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Chapter 1575 – Ying Hun’s Sword Dao!


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“Alright! Good! I want to study it now!” Lin Feng agreed hastily.

When Ying Hun went back to the previous room, she started showing him how to use different skills and techniques. “There are eighty-one moves, they all represent a broad knowledge, to understand, you have to get rid of the false and retain the true. They’re all deadly attacks and are extremely…”

Lin Feng saw Ying Hun perform the attacks in the mirror. He couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder she was a sword spirit. Her swordsmanship was amazing. She was an incredible master!

After Lin Feng memorized the forms, Ying Hun recalled her Qi and said, “Master, how do you like that technique?”

“It’s very powerful. I love it. With such a skill, it must not be very difficult to become a sword Master!” Lin Feng sighed.

Ying Hun sighed approvingly, “It’s powerful, mysterious and the sword Dao’s abstruse energies are boundless. It’s the best sword in the world! Back then, I relied on this sword to challenge people all around. I used to think I was the best, when actually the sword was.”

Lin Feng thought of another question and asked, “So… You… Uhm… Like fell or what? What happened if you were so strong?”

Even though Lin Feng knew it was a sad story, he had to ask.

“I kept killing and killing people. I killed so many people. In the end, I infuriated the universe and my life became a calamity. I became a failure…” Ying Hun sighed sadly.

Lin Feng tried to cheer her up. “Ying Hun, no need to have remorse. Since you can come out of the sword now, in the future, you’ll have opportunities to rise again, and even become an overlord.”

Ying Hun shook her head, “I’m not interested in that. I just want to transmit my sword knowledge to you. That way, I’ll know that I hadn’t lived for nothing. I’ve worked hard, and the fruits of my work will not be forgotten or become useless.”

After that, she continued showing Lin Feng another move. He recalled it even more clearly. 

Lin Feng finished studying the move and heard Lu Zhan calling him. “Lin Feng! What are you doing staring blankly like that?”

Lin Feng hastily looked around. Lu Zhan was in front of him. Lin Feng said without losing time, “What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m alright. I just don’t know who sent those people. It seemed like their cultivation level is quite low. Could the Feng Clan have sent them?” said Lu Zhan curiously.

“Probably the Feng Clan indeed. In Jiang Nan, apart from the Feng Clan, who could dispatch so many people at once?” said Lin Feng resolutely. He was worried for Nian Ling Jiao’s safety.

He hastily called Zhang De Sheng and asked him if everything was fine. Lin Feng was really afraid the Feng Clan would try and harm the people who at his side. Zhang De Sheng said everything was fine and that everybody was already asleep.

Lin Feng put the phone down. He wasn’t relieved. He decided to go to Qing Yue and the others. It was the best time. He had to protect them! 

When they arrived in front of the 23rd door on the fifteenth floor, Zhang De Sheng seemed half asleep and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you in such a rush?”

Lin Feng and Lu Zhan didn’t tell him about what had just happened. They just said they couldn’t sleep so they decided to come and pay a visit, so Zhang De Sheng went back to sleep. Lin Feng and Lu Zhan sat down on the couch and took a nap.

After what had happened, Lin Feng didn’t think that keeping Nian Ling Jiao and the others in Jiang Nan was a wise decision. He had needed to bring them to the Feng Clan’s territory to avoid the Brotherhood.

“Lu Zhan, do you know a safe place? I want to put them in a safe place. Otherwise, if we go to Ye Ren Island like this, I will be worried to death.” Lin Feng asked with his eyes closed.

Lu Zhan opened his eyes and said calmly, “I do. The Department of Public Safety has a safe place. I’ve used it to protect people like planted agents. We can put them there. They’ll be 200% safe!”

After that, they both fell asleep. 


When they woke up, it was daytime. They had breakfast. Then, to avoid attracting anyone’s attention, Lin Feng had Da Liu open a small gate in the back of the Residential District. Lu Zhan led the way and they soon arrived in front of a big wall and a courtyard. There were military guards everywhere outside.

Lu Zhan took everybody inside. By the way they got through all checkpoints, an hour had passed.

After sorting everything out, Lin Feng said to Lu Zhan, “Lu Zhan, this time, we got rid of all the people the Feng Clan sent at us. But I’m afraid they’re not done with us. So many people at once…”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that you should stay and protect them. I’ll go back to Jinjiang Residential District and wait idly for opportunities. If they send people again, I’ll go straight to the Feng Clan. It’s the only way,” Lin Feng told him.

Lu Zhan didn’t have any reason to refuse, so he nodded and agreed. 

When Lin Feng went back to the Residential District, he didn’t notice anything strange. He took advantage of the opportunity to practice his swordsmanship. He wanted to understand the sword skill as well as he could. After practicing two moves, Ying Hun came back out and helped him.

With her help and Lin Feng’s powerful pure Qi, he learned extremely quickly. At noon, he had already learned nine moves but as they progressed, Lin Feng found it more and more difficult.

It’s not that he couldn’t learn them, the issue was that he didn’t have enough pure Qi!

“Master, don’t push yourself too hard. For this sword technique, you and your sword Qi must be one. If you don’t have enough pure Qi, then you can’t use the attack at its maximum power. With these nine moves, you can already fight against a strong sword cultivator,” Ying Hun assured him. “There are eighty-one moves; every group of nine moves correspond to a level. Master, you’ve been practicing for half a day, that’s already amazing!”

Lin Feng put his sword away. When Ying Hun used the sword Skill, it seemed so easy, but when Lin Feng did, he was exhausted quickly. Lin Feng felt even more admiration and respect for her.

“Master, actually, you don’t need to worry. If you need help, just call me at the most crucial moment; you don’t need to worry about running out of pure Qi.” said Ying Hun. She went back into the sword and continued demonstrating moves.

She was very quick, and better than Lin Feng at this.

Lin Feng suddenly felt some Qi drawing closer. He looked out of the window and saw a few people.

There were three people in total. Feng Yin Quan, Feng Shi Jie, and someone Lin Feng had never seen, a young man.

Lin Feng grunted icily. “As expected, they’re here. Today, we’re going to have some fun!”

Lin Feng put Ying Hun’s Sword away and left the room. He pretended to be half-asleep. After a short time, someone knocked at the door. When Lin Feng opened the door, he was surprised, “Oh! Heyy! Leader Feng, what are you doing here?”

Feng Yin Quan smiled and waved, “Master Lin, I came here to have Feng Shi Jie apologize to you. He’s a young man and doesn’t understand how things work. It’s not the first time that he has had issues with a Master. In the future, Feng Shi Jie, don’t disrespect Master Lin!”

Lin Feng opened the door a little bit more and told them to come in, “Leader Feng, it’s alright, coming all the way wasn’t necessary. I don’t blame him.”

Feng Yin Quan looked at him strangely. He wanted to find some clues in the room.

Ye Qi and the others had come to kill Lin Feng. Feng Yin Quan had heard that they had succeeded, which was good news… but then Ye Qi had disappeared. He had waited for half a day and in the end he hadn’t come back!

Feng Yin Quan tried to smell Ye Qi and the others’ Qi. No matter how they died, if they had been in the room before, then their Qi would definitely be inside.

But Feng Yin Quan didn’t detect anything. Even with his cultivation level, he didn’t sense any of their Qi!

He was confused. Could it be that Ye Qi hadn’t come there at all? Where were they, then?

“Leader Feng, I have no tea. Have some hot water,” Lin Feng said, pretending he hadn’t seen Feng Yin Quan’s strange look. He poured hot water in three cups.

Feng Yin Quan said hastily, “You’re so polite, Master Lin! Shi Jie, hurry up and apologize to Master Lin! If you ever offend him again, I’ll punish you severely.”

When Feng Shi Jie heard Feng Yin Quan, he pretended as well, lowering his head and saying, “Master Lin, I’m sorry for offending you repeatedly. Please forgive me…”

Lin Feng smiled inside. He said, “Stop calling me Master, you two! Just call me Lin Feng! If you call me Master again, I’ll get very angry!”

Feng Yin Quan said, “Master Lin, don’t be so polite and humble. We support you, you know, Master Lin? In the future, if you want to create your own influential group in Jiang Nan…”

He actually said what he feared the most. If Lin Feng really created his own group in Jiang Nan, what would happen? Huge changes would occur! 

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