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Chapter 1567: Mysterious Ye Ren Island!


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 Lu Zhan frowned when he saw Guo Zhan Cheng, “Lin Feng, I told you not to come out and cause trouble? How come you attacked people again?”

Lin Feng smiled, “They attacked first. I just protected myself. It’s alright. They’re not severely injured.”

After that, he said, “Aren’t you going to fuck off now?! I’m telling you, from now on, you better not come back to Linhai ever again. If I ever see you here again, the consequences will be terrible for you!”

Guo Zhan Cheng and his people ran away and disappeared. Lin Feng turned around and went to the great hall. Zhang De Sheng was shaking from head to toe. Lin Feng asked, “Mister Zhang, do you know anything about Ye Ren Island?”

Zhang De Sheng remained silent. Lu Zhan was astonished and couldn’t help but intervene, “Lin Feng, how do you know about Ye Ren Island?”

When Lin Feng saw Lu Zhan seemed surprised, he asked, “What’s wrong? Do you know about it too?”

Lu Zhan nodded, “Let’s go back to the hotel first. This time, I came here because of Ye Ren Island!”

When Zhang De Sheng heard Lu Zhan, he said hastily, “Don’t go! If you leave, what’s going to happen to us? The Brotherhood will send more people! What’s going to happen to us?“

Zuo Bin had remained silent the whole time, but now said, “Uncle, don’t be afraid. I can protect Ling Jiao. I can also call some friends…”

Zhang De Sheng looked at Zuo Bin icily. A moment before, when Lin Feng had fought against Guo Zhan Cheng, Zuo Bin hadn’t moved at all. Zhang De Sheng didn’t trust him anymore.

Zuo Bin looked embarrassed. He didn’t say anything, but he glanced at Lin Feng angrily.

Initially, Lin Feng didn’t feel like saying anything, but when he saw that, he said to Zhang De Sheng, “Mister Zhang, if you really care about your daughter’s safety, then let her leave Linhai for the time being.”

“To go where?”

“You can send her to Jinjiang Residential District in Jiang Nan. Guard Da Liu will bring her to Qing Yue,” Lin Feng said. Even though Zhang De Sheng didn’t know who Qing Yue was, he nodded hastily.

He had no other choice. Apart from Lin Feng, nobody else could help him!

“Remember, don’t bring anyone else.” Lin Feng said. Zhang De Sheng was stupefied, but nodded.

When the three members of the family got in the car and got ready to leave, Zuo Bin said, “Uncle Zhang, can I really not come?”

“Zuo Bin, you stay here with Auntie Qi. Help her with the business. I’ll be back soon!” said Zhang De Sheng. He stepped on the gas and left.

Qi Xiao Hua was stupefied. She watched the car leave and frowned. Zhang De Sheng hadn’t even told her where he was going, and it was all because of Lin Feng!

She was worried. It was difficult to trust Lin Feng. She knew nothing about him, after all. He was just a stranger! 


 Lin Feng said goodbye to Qi Xiao Hua and went back to the hotel with Lu Zhan. On the way back, Lu Zhan told Lin Feng a few things about Ye Ren Island. Lin Feng was captivated.

“Ye Ren Island appeared two years ago after a seaquake. The maritime police went to check but no matter how great their speed was, they couldn’t reach the island!” Lu Zhan said mysteriously.

“Oh? What do you mean?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Let’s put it this way… that island is like a mirage. You can see it, but you can’t touch it, let alone get on it! But if it were a mirage, it would disappear sometimes, right? High officials have been very concerned with that issue, and now many people come to see that oddity.”

Lin Feng frowned. Lu Zhan explained the situation from a scientific perspective, but Lin Feng was lost in thought. Could it be that it was an illusion?

In other words, an isolated world? Otherwise, how could it be floating there all the time? 

When they arrived back at the hotel, Lu Zhan tidied up and they left again. They took a taxi to the eastern harbor of the city. An hour later, they arrived.

When Lin Feng got out of the car, he was astonished by the view. There were many green tents and many soldiers were patrolling. They looked nervous, like a war was about to start!

“Lu Zhan, what are those soldiers doing here?” Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask.

“They are here for preemptive reasons. Ye Ren Island has already attracted the attention of high-ranking officials. Anyway, let’s stop talking about this. Let’s go in! Take this,” he said, handing a document to Lin Feng. “It’s your pass. I had it made especially for you. Don’t lose it. If you lose it, you’re not allowed to be in this military zone!” Lu Zhan said.

Lin Feng smiled helplessly. So many rules… It was like they needed a pass each time they needed to do something or go somewhere. If Lin Feng really wanted to get in, would he need to get these people’s authorization?

Lin Feng had recovered his pure Qi. If he wanted, he could use his pure Qi to fly, but he just didn’t want to scare these poor people.

Of course, that’s what Lin Feng was thinking. For the time being, he couldn’t do that. Even though he could do whatever he wished, he didn’t do it because he didn’t want to do anything which could pose a threat to Huaxia’s peace and stability. He would feel like a traitor if he did. 


As expected, when they went in, their documents were checked. When they passed the check, they walked through several narrow corridors. After twenty minutes, they arrived in front of a ten-meter-high temporary tower.

“These are the temporary operational headquarters, all those who have been invited are inside.” Lu Zhan introduced the place to Lin Feng and took out his pass again. Two soldiers checked them and they could finally enter the headquarters.

Inside were many rooms. There were sentinels everywhere. They stood around like a forest, but didn’t check their passes again. It seemed like the place was safe.

Lu Zhan took Lin Feng to a room in the center. When they entered the room, Lin Feng saw a gigantic conference room. Many people were inside. Lin Feng glanced around and was surprised.

Their Qi was powerful and they all wore different sorts of clothes, which meant they were probably from different clans and regions!

Lu Zhan took Lin Feng to the third row and looked for two free seats. An extremely powerful Qi emerged from those sitting in the front row. They were all cultivators!

“Lu Zhan, who are those people?” Lin Feng asked, curious.

“Those people are all great cultivators of the Real Cultivation World. They’re all from a few great sects and clans from Huaxia. Today, they’re going to make an announcement regarding the evolving situation!” explained Lu Zhan patiently.

As Lin Feng was about to ask another question, two people whispered something.

“Leader Zhou, I was just thinking and to be honest, I think it’ll be extremely difficult,” said one of them.

The other one said in a low voice, “Not necessarily, Leader Luo. I did some divination and drew the bamboo slip bearing the best divinations.”

When Lin Feng heard them, he nearly burst into laughter. He turned his head and looked at them. They were wearing blue clothes, wore their hair in buns, and one of them had a sign on which was written Zhou Clan.

Lin Feng wondered what kind of people they were, who would resort to divination. Could it be that they were joking?

The old man with the sign saw that Lin Feng was looking at them, so he smiled and said, “Little friend, you want to know your future? I’ll draw eight slips for you. The pri…”

Lin Feng shook his head and turned away. He felt annoyed. What kind of people were going to participate in this project?

As Lin Feng was thinking, someone on stage said, “My friends, this time, we are all gathered to choose a successor. Everybody knows how it ended last time. Not only didn’t we progress, but we also lost over ten friends. In other words, we suffered losses. The government invited us here, which is a wonderful sign of trust. However, if we fail, we shall have a guilty conscience.”

When he finished, everybody clapped. Some people stood up and shouted, “Leader Wei is right! We are cultivators, we should be the saviors of this world. We should join hands and be worthy cultivators!”

Leader Wei on the stage nodded and continued, “I am one of the eighty-one elected leaders and I have a lot of responsibilities. With what happened last time, we lost face, and it wasn’t the first time. I hope that this time, we can all work together fruitfully…”

It seemed like Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who was new. He asked Lu Zhan, “Lu Zhan, how many times have you participated in this event?”

“Me? It’s my second time. The last time was six months ago. That time, there weren’t as many people, just over twenty. We went to look for Ye Ren Island. We spent seven days and seven nights on that boat. We nearly got lost in fog and in the end, we didn’t find anything!” Lu Zhan said in disappointment.

“So why did you come back?”

He coughed twice. “Only for you!…” Lu Zhan said, smiling at his plot working.

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