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Chapter 1572: The Feng Clan’s Underground Secret!


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 Feng Yin Quan felt ashamed when he heard that. At the same time, he sighed. He did all he could to help the Feng Clan, but he wasn’t as strong as his older brother, who had disappeared for many years.

The old man put his hand in his jacket and took out a small bottle. He said to Feng Yin Quan, “Take these three blood spiritual pills and give some to Feng Shi Jie so that he returns to his senses. Keep the others for you. Within an hour, they can raise your cultivation level.”

Feng Yin Quan thanked him repeatedly. The old man walked over to a stone room, and pressed on a stone button. Blue lights appeared. The door flickered and opened, revealing a passage.

The old man said, “Ye Qi, take a few people with you and go find that Feng whatever. Then destroy him.”

Five middle-aged men showed up and bowed. “Understood!”

The old man closed the door again. Inside the room were still many people, still seated. If anyone had seen this strange scene, they would have gasped.

The room was extremely big and it was difficult to differentiate the top and the bottom like in the outside world. The people who were seated inside looked like statues.

“Alright, take them with you. Don’t disturb us if you’re done,” said the old man impatiently. Feng Yin Quan nodded hastily and left with the five people, not wasting time. 

When Feng Yin Quan led the five people away, he closed the book shelf again. One of the five people, Ye Qi, asked Feng Yin Quan, “Leader Feng, what’s that person’s name, where do they live, and when did they attack?”

Even though Feng Yin Quan was a leader, he looked at those five people respectfully. They were much stronger than him, after all. Strength was the most important thing. Feng Yin Quan said respectfully, “His name is Lin Feng. He lives in apartment 602 in Jinjiang Residential District. I think that if we want to kill him, we must do it with great secrecy. Therefore, the best time is late at night…”

Ye Qi nodded and smiled evilly. The five of them weren’t Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators, but they were already Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators. With their strength, killing a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator wasn’t easy, but if they did it from ambush, their chances would be multiplied!

Ye Qi wanted to be a good assassin. He had been practicing for a while already. This time, he wanted to use the right methods to destroy Lin Feng!


In apartment 601 in Jiang Nan Residential District, Lin Feng was sitting and watching TV. Lu Zhan and Lin Feng watched the news. The news talked about strange things happening in Jiang Nan and Linhai, and the police hadn’t found the murderer yet.

“Comrade, I’m telling the truth. The murderer really disappeared like a ghost!” said a woman.

“Alright, alright, don’t talk nonsense. That’s completely impossible. Whatever you saw didn’t happen,” said a police officer impatiently. She hung up her phone and closed her notebook.

Lu Zhan looked at Lin Feng and asked pensively, “Lin Feng, who do you think the murderers are?”

When Lin Feng heard Lu Zhan’s question, he understood what he was trying to do, so he pretended he had no idea. “We don’t need to waste time and think about those issues. We don’t have much time. Tomorrow, we may need to go back to Linhai.”

He stood up, walked over to the couch and laid down on it. He closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Lu Zhan shook his head helplessly. He wasn’t surprised. He was also a cultivator, after all. In the past, he had had incredible fights as well. He had also needed to rest.

As long as nobody slaughtered innocent people, he was fine with anything. 


That evening, five strange silhouettes appeared in the Residential District. They didn’t come in through the main door, but jumped over the walls and landed on the roof of the sixth building.

The five people were completely silent for a moment, then continued flying. They flew down the building. When they arrived at the sixth floor, they suddenly stopped and entered, then crouched down by the flight of stairs.

Ye Qi made a sign, and the five people went back out and climbed up to Lin Feng’s window slowly. They slowly opened it and got ready to go in.

But as soon as they put a foot on the floor, an extremely loud voice announced, “Who are you?”

Ye Qi was stupefied. A young man came out of the bedroom, looking unsurprised. He didn’t seem scared of the five of them.

“You’re Lin Feng?” asked Ye Qi curiously. His real pure Qi wasn’t too powerful, but Feng Yin Quan had said he was a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator?

Pfff! Feng Yin Quan is such a fucking piece of trash!, thought Ye Qi.

Lin Feng looked at Ye Qi and smiled mockingly, “You know my name? So you came with ulterior motives. Announce your name so that next year on the same date, I’ll know which ghost I’ll be burning paper money for.”

Lin Feng sounded so calm that Ye Qi looked at him curiously. At the same time, he was furious and said ferociously, “Ignorant little fucker. You’re arrogant, huh? I’ll show you how strong you are today!”

He moved his hand, and a meter-long sword surrounded by divine lights appeared in his hand. One glance at it and a person felt ice-cold.

The sword thrust towards Lin Feng. He looked calm but actually, he was quite surprised. The five people came in through the windows, which meant they were strong cultivators. When Lin Feng saw that sword, he understood that he couldn’t underestimate those people.

Therefore, Lin Feng pretended to be arrogant, but he remained cautious. He took out his strange black sword.

The two swords collided and emitted metallic sounds. The swords sparkled and white lights illuminated the room.

“AAAHHH!…” that person shouted, and was pushed back half a step. He looked at his sword and his expression changed drastically; there was a hole in his sword!

He looked at Lin Feng’s sword. It was perfectly fine. There wasn’t a single trace on it!

“Impossible! What kind of sword is that? It damaged my precious item!” He couldn’t believe it. It hadn’t withstood a single attack?

Lin Feng had been extremely worried a moment before, but now he was relieved; he had feared his sword wouldn’t resist that sword. Even though he knew little about the strange sword, now he at least knew it was a good sword!

“My sword has no name. I call it the strange unnamed sword,” Lin Feng quipped blandly.

Ye Qi was surprised. He had underestimated this enemy. He even wondered if Lin Feng was really a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator, because he could control his tools so well.

“Did Feng Yin Quan send you?” Lin Feng asked excitedly.

“Bah! Everybody stop talking shit! Let’s kill him!” shouted Ye Qi. He didn’t feel like wasting time anymore. Ice cold lights emerged from his palms.

It was one of his trump cards, a surprise attack. He used real pure Qi to condense a sword.

“Purple Lights Aeon Armor!” Lin Feng said in a low voice. Purple lights surrounded Lin Feng.

At the same time, Lin Feng flashed into motion. He wasn’t sure his armor could resist the attack so he used his fastest attack. Two threads of real pure Qi exploded.

Bam! Threads of energy crashed against his armor.

At the same time, Ye Qi opened his hands and three swords stopped Lin Feng, cutting towards his throat.

Slash! Boom! Slash! The three swords crashed against Lin Feng’s armor. Lin Feng was startled when he felt pain. He was pushed back two steps.

Lin Feng hastily checked his armor. It had cracked!

His armor’s Qi was less powerful than a real pure Qi sword?

Ye Qi suddenly looked excited. He attacked again. Lin Feng was surrounded by explosive energies.

Two threads of black Qi emerged from his armor. Ye Qi was astonished. He saw two strange things floating in the air! 

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