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Chapter 1566: Piss Off From Linhai!


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 There was an explosion. The roof of the car collapsed and a hole appeared in its roof. The car slid over ten meters away and rolled over onto the public square.

All this had happened in the blink of an eye, so nobody understood what happened. It was already over.

People couldn’t help but cry out in fear.

However, nobody noticed that in the crowd, someone narrowed their eyes.

“What a pure Qi! Who the hell is he? He is so strong!” whispered that person.

Lin Feng took his hand back and looked at Guo Zhan Cheng, “Guo Zhan Cheng, your people are too weak. They can’t even withstand a single attack from me. You should choose someone else. You brought so many weaklings.”

Guo Zhan Cheng couldn’t keep calm. He clenched his fists and shouted explosively, “Bastard! You think nobody can defeat you? I’m going to kill you, you little bitch!”

Guo Zhan Cheng charged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t flinch, and also moved forwards. Even though they were engaging in close combat, they both used pure Qi, so their fists were surrounded by pure Qi.

Guo Zhan Cheng was much stronger than the previous guy. At least, he didn’t lose in one punch against Lin Feng. He was just pushed back three steps.

What a powerful pure Qi! Guo Zhan Cheng couldn’t help but swallow!

Lin Feng wasn’t pushed back by his punch. He looked normal, while Guo Zhan Cheng had been pushed back three steps. The ground had cracked under his feet!

He actually didn’t use all his Qi, only seventy percent The most important thing was that he had hidden some poison in his Qi.

Guo Zhan Cheng had learned the Poisonous Dragon Needle Punching Technique from his teacher, so he had accumulated some snake poison in his body for that attack. When he used the poison, people usually died in less than one minute.

Ordinary people usually thought that punch was the reason for death. Therefore, people had given him a nickname: Iron Fist! The Brotherhood needed people like him.

When he fought against people from Linhai, they all ended up in the same way, poisoned! He was convinced that Lin Feng would also die because of the poison.

Lin Feng could feel that something wrong was happening inside his body. Some strange Qi was flowing through his body in the wrong direction.

Lin Feng checked his meridians and saw some black poison Qi in his veins. Some necroses started appearing on his veins.

“Poison!” Lin Feng realized he was in danger. He hastily condensed pure Qi in his dantian and blocked the black snake poison.

The two sorts of Qi intertwined. The veins on Lin Feng’s arms kept pulsating. People who weren’t cultivators just saw his arms twitching.

With a splurt, the black Qi emerged from Lin Feng’s palm and disappeared without leaving a trace.

“Hehe. Guo Zhan Cheng, you know how to use poison, huh? You tried to poison me?” Lin Feng removed the Qi from his body, looking amused.

Guo Zhan Cheng’s expression fell. He hadn’t expected his poison to fail. Lin Feng had completely removed the poison from his system?

“Hmph! Stop talking shit! All is fair in war!” shouted Guo Zhan Cheng. He threw another punch. This time, his punch turned into a punch shadow in midair. It looked like a small blue ball, containing blue and purple poison Qi.

Lin Feng was losing patience. He threw a palm strike, condensing his Aggressive Punch and One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave attacks in his palm. Energies emerged and rolled in waves, making the ground shake. Lin Feng’s energies pushed the punch away and back at Guo Zhan Cheng.

Black Qi emerged from Guo Zhan Cheng’s entire body. He wanted to condense all his energies in his fist to attack, but now he understood that he really didn’t stand a single chance.

Boom! The wind from Lin Feng’s palm struck Guo Zhan Cheng and pushed him far away. He crashed into the destroyed car. This time, Guo Zhan Cheng coughed up black blood.

Even though Guo Zhan Cheng coughed up blood and was injured, he controlled himself. He came back out of the car, grinding his teeth. He said to Lin Feng indifferently, “Where are you from, little boy? Will you dare tell us who your allies are, or not?”

When people asked him that, Lin Feng used to say nothing, so people had the feeling he often acted without justification.

“You’re not qualified to ask me that question after your servant lost!” Lin Feng said, wiping his hands like he was cleaning dust off his hands.

Guo Zhan Cheng didn’t intend to surrender. He had come there as a leader. He was supposed to be on the frontline and defeat their enemies. If he flinched, his superiors wouldn’t forgive him. The consequences would be too dreadful to contemplate.

He was determined to risk his life to win this fight. He had to destroy Lin Feng. If one person alone couldn’t defeat him, they could join hands!

He raised his fist and shouted, “Everybody help me!”

A tide of people charged Lin Feng. Zhang De Sheng and the others were still in the great hall of the building. When they saw that, they screamed in terror.

However, Lin Feng stood there motionless, then raised his left hand slightly. Suddenly, Guo Zhan Cheng’s people started exploding.

Nobody understood what was going on. Suddenly, dozens of Shi Guis appeared in the middle of the crowd.  When those Shi Guis appeared, they looked at the men greedily and started fighting.

When the thousand people saw the Shi Guis, they retreated quickly. The Shi Guis stretched out their hands and reached for people all around them, catching them and throwing them around like mere bags!

This time, the situation was amusing. Guo Zhan Cheng’s people looked like arrows streaking across the sky in all directions.

After two minutes, those people were all unable to fight. They ran away like rabbits chased by dogs!

Those men were really Guo Zhan Cheng’s people, they had all been recruited after arriving in Linhai. In the past, Guo Zhan Cheng had bought them food and drink on a daily basis, but now that they had seen Guo Zhan Cheng get crushed, they didn’t know what to think.

They all ran away. Only seven people were still standing, and eight were lying on the ground.

When the crowd understood what was going on, Lin Feng put his Shi Guis back in his ring. It seemed like there was an internal conflict between Guo Zhan Cheng’s people…

Guo Zhan Cheng was shocked when he saw his servants act like that. He was disappointed too. He had no hope anymore.

“Lin Feng, remember me. You offended the Brotherhood, so you will never be safe!” said Guo Zhan Cheng ferociously. He turned around and wanted to leave.

“Slowly!” Lin Feng said.

“What do you want now?” asked Guo Zhan Cheng in fear.

“You think you’re at home here? You think you can come and leave as you wish?” asked Lin Feng, grinning mockingly, “Where are the Brotherhood’s headquarters? I spared your life today. Otherwise, you’d be dead already.”

The reason why Lin Feng didn’t kill him wasn’t that he was merciful. He understood that he wasn’t in the World of Battles. There were rules in this world. Even though murders were common, killers couldn’t kill their victims in the middle of the day in front of everybody.

Guo Zhan Cheng was annoyed. He was an insignificant leader in the Brotherhood, and he didn’t know where the Brotherhood’s headquarters were.

Only his boss knew that, but even if he knew, he would never tell Lin Feng!

If he knew and told Lin Feng, his corpse would end up in the sea and fish would nibble his decomposing dead body slowly…

“Hehe, Lin Feng, I admit you are stronger than me. I am also ready to submit, but asking me such a question? Forget it,” Guo Zhan Cheng answered stubbornly.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He walked towards Guo Zhan Cheng. Guo Zhan Cheng retreated in terror. Lin Feng said, “You don’t have to tell me as long as you’re strong enough!”

Guo Zhan Cheng just saw Lin Feng’s silhouette flicker. A millisecond later, Lin Feng was holding him by the upper arm, and squeezed. Guo Zhan Cheng felt his bones crack. It was extremely painful!

“Will you speak or not?”

“I… You can kill me!” said Guo Zhan Cheng, grinding his teeth. He couldn’t speak. If he spoke, he would die for sure, but his associates would also kill his entire family.

The members of the Brotherhood hated traitors!

Lin Feng squeezed on Guo Zhan Cheng’s upper arm with even more strength. It was insufferably painful so Guo Zhan Cheng finally said in a trembling voice, “I’ll speak… I’ll speak… It’s… It’s on Ye Ren Island…”

At that moment, a car suddenly stopped in the distance. Lu Zhan came out and ran towards Lin Feng, asking, “Lin Feng, what happened?”

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