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Chapter 1574: Strange Collective Vision!


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 Lin Feng looked at the five dry corpses and wiggled his finger. A gloomy dark blue flame appeared and he burned them to ashes.

He asked Ying Hun, “Ying Hun, you manage to coexist with the broken souls of the Demon Clan peacefully in the sword?”

Ying Hun smiled and bowed, “Master, they live in my world. Inside the sword, they are my slaves. Haven’t you seen how they obey me? If you need them sometimes, just let me know. “

Lin Feng nodded, turned around and thought of a question. He asked curiously, “Can I go in and see?”

Ying Hun was surprised and looked embarrassed, “Master, I would agree but… can you leave your body now?”

Lin Feng shook his head, Ying Hun said, “So I’m afraid it’s impossible. Only broken souls can go inside the sword. Physical bodies can’t, but you used your blood to condense this Ying Hun’s Sword and Summoned me, so you can use my eyes to look inside.”

Lin Feng suddenly understood. He hadn’t thought of that, and asked, “So can I use your eyes to look at things?”

Ying Hun smiled, “Easily, thanks to the Common Vision Skill! You can see anything through my eyes. I’ll activate it now and you’ll see.”

After that, she chanted a mantra, and Lin Feng’s vision flashed and became blurry. A new world appeared in his eyes.

He saw the room from Ying Hun’s perspective. When Ying Hun looked at him, Lin Feng saw himself as well. She looked around in the room.

Lin Feng was excited. It meant that he had new eyes? She could also see through his eyes, they could exchange whenever they wished!

“Ying Hun, this is so awesome! It’s like a movie or a video game! Such a skill defies the laws of physics!” Lin Feng said excitedly.

“Yes,” agreed Ying Hun, then said, “Master, I’m going back inside the sword now to show you!”

Ying Hun’s silhouette flickered and she reappeared inside the sword. Lin Feng saw an incredible world, birds sang and flowers gave forth fragrance. There were trees everywhere. Lin Feng could also see mountains on the horizon and rivers winding through valleys.

Ying Hun turned around. Lin Feng could see a fiery tree with metal leaves. It was a building. It wasn’t gigantic, but it seemed full of vitality. It was a great place for a woman.

Outside of the palace were many buildings. Ying Hun said, “I live in the one over there, which you could call Ying Hun’s Great Palace. The buildings next to mine are for my servants. If you hadn’t activated the sword with your blood, I would still think that my world was the only world in the universe. I didn’t think there were other worlds outside.”

Ying Hun went into the palace. Lin Feng could see many broken souls around, busy doing various things. Each time they saw Ying Hun, they looked at her very respectfully.

When they entered the palace, Lin Feng thought it was a cozy place. It felt warm, the colors were cozy, and the decoration was friendly.

“Ying Hun, in your world, isn’t there anyone else? I mean, free people like you and me?” Lin Feng asked. What he meant was that Ying Hun and he were ordinary free people, but the broken souls were slaves.

When Ying Hun heard Lin Feng, she understood, and she couldn’t help but sigh, “Nobody else. It’s the only thing that’s always bothered me, but when people are absorbed into my sword, they become my slaves. Not fun at all.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel worried, “Well… What if I come in someday? Won’t I become your slave?”

When Ying Hun heard that, she snorted in laughter and said, “I have no idea. Initially, I was the master of this sword. But now that I am a sword spirit, you are my Master, but you’ve never been inside…”

Lin Feng felt lucky that he couldn’t get out of his body, or he may have gone inside and turned into a slave. Actually, becoming the slave of such a hot woman as Ying Hun wasn’t that sad…

Lin Feng understood that the sword was pretty much the same thing as his own Spirit World. The sword space had a spirit inside, and she was the ultimate ruler in that world.

“How strange. That sword has killed many people in the past, and it has been stained with blood of many people, but only my blood activated it. Could it be that my blood is special?” Lin Feng didn’t understand…

When Ying Hun heard him, she said in confusion, “I don’t understand either, maybe that… it’s because you’re a cultivator as well? Or maybe that it’s because your blood really has something special. In any case, it’s fate, so this sword is yours!”


Ying Hun took Lin Feng to Ying Hun’s palace. After crossing a gigantic building, they walked to a flight of stairs, then climbed it up to the second floor. The second floor was a platform. One could see everything from there, the mountains and rivers; what a panoramic view!

Ying Hun didn’t spend too much time there. She opened a small door with beautiful patterns on it and entered the room beyond. It was her room; there was a table, a chair, a bed, a blanket filled with feathers. Her little things looked extremely cute, and then there were shiny swords.

Lin Feng glanced at them in surprise. He sighed, “Why do you have so many swords hanging in your room?”

  A woman’s room shouldn’t have weapons. It should be filled with cute things, but there were swords everywhere in her room!

When Ying Hun saw Lin Feng was surprised, she snorted in laughter and replied, “Hehehe, there are things you don’t understand, Master. Actually, it’s my sword room, I use it to hang swords I like. I love my room.”

“Oh? So where is that sword from? Did you make them all?”

“I made some of them, but some others belonged to enemies I defeated. I’ve always liked swords. When I kill an enemy, I take their sword and hang it on the wall in this room. Sometimes, I also use them to build secret buildings…”

Lin Feng hadn’t expected she would have such a strange habit…

Ying Hun took a sword, then pushed a small door and entered another room. Lin Feng’s vision flashed. He saw even more swords in that room.

As expected, that room had been made using swords. They were very close to each other, so there was no spaces, and the room thus looked mirrored with all the blades. Lin Feng could see Ying Hun’s reflection in the blades!

Ying Hun said, “Master, I’m going to show you some sword skills; please don’t laugh!”

She suddenly dashed to the skies. Lin Feng saw everything. Ying Hun was extraordinary, as expected. Her movements were so precise!

Even though Ying Hun spoke and moved like a woman, when she used a sword, she was like a man. She looked brutal, fierce, and violent. Cutting sounds spread all around in the building.

“Alright! What a good sword!” Lin Feng couldn’t help but cheer.

Ying Hun blushed and stopped, “Master, stop making fun of me. I know my skills are poor. Since you activated the sword, I’m sure you’re an incredible sword master.”

Lin Feng blushed. Actually, he was good with swords, but he wasn’t an expert, and he didn’t have amazing sword techniques. He replied honestly, “My sword skills are not as good as yours, can you believe it?”

Ying Hun frowned and asked, “Seriously?”

“Yes, so I’d like to learn from you. I won’t be able to truly benefit from this sword if I don’t know some good skills.” Lin Feng sighed.

Ying Hun believed Lin Feng and said without hesitation, “Easy! I have so many books in my palace. I’ve been collecting them since I was born. If you want to study some, just go and see what you could use. Of course, if you want to learn from me, it’ll be even easier!”

Lin Feng didn’t have time to say anything before Ying Hun already left that room and went into another one. That room was full of books, stacked from the floor to the ceiling.

Ying Hun took out a book called Shooting Star Sword, and flipped through it; there were many pictures on the pages, and Lin Feng saw them all. Even though their origins seemed mysterious, they were probably very powerful.

“Hey, you have a lot of secret precious books, but I can’t read them all. We’ll have to see when I…” Lin Feng sounded disappointed.

Ying Hun said, “No problem. Master, I created all these sword skills and techniques. If you want to study them, you don’t need to read them, I can just show you!”

Lin Feng was amazed; he hadn’t expected taht Ying Hun would be such a sword nerd! 

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  1. Orange Joe June 10, 2020 at 11:07 pm - Reply

    Lin Feng is no sword expert? Lol.

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    This arc is so bad! Lin feng is a expert among experts when it’s with swords

  3. Mr. A July 8, 2020 at 7:43 am - Reply

    This is not canon, Lin Feng becoming a slave to anyone besides his close ones is absolutely terrible.
    This is not Lin Feng, He would be very depressed if he became a slave even to the most beautiful woman.

    That would be very tragic as all his time, experience, family, lovers, his region of 8 corners, and the path of cultivation would’ve become meaningless. That would be unbelievably tragic and devastating to the real Lin Feng.
    He would be unbelievably depressed and sad.

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