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Chapter 1565: Brother Cheng Finally Shows Up!


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 Lin Feng was excited, not about the future enemies who would come for him, but about going to the Brotherhood’s nest to destroy everything.

“Mister Zhang, tell Madame Qi to stop looking at us from the tenth floor’s window. Tell her to hurry up and find a safe place where she can bring Nian Ling Jiao. More enemies will come in the future,” Lin Feng told Zhang De Sheng.

“Ah.” said Zhang De Sheng. He looked at Lin Feng curiously. How come Lin Feng knew Qi Xiao Hua and Nian Ling Jiao were on the tenth floor? How come he knew Qi Xiao Hua was looking at them? It seemed like Lin Feng was absolutely sure.

Zhang De Sheng called Qi Xiao Hua. Very quickly, Qi Xiao Hua and Nian Ling Jiao came down from the building. Nian Ling Jiao looked exhausted. She had just woken up.

“Lin Feng…” shouted Nian Ling Jiao when she noticed Lin Feng. Zhang De Sheng and Qi Xiao Hua looked at Nian Ling Jiao curiously. Nian Ling Jiao pushed her mother’s arm away and ran towards Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s heart started pounding. Finally, Nian Ling Jiao recognized him. She had retrieved her memories!

If she had regained her memories, it meant she could tell Lin Feng everything she had been through. He might be able to find Qing Huang Tian and the others that way. It would be really helpful!

“Nian Ling Jiao!” Lin Feng said. He was touched and took her in his arms.

But Nian Ling Jiao blushed and pushed him away, “Thank you for saving me the other day…”

Zhang De Sheng and Qi Xiao Hua who were coming closer to ask him a few questions stopped. Lin Feng looked at Nian Ling Jiao curiously, “That’s all you want to tell me?”

“Uhhh? What else?”

“Could it be that you still don’t recognize me? Have you retrieved your memories? Do you remember the World of Battles? Do you remember the Lord of Profound Heaven’s World? Do you remember your ancestor Ancestor Tai? Do you remember the Region of the Eight Corners…?” Lin Feng asked.

He mentioned everything which had to do with Nian Ling Jiao, trying to make her memories come back faster. However, Nian Ling Jiao still looked confused and absent-minded.

“Lin Feng, what is the World of Battles? Is it a game? And who’s my Ancestor Tai?” asked Nian Ling Jiao, frowning. She seemed utterly confused.

Lin Feng wanted to explain everything to her, but Qi Xiao Hua and Zhang De Sheng came closer and pulled Nian Ling Jiao behind them. They seemed alarmed and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, please stop telling our daughter such strange things. She doesn’t play video games!”

They sounded angry. Lin Feng blushed and looked at Nian Ling Jiao, then waved and said, “Alright, so, hurry up and bring her to a safe place. If you continue waiting, it’ll be too late!”

At that moment, dozens of people showed up. They were all holding bags of different sizes. Lin Feng frowned. They were all big men. They didn’t look like guards, they looked like bodyguards. What did these people want?

The leader of the group was a charming young man. He walked over to Nian Ling Jiao and said in a melodic voice, “Ling Jiao, are you cold? Put this poncho on.”

He then pulled up a yellow cape lined with goose feathers. She looked happy and smiled. Then she cuddled up to him.

Lin Feng felt furious. Who the hell was this man?

But now he had no time to waste. He said, “What the hell are you doing? It’s not the time to hug and kiss! Hurry up and leave! Don’t carry so many things!”

Zhang De Sheng reacted. Qi Xiao Hua and Nian Ling Jiao went inside their car. The young man who had put a cape on her shoulders said, “Who are you, and how dare you talk to Uncle Zhang that way?”

He sounded very unfriendly. Zhang De Sheng hastily explained, “He’s Ling Jiao’s friend. He came to help us!” Then he introduced the man to Lin Feng, “He’s Nian Ling Jiao’s fiancé, Zuo Bin.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but look dumbstruck. Nian Ling Jiao had a fiancé?

But they were in a rush, so Lin Feng couldn’t spend too much time on the issue. He said to Zhang De Sheng, “Hurry up and run! It’ll be too late if you don’t leave now!”

As soon as he said that, over ten vehicles arrived on the public square of the large building. Lin Feng hadn’t expected them to arrive so quickly.

When he saw those vehicles, he realized there were a lot of people, and they all looked fierce and overbearing.

Lin Feng didn’t really spare a glance for those people. He stared at a car in the middle of them. It was a SUV, like the other day. The car’s doors didn’t open. However, Lin Feng could sense pure Qi emerging from the car.

The doors of the car finally opened, and three people came out. The one who came out of the back of the car had long hair hanging to his shoulders. He was wearing pitch-black sunglasses. He looked like a perfect main character for a book!

He looked at Lin Feng and took his sunglasses off. He started wiping the glasses of his sunglasses and walked forwards. He stopped about ten meters away from the entrance and said without raising his head, “Who dared attack my people?”

He looked proud and aggressive, which made Lin Feng angry. He replied, “Me!”

“Hehe, you? Do you know who I am? How dare you attack my people? Little boy, you think you’re a good fighter?” said the man looking Lin Feng up and down.

“He’s Brother Cheng, Guo Zhan Cheng…” Zhang De Sheng warned in a low voice.

“Zhang De Sheng, since you know me, why aren’t you a good little boy? I’m nice to you, but you keep being rude. You even recruited a little boy to resist me. It seems like you’re getting more and more confused over time,” said Guo Zhan Cheng, taking two more steps forwards.

“Brother Cheng, that’s not that I meant, I…”

“Enough. I’m sick of hearing your fucking bullshit. Since you are a fucking traitor and keep lying to me, fine, we’re not talking anymore!” said Guo Zhan Cheng, interrupting Zhang De Sheng. He turned his attention to Lin Feng and said, “I’ve heard that you are a cultivator ,too. You seem very young. Why did you decide to walk this dangerous path?”

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Mind your own business, will you? Since you’re here, we don’t need to waste time and talk shit. You want to speak? Let’s use our strength to speak!”

“Yo! You seemed like an arrogant little fucker, huh? But I like mad people. How much did the Zhang Clan give you? I can give you ten times more. What do you think?” He wasn’t angry at what Lin Feng had said. He was used to negotiating, it seemed!

Making people join your side by paying them was the best and easiest way. No enemy could refuse such a proposition.

“Hehe, is that so? I’m afraid you can’t buy me. I want morality and justice, do you have such people in your group?” Lin Feng replied sarcastically.

“Hahahahahahaha! Morality and justice! It’s the funniest joke I’ve heard in a while. It’s the first time someone talked to me about morality and justice, hahahaha! Hu Zim, tell him what morality and justice are!” he said, laughing and looking at a tall young man next to him.

The man didn’t reply. He took two steps forwards and wiggled his forefinger at Lin Feng, then cursed, “Little fucker, you want to play with the big boys, huh? Come here, I will teach you!”

The man flashed. He was seven meters away from Lin Feng. Lin Feng had gotten ready. As soon as the man moved, Lin Feng used his One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave. He opened his hand and threw a palm strike.

A very strong wind started blowing. Hu Zi shouted explosively, “Good!”

His silhouette flashed. Pure Qi emerged from his palms and slammed towards Lin Feng. The two threads of pure Qi sparkled. There was an explosion, and invisible and intangible energies rolled in waves around them!

The building started shaking violently, and many windows broke into a thousand pieces!

It was even scarier than an explosion. Hu Zi attacked Lin Feng again after that.

Lin Feng closed his hand and threw a punch at Hu Zi’s palm strike.

Hu Zi accelerated, but Lin Feng’s Aggressive Punch reached him and Hu Zi was blown over ten meters away, screaming in pain.

When he landed, his left arm was hanging loosely. He was covered in cold sweat and ground his teeth, “What a powerful punching technique!”

He was extremely strong. He had been severely injured, but he hadn’t collapsed.

Guo Zhan Cheng was astonished when he saw Lin Feng’s punch. He looked at Lin Feng and wondered if he had made an error in judgement. This person’s pure Qi seemed so weak. He was a beginner cultivator at most, but now he had injured Hu Zi, a Cultivation Spirit!

Another big man’s eyes became bloodshot. Hu Zi was his brother. When he saw his little brother get crushed, he ran towards Lin Feng. “You want to die, little boy!”

Lin Feng looked at that person’s Qi. His Qi was more powerful than Hu Zi’s Qi. His body was surrounded by blue Qi, but it wasn’t that pure.

Lin Feng had used only a tiny little bit of pure Qi against Hu Zi because he didn’t want people to notice anything, but this time, he had to forget that principle.

He had no choice when fighting against these gangsters. Some people would see his powers sooner or later.

Lin Feng got closer and threw a palm strike. It turned into an invisible and intangible palm imprint. That person suddenly felt great pressure. He tried to move forwards, but he couldn’t anymore.

He could barely breathe, like he was being crushed. Oh no!, he thought.

But it was too late already. Lin Feng added a little bit more Qi and the palm imprint suddenly released pure Qi, sending him flying. He crashed on the roof of one of their cars! 

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  1. TheLegend27 June 7, 2020 at 9:01 am - Reply

    The power balancing is so broken. Lin feng keeps using his sky rising wave like its a normal basic attack.
    It’s a godly skill that’s used to be able to over power some of the strongest gods in the universe like earthly godly ancestors but now it’s been reduced to that of a basic attack against thugs and gangsters.
    A majestic all powerful skill should be used for detrimental situations not every single cultivation fight because that will bring down the value and power of that supposed powerful almighty skill.
    Lin fengs black locus was a devastating attacked that he only used for desperate situations and that’s how you build a relationship between the powerful skill and the readers as when he uses his black flame locus we know it’s a powerful skill that’s not overused for every fight. The sky rising waves respect and power have been reduced so much it’s being used on thugs and gangsters. Imagine cultivating for so long and using some of your most powerful attacks against thugs like didnt lin feng say he doesn’t want to use all of his cultivation power against thugs? He’s lin feng the fearless hero who loves fighting against all odds not the “Im gonna use my most powerful godly skill every single fight, person”
    Yeah he’s lost his cultivation but he’s LIN FENG the guy who won against an opponent who was 4 stages higher.
    Ruining the story making these so called “godly skills” so weak in front of weak cultivators

    • Joke June 7, 2020 at 12:22 pm - Reply

      What black flame locus? Locus or lotus? Do you mean a black flame lotus while he use when he and zhuang ling yun his adoptive son while he in jun hall before running? If it what u mean then u are very likely wrong, because that’s not skill but an item. Well for what he use like a skill, like godly skill i think that in pmg 2 not much skill he have like before in pmg 1, beside like what u said he keeps using that godly skill sometimes but i think he use to a cultivator, for like gangster not cultivator he use like aggresive punch. Based on skill he have from pmg 1, for that lowly cultivator i think he should using that skill he have from pmg 1

  2. TheLegend27 June 7, 2020 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Yeah I meant the black flame lotus where he condensed all of his Qi into it. But what i’m just saying is that he should use other skills because rn it’s like he only has like what 2-3 attacks? For a god he should have way more attacks

  3. mockingj June 10, 2020 at 1:03 am - Reply

    I believe his Godly Tao skills are so weak in Earth because of very thin pure Qi in comparison when using it in cultivation world.

    • TheLegend27 June 15, 2020 at 10:47 am - Reply

      Yes Earth doesn’t have a lot of pure Qi but It’s a godly skill. A skill that a literal god uses

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