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Chapter 1573: Sword Soul Shadow! 


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 A plate as big as the palm of a hand, and a ring the size of a grape.

A moment before, those two things had made his swords fly away. Ye Qi cried out in fear, “What kind of weapons are those?!”

Lin Feng hadn’t made the bone tablet and the bone ring come out. They had come out on their own. Ancestor Mo said, “Lin Feng, you don’t need to move. Watch us deal with that kind of piece of trash!”

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor said, “It’s been a while since we’ve slaughtered some people. Their pure Qi is not bad, so let’s stuff ourselves! Hahahahaha…!”

Lin Feng said without losing time, “Don’t kill them all! Keep one person!”

“Alright!” said Ancestor Mo and Xuan Yuan Demon Emperor at the same time. They charged the five attackers!

Ye Qi screamed quickly, “Union!”

The five people instantly gathered together and shouted at the same time. Their pure Qi dashed to the skies and surrounded them. It was like the five people were inside a gigantic crystal.

Ancestor Mo and Xuan Yuan Demon Emperor weren’t lucky this time; they bounced off the crystal.

Ancestor Mo and Xuan Yuan Demon Emperor grunted with pain. They were both shaking in midair.

“What a powerful isolated world!” shouted Ancestor Mo.

“AAARRRGGGHHH! I’m so pissed off! It seems like I, Xuan Yuan Demon Emperor, have to come and teach you a good lesson, little boys!” Xuan Yuan Demon Emperor pointed at them and moved back towards them, but his ring had grown ten times bigger.

At the same time, Ancestor Mo’s bone tablet grew ten times bigger as well. It looked like a gigantic shield.

Boom! Boom! Everybody was pushed back several meters. The light which surrounded the five people was much weaker than before, but the bone tablet and bone ring had shrunken again and fell on the ground.

They had already lost. They didn’t even have the strength to fly back up!

“Hahahahahahahahahaha! Lin Feng! Let’s see what you intend to do now!”

“Aren’t you a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator? HUH? Aren’t you? Let’s see what you can do, huh?!”

Ye Qi laughed like a maniac. Many swords emerged from the lights. Lin Feng’s purple armor was getting paler and paler as he was attacked by the swords. It cracked more and more. It was on the verge of breaking apart!

Lin Feng shouted hastily, “Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!”

Flames appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes and came rampaging out. They bombarded the sword Qi; there was a conflagration as the flames enveloped the five people.

Ye Qi and his people were panicking. That fire was extremely powerful! The five people hid in their crystal, but they were sweating a lot and their skin started to burn.

“Lin Feng! Don’t go as far as killing people! You should think before acting!” said Ye Qi. He regretted making an error in judgement. What a pity! If they continued fighting, he would lose. He sighed helplessly and tried to make Lin Feng change his mind.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let them off. He continued attacking them with his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill. However, he couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. The Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill required lots of pure Qi, but at that moment, Lin Feng could feel that he had almost no pure Qi left.

As expected, the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill became extremely weak, and then it disappeared.

Lin Feng felt weak and dizzy. He staggered and fell back against a wall. He was panting. He felt completely empty. He initially wanted to use his Imperial Imprint Formula as well, but now it was impossible.

Even though the five people were already in a difficult position, when they saw Lin Feng like that, they couldn’t help but become arrogant and aggressive again. They came out of the crystal.

Ye Qi looked at Lin Feng and said, “Hehehehehe… Initially, you’re not that strong. I thought you were really strong. What? Were you just pretending? Anyway, die now!”

Another one next to him smiled ferociously, “We didn’t know you had so many precious treasures! Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, or you may have had a chance!”

“Lin Feng! I’ll help you!” said Lu Zhan. He couldn’t let Lin Feng down. A moment before, Lin Feng had made him step aside. Lu Zhan initially thought that Lin Feng could defeat them alone, but if he didn’t intervene, Lin Feng might die!

Ye Qi was startled, but shook his head and said, “I can’t believe you came and brought about your own destruction. Since you’re here and you saw us, we’re going to bury you with Lin Feng!”

Ye Qi took out some swords without hesitation and charged Lu Zhan. When the swords were about to reach Lu Zhan, Lin Feng shouted suddenly, “Lu Zhan, dodge!”

He pushed Lu Zhan aside. Clang, clang, clang! Lin Feng was blown away by the three swords. They all reached his belly, so his blood was gushing out.

Lu Zhan cried out, “Lin Feng!”

Lin Feng put his hand on his belly to cover the wounds. He was angry. He hadn’t thought he’d suffer such a tragic defeat today. Getting away alive now seemed difficult. He could only blame himself for being weak. He had been unable to block those swords!

As Lin Feng’s eyes filled with hopelessness, the black sword started shaking. Lin Feng lowered his head in surprise. The black sword was releasing black Qi, the threads of which turned into different people.

Lin Feng stared at them, and saw that one of them was Mo Juan! Back in the days, when Lin Feng had used this sword to slaughter hundreds of traitors from the Demon Clan, and Mo Juan was the one who had led that group. Now he was coming out of the sword!

All those people were wearing black clothes, except one who was wearing white clothes. That person looked like a pure lotus flower in the middle of a dirty pond.

Lin Feng was surprised! It was that woman!

He remembered back in the days when he had killed all those men, he had spared a woman’s life. Which goddess was she?

Lin Feng didn’t have time to say anything, Ye Qi screamed in terror.

It seemed like the woman was waking up. She glanced around with her eyes still half-closed and when she saw Lin Feng, her eyes gleamed. She knelt down and cried, “Master, you’re here! Please take me with you…”

“Who… Who are you? Why are you calling me Master?” stammered Lin Feng.

“I am the sword spirit of the sword. I have no idea how long I’ve been asleep. Your blood woke me! Thank you for your deep and profound kindness, Master!” said the woman, kneeling down again. Lin Feng hastily reached out for her to pull her up, but his hand went right through her body.

The young woman snorted in laughter, “Master, I am a sword spirit, I’m just a spiritual body, I don’t have a real body…”

“Ah? So why did you come out? Go back inside then. It’s too dangerous outside. I am in the middle of a battle against dangerous enemies right now and I may get killed,” Lin Feng said painfully.

When the young woman saw how devastated Lin Feng looked, she put her hand on his wounds. After a short time, she took her hands back, and Lin Feng found out his wounds were completely healed!

Ye Qi took advantage of the fact that Lin Feng and the woman were chatting to release ten swords at the young woman.

Lin Feng shouted out; he wanted to replace the woman and block the swords, but the young woman was faster than him She turned around and suddenly, it was as if the swords had seen their sworn enemy! They all moved away and disappeared!

“Hehe, pathetic morons. You wanted to attack me by surprise?!” The woman said to a broken soul from the Demon Clan, “What are you looking at? Go and destroy those morons!” The woman sighed, “Those who dare hurt my Master must die!”

All the broken souls from the Demon Clan followed Mo Juan and they went to kill Ye Qi and the others. At that moment, Ye Qi and the five people decided to give it their all to survive and flashed towards a window.

However, the black Qi looked like ferocious ghosts. They surrounded them with plaintive cries. Ye Qi and the others’ bodies started drying up. Their eyes were wide and filled with terror and anger.

The five dry corpses fell to the ground. Bags of clothes and bones were lying on the ground now.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He hastily asked the young woman, “May I ask your name?”

The young woman turned around and blushed, “Don’t be so polite, Master. I forgot my name. I hope you can give me a name, Master.”

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He looked at the young woman and suddenly thought of a name. He asked, “What do you think of Ying Hun?”

When the young woman heard that, she said quickly, “Alright, I finally have a name! My name is Ying Hun! I finally have a name, so this sword has a name too! My name is Ying Hun! This sword is Ying Hun’s Sword!”

Ying Hun was happy. The watching Lu Zhan was dumbstruck and didn’t dare make any sound.

Ying Hun came back in front of Lin Feng and said to the broken souls from the Demon Clan, “You go back into the sword. I have things to talk about with our Master.”

The broken souls turned into black Qi again and went back into the sword. Ying Hun said to Lin Feng, “Master, I’d like to thank you again for your kindness and generosity. In the future, if you’re in danger, I will help you and protect you!”

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