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Chapter 1568: Eighty-One Leaders!


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 Lin Feng was surprised and felt annoyed too. It was all part of Lu Zhan’s plot?

He had pretended he couldn’t really bring him at first; it was just part of his plan!

When Lu Zhan saw that Lin Feng looked annoyed, he said hastily, “Lin Feng, I had chosen someone actually, but suddenly, you showed up. I didn’t strictly chose you, you came to me…”

Lin Feng and Lu Zhan were chatting when Leader Wei said, “Newcomers, please stand up. I want to see how many people there are.”

Lin Feng didn’t move, remaining seated. Lu Zhan pushed Lin Feng up. Lin Feng said unhappily, “What the hell are you doing? I can sit, eh! There are so many people, nobody will even notice me!”

“Since you’re new and here, you should stand up. It’s a rare opportunity for you. Besides, your friend, Nian Ling Jiao is connected to Ye Ren Island, so you should do your best to help her.”

“Oh, three hundred and twenty-eight in total, two hundred and eighty-three men and forty-five women…” said Leader Wei.

Lin Feng was surprised. Leader Wei had counted them all in less than a second, including men and women respectively.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng wasn’t on stage, or people would have been dumbstruck because he was much, much faster than Leader Wei.

After everybody sat back down, Leader Wei said, “Everybody should know that the trip is going to be dangerous. If you’re not extremely motivated, then it’s better if you leave. If you stay, we’re interested in hearing your opinions.”

Lin Feng heard someone speak behind him, “I have an idea. I am Lu De Shuang from the Xing Yue Sect in Nanming. I think that Ye Ren Island has been created by aliens. They built it to come and observe us to study us, but they mean us no harm, they just want to study us….”

When he said that, many people started whispering and someone said, “What bullshit! What aliens? Even if aliens exist, they must just be like us, cultivators, but stronger. Since they can fly, why did they come back?”

Another one said, “Maybe a strong Master wanted to come back and see? Who knows? How could we know what the strongest Masters have in mind…”

After that, Leader Wei said, “Someone else suggested the same thing as Lu De Shuang, but since we’re working through the army, we have the best radar, and when we used them, we get absolutely no response. Even if aliens have come to Huaxia, they wouldn’t come to make friends with us, or the last time, we wouldn’t have lost a dozen of our comrades.”

“Indeed, no matter what, we have to be careful!” said someone else.

After that, someone said, “You think it could be a kind of illusion? Like Shangri-La in ancient books? Only some people can go there. It is probably a place of unique charm and beauty. There may be many mountain dwellings. On Zhulang, I read a book in which the author described such landscapes…” proposed someone who loved science fiction. Lin Feng had never heard of Zhuland before. He would remember that name and check it out.

After that, many other people spoke up, but their ideas were all bad.

In the end, everybody had said something except Lin Feng. Lu Zhan said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, why aren’t you saying anything?! Say what you think! You’re extremely strong! You probably have a great idea!”

“Forget it. Without having seen it first, I can’t say anything,” Lin Feng replied, sighing helplessly.

However, at that moment, Leader Wei said, “All the new ones are done talking. All in all, you all have the same idea. But there’s someone who hasn’t expressed themselves yet…” He looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel surprised.

Leader Wei was so focused, but had noticed him?

Everybody around Lin Feng turned to him. The old man who practiced divination said, “Young people aren’t wise… I’m not even sure you graduated from primary school…”

When Lin Feng heard the old man, he nearly crushed his face. An old moron who practiced divination, huh?

Lin Feng now had no choice but to stand up.

Lin Feng stood up, “Alright, I think that the island appeared for a reason and I think it must be an isolated world, a parallel world if you wish. Even though we can see it, we are in different worlds. If we want to go there, we need to be stronger than the one who created it.”

“Sigh, what kind of bullshit is that? Seeing some bullshit world in our world… Oh God, I don’t even have words!” said someone extremely loudly.

Leader Wei muttered to himself irresolutely, “Well well well… This little boy is new and unique… Little boy, your suggestion seems a bit over the top. What is an isolated world? Explain that to everybody.”

Lin Feng had just sat back down. He had no choice but to stand back up, “An isolated world? It’s an autonomous world. They have different rules, a different time and a different space. The outside world doesn’t have any impact on what happens inside.”

Actually, Lin Feng could go on and explain what an isolated world was for days and days, nobody understood.  Only cultivators who had left this world for real could understand that other worlds existed!

After everybody finished talking, they started talking about the next topic.

“Last time, many people went in, and in the end, a dozen people died. Those who died weren’t weak, but their level was under the Cultivation Spirit layer, so we have to set some rules, otherwise, too many of our people are going to die. So people whose strength is under the Cultivation Spirit shouldn’t come along. Among the people whose strength is above the Cultivation Spirit layer, who wants to participate?” asked Leader Wei.

The trip was going to be dangerous. It wasn’t a joke. On Earth, one could easily pay for drinks, food, and sex; why would anyone want to risk their life?

After a short silence, someone finally stood up and bravely came to the stage, a thirty-year-old man.

After that, many people went up  to the stage. Lu Zhan stood up and dragged Lin Feng as well. In the end, they were forty-three people!

Leader Wei stood in front of those people and shook the fan he was holding. He said, “You are all heroes. I represent all cultivators and I announce that you are allowed to go. I will watch your families. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to your loved ones…”

When Lin Feng heard that, he nearly burst into laughter, speaking like nobody was going to come back. How dramatic!

When Leader Wei walked over to Lin Feng and stretched out his hand, Lin Feng smiled and they shook hands… but then Lin Feng sensed pure Qi emerge from Leader Wei’s hand and penetrate into his own!

Lin Feng released his own pure Qi hastily and in the end, their hands went stiff and their Qi collided.

Lin Feng didn’t understand and felt annoyed. What was this Leader Wei trying to do? He turned his head and looked at the others, but nobody looked surprised or strange. Was Leader Wei just trying to sound him out?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng wanted to use his full strength, so he used twice as more pure Qi this time. Leader Wei sensed the powerful Qi penetrate into his hand and flow through his arm.

Leader Wei grunted icily and took his hand back hastily. His entire arm hurt and felt numb. Because of that Qi, he couldn’t close his chakras anymore!

It felt like a Qi ball. Leader Wei was losing his pure Qi quickly!

He was terrified. If that happened, he might die!

Lin Feng could see he felt distressed, and understood he had overestimated that master. Luckily, he had only used twenty percent of his strength. If he had used more, he would have destroyed Leader Wei’s dantian!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng grabbed Leader Wei again like he wanted to shake hands again and said, “As expected, Leader Wei is an extraordinary person.”

Then Lin Feng released pure Qi in the man’s hand to heal him. Leader Wei could finally close his chakras again.

Leader Wei was still covered in cold sweat and shaking. He didn’t feel like shaking hands with anyone else anymore, so he just went back to his seat and looked scared. How strong! He was in shock! 

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