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Chapter 1564: A Lackey!


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 When he kicked Zhang De Sheng, the latter staggered and nearly fell down but a few young men jumped and caught him. Zhang De Sheng smiled and said, “I know Ling Jiao is lucky that Brother Cheng likes her, but you can’t force her. This is something two people should decide together, not something that should be decided unilaterally.”

Zhang De Sheng infuriated Lin Feng. If it weren’t because of Nian Ling Jiao, Lin Feng wouldn’t give a shit. This guy wasn’t a real man, he was a piece of shit. He didn’t deserve any compassion. He was being bullied, and it was his own fault!

“Let me tell you one thing. it’s the last opportunity I will give you today. Brother Cheng gave an order. If you don’t tell us where your daughter is hiding today, we’ll destroy this building. You think you can hide anywhere? You think you can hide and wait for someone to save you?” said the Fifth Brother, using his bat to tap Zhang De Sheng’s face.

As Lin Feng was watching, someone suddenly noticed him. He cursed in a low voice, “What are you looking at motherfucker? Piss off!”

Lin Feng glanced at him, but decided to ignore him. He walked over to Zhang De Sheng and the Fifth Brother.

Zhang De Sheng looked at Lin Feng curiously and asked, “Lin Feng, what are you doing here?!”

“Hehe, I came to see Ling Jiao,” Lin Feng said smiling indifferently. 

 Zhang De Sheng looked at him curiously and asked, “You’re with them?”

Lin Feng was even more annoyed. Not only did he think that Zhang De Sheng was a pathetic coward, but on top of that he seemed to be retarded. He thought Lin Feng was a member of the Brotherhood?

Fifth Brother raised his eyebrows and pointed at Lin Feng with his baseball bat, “Who the fuck are you? How dare you say you’re here to see my sister-in- law?! You’re sick of living, it seems!”

Lin Feng pretended to be afraid, he ran towards Zhang De Sheng and said, “Mister Zhang, please go back inside. I’ll talk to them.”

But Zhang De Sheng didn’t feel like leaving, he whispered, “Lin Feng, stop stirring up trouble. You can’t afford to offend them. If you hadn’t saved Ling Jiao last time and beat them up, they wouldn’t want my daughter now.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he wasn’t too surprised. Even Qi Xiao Hua had said the same.

But when Fifth Brother heard that, he realized something and took some steps back. He pointed at Lin Feng with his baseball bat and said, “Where are you from? Stop trying to mess in the affairs of the Brotherhood! Otherwise, don’t blame me for using my bat!”

“Hehe, Brother Cheng doesn’t come himself and he sends ineffective morons instead. How shameless. I’ll tell you who I am: my name is Lin Feng! I am Miss Ling Jiao’s boyfriend! So, am I qualified to get involved in all this?” Lin Feng said, smiling and looking down on them. He looked perfectly confident.

“Lin Feng… Don’t infuriate them… Ling Jiao has never had a boyfriend. Why are you saying such an insane thing?” said Zhang De Sheng, trying to ruin Lin Feng’s plan.

Lin Feng looked at Zhang De Sheng icily.

When Zhang De Sheng saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold expression, he shook from head to toe, feeling like his soul had been stabbed. He shuddered with fear; he had no choice but to shut up!

Lin Feng said, “If you don’t piss off, I’ll crush you along with them.”

This time, Zhang De Sheng turned around and ran away , but stopped at the entrance of the building to watch. He was panicking. Was Lin Feng there to help or to harm them? Or was Lin Feng just another pervert who had fallen in love with his daughter?

When Lin Feng saw Zhang De Sheng had finally left, he wasn’t afraid of hurting him anymore. He turned his around and said to Fifth Brother, “Tell Brother Cheng, that coward, that Ling Jiao has a boyfriend and that her boyfriend is younger and more handsome than him. Tell him he can’t afford to offend her boyfriend. Tell him to forget about her. It’s better not to cause trouble.”

Lin Feng sounded indifferent but it infuriated them even more. He had called Brother Cheng a coward?

“Fuck your mother! How dare you insult Brother Cheng?! I’m going to crush you, little bitch!” Fifth Brother attacked Lin Feng with his baseball bat.

Lin Feng didn’t need to dodge. He could use his Purple Lights Aeon Armor or even release pure Qi to bombard Fifth Brother away, but Lin Feng didn’t do any of that.

There were many people around them. If he used his powers, those people would be terrified. They would talk about it to everybody and it would have a significant impact on society and public order. It would be poles apart from his original intention.

Besides, if he used his divine powers against such useless scumbags, he would feel ashamed. It would come down to humiliating himself!

Lin Feng knew how he was going to deal with those scumbags. They liked to bully the weak and feared the strong, huh?

The baseball bat swung at Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng pretended to be afraid and leaned aside. Fifth Brother’s baseball bat ended up hitting nothing but air. When he lifted his bat again, Lin Feng was already on his side and threw a punch. He used his Aggressive Punch on Fifth Brother’s ribs.

Lin Feng used his energies internally. From outside, nobody could see them. He could cause internal injuries too like that. Fifth Brother howled and was blown three steps away. His baseball bat flew away and ended up in Lin Feng’s hand.

Lin Feng threw the baseball bat at Fifth Brother’s feet with a clatter

The other members of the Brotherhood all charged Lin Feng after he beat their leader up. “AWESOME!” shouted Lin Feng. It felt like a game!

They were extremely weak and slow. Lin Feng looked like an evil wolf in the middle of a flock of sheep. The enemies all ran around him chaotically.

Over ten people collapsed. Lin Feng aimed at their arms or legs, hitting their joints. They would be lying in bed for at least six months.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t crush them all. He let half of them leave. That way, they would also be able to bring their friends back.

Those people were terrified. Lin Feng didn’t wait for them to react, and attacked again. More people started crying in agony and collapsed.

These people finally understood Lin Feng was really aggressive. They couldn’t compete with him at all. Even a hundred people couldn’t stop Lin Feng!

Some people wanted to run away, but Lin Feng wasn’t done playing.

Lin Feng kicked and punched away the baseball bats of those who were running away and then hit their joints. Then he took their baseball bats and continued fighting. In less than three minutes, over a hundred people were lying on the ground.

The strange thing is that those people’s faces were not bleeding at all, only their joints were hurt. It was like they were dogs and Lin Feng had broken their spines. They kept crying in agony.

Lin Feng played around with a baseball bat as he came back to Fifth Brother. Fifth Brother was still lying on the ground, not trying to get back on his feet. Lin Feng grabbed his hair, which was tied in a bun, and pulled his head up. He said, “So? Are you going to believe me now or not? You’re too weak to compete with me!”

Fifth Brother was afraid. He kept nodding unceasingly, “I believe you! I believe you! You’re fucking awesome…”

“Alright. So now, you and these pieces of trash, piece off! Stop causing trouble here!” After that, he didn’t look at Fifth Brother again. Fifth Brother was scared to death. Lin Feng turned around and walked towards the building.

Zhang De Sheng had seen everything. He was astonished and scared. He had never thought Lin Feng would be so strong. He had injured over a hundred people all by himself! He had only seen such things in movies!

He even started wondering if the whole thing wasn’t a prank for the internet. It seemed too incredible to be true.

Lin Feng was walking towards him, so he felt a bit scared. He remembered when Lin Feng had told him to piss off. Zhang De Sheng had cold sweats thinking about that.

“Lin Feng… You… You…” Zhang De Sheng didn’t know what to say.

“What about me? You probably believe me now. I told you I wanted to help you, but you didn’t believe I was strong. I just used simple tricks a moment ago, but the most important thing is that I taught them a good lesson,” Lin Feng replied indifferently.

Even though Zhang De Sheng was still afraid of Lin Feng, he believed him. On the inside, he was even more scared because he understood how strong the Brotherhood was, and Lin Feng had just fought against some of the weakest members of the Brotherhood. Really strong members of the Brotherhood rarely showed up in public.

“Where is Nian Ling Jiao, Mister Zhang?” asked Lin Feng.

Zhang De Sheng said hesitantly, “My daughter is in the building. She’s with her mom…”

“Oh.” Lin Feng said. He actually just wanted to check if Zhang De Sheng would be honest with him because he had already noticed Qi Xiao Hua at the window of the tenth floor. She had seen everything and was astonished too. 


Up on the tenth floor, Qi Xiao Hua’s mouth was wide open.

Lin Feng had defeated over a hundred people and it had seemed so easy. He seemed so relaxed. He wasn’t even out of breath. And the way he moved… It looked like gods in movies; he seemed so agile, it was like he was floating above the ground when he moved during battle. How mysterious and marvelous!

Lin Feng… Who is he? Could it be that he really knows Ling Jiao?, thought Qi Xiao Hua. She turned her head around and looked at Nian Ling Jiao, who was sound asleep. Qi Xiao Hua didn’t know what to think! 

 The members of the Brotherhood were far away already. The atmosphere calmed down again. Lin Feng knew that in the future, he would face even bigger challenges, but he was excited and couldn’t wait! 

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