth. Since he had come back, he had taught Da Liu and the others a good lesson, and now they respected him.

In the past, Lin Feng wanted to be even harsher, but since what had happened with Wei San, when he had saved them, Da Liu and the others had changed and now respected him a lot. They considered him their good comrade!

Liang Zi and the others started whispering when they heard Lin Feng and Lu Zhan’s conversation. Lu Zhan asked them, “You three are all from Linhai?”

“Yes” they said in unison. Liang Zi said, “We all live in Shui Yi Fang Residential District. It’s on Dong Bin street.”


Linhai wasn’t very far from Jiang Nan. It took them less than two hours to drive there from Jiang Nan. Lu Zhan seemed to know Linhai quite well. He quickly found the Shui Yi Fang Residential District.

After Liang Zi and the others left the car, Lu Zhan politely refused to go to their place for tea. Lu Zhan and Lin Feng then drove to the real city center. Lin Feng looked around; the buildings were gigantic. It was about as developed as Jiang Nan.

Suddenly, Lin Feng noticed a huge crowd, and people wearing clothes that drew Lin Feng’s attention. He said hastily, “Lu Zhan, look at those people. Are they members of the Brotherhood?”

Lu Zhan decelerated and looked at the crowd. He said, “Yes, I think so. Even if they’re not, they don’t seem like good people.”

As he said that, the crowd was gathered at the entrance of a supermarket. Then, they started throwing the clients out and some of them even took out baseball bats and knives.

Lin Feng was convinced that those people were the people Zhang De Sheng had mentioned.

But Lu Zhan and Lin Feng naturally couldn’t waste their time there. The local police officers had to do their job. Lin Feng and Lu Zhan continued driving. Soon enough, Lu Zhan stopped in front of a hotel.

After getting out of the car, Lin Feng and Lu Zhan went straight to the second floor. Lu Zhan had already booked a room. There were two simple beds in the room. After putting their things in the room, Lu Zhan said, “You can have a rest in the room first. I have something to do first.”

Lu Zhan was there on a mission, so Lin Feng didn’t ask him what he had to do. Lin Feng didn’t wait for Lu Zhan in the room; it was the first time he had been in Linhai, so he didn’t intend to stay inside. He wanted to have a walk around the hotel and see what the city looked like.

As soon as he came out, he saw the crowd of people he had seen before. They were coming towards the hotel. They walked and shouted at the same time, scaring the pedestrians around.

When they arrived in front of the hotel, two of them walked to the front and looked at Lin Feng who was standing on the flight of stairs. One of them said arrogantly, “You little cock-sucking son of a bitch. Can’t you see we’re here to get our money? If you don’t want us to cut your balls, you better piss off!”

Lin Feng smiled. Interesting people. When those people saw Lin Feng smile, some of them took out their baseball bats. The two people walked towards him and bumped into him violently when they walked past.

“Come, brothers!” The rest of the group followed them.

When they walked away, Lin Feng followed them discreetly. He had come to Linhai to learn more about the Brotherhood. It was a perfect opportunity.

After that, they walked south, picking up money from different shops on the street. They didn’t need to use their knives or bats. People gave them money as soon as they saw them.

Lin Feng was thinking that following them the way he did was stupid. Where would he follow them to like that? Then he saw another group of them. After both groups gathered, they headed  to a large commercial building.

Lin Feng studied the large building. It was thirty floors high, and entirely made of glass. It looked extremely modern. Lin Feng frowned when he saw the signboard: De Sheng Commercial Building!

De Sheng Commercial Building? Could it be that it was Zhang De Sheng’s property? Wasn’t that where Nian Ling Jiao lived?

As Lin Feng was thinking, those people started breaking car windows.

The leader of the group was holding a mobile phone and shouting extremely loudly, “Zhang De Sheng, you fucking son of a bitch! Come down from the building. You have ten minutes! If we don’t see you in ten minutes, we’ll come to you!”

Lin Feng was stupefied. These people wanted to cause trouble for Zhang De Sheng. Lin Feng pretended to be a random pedestrian wondering what was happening. After five minutes, Zhang De Sheng came out. He was running and seemed panic-stricken.

Lin Feng took advantage of that opportunity to come to the front.

“Fifth Brother, I already handed in the money I collected this month…” Zhang De Sheng gave a cigarette to Fifth Brother and nodded.

“Fucking hell, are you a fucking retard or what? What did Brother Cheng say? We don’t give a shit about the money this time, we want the girl. Hand the girl over, or don’t blame us for being impolite,” said the Fifth Brother, spitting the smoke of his cigarette at Zhang De Sheng.

“Fifth Brother, my daughter is so young, how could I give my little baby to someone who means her harm? Please…” said Zhang De Sheng. “Brother Cheng has money and influence. He can have any woman. Why would he necessarily want our Ling Jiao…?”

When the Fifth Brother heard that, he kicked Zhang De Sheng, who staggered back. The Fifth Brother then added, “Fucking hell, so you’re not going to give me or Brother Cheng face? Brother Cheng likes your daughter, you should feel fucking honored. Why the fuck are you trying to decline with all sorts of lame excuses?”


Translation of the Author’s Note: Lin Feng’s strength will slowly come back. For the time being, he just doesn’t have everything yet. Don’t worry! 

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