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Chapter 1576: Unexpectedly Not Chosen!


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“Don’t think about it. I don’t intend to settle in Jiang Nan. In two years, I’ll move to Linhai,” Lin Feng said calmly.

“Oh, oh,” said Feng Yin Quan. Even after looking at everything in the room, he couldn’t see any clues, so an hour later, he stood up and said goodbye to Lin Feng. 

When he left the Residential District, Feng Shi Jie finally asked, “Uncle, did you find anything?”

Feng Yin Quan shook his head sighing, “… No… Not a single trace of Ye Qi’s Qi. Could it be that Ye Qi and the others went to the wrong place? Even if they went to the wrong place, then they should have come back. Why do I have the bad feeling that they may have disappeared?”

The three people had left their car in the neighborhood of the Residential District. They walked away slowly. 

Lin Feng came out of the Residential District at that moment and gazed into the distance. Then he smiled icily and muttered to himself, “Sooner or later, you will understand what the consequences are for trying to assassinate me!”

As Lin Feng was going back into the Residential District, his phone rang. Lu Zhan was calling him. “Lin Feng, how’s it going over there? I got a phone call from Linhai, and we have to hurry and get back there as soon as possible. Ye Ren Island has appeared again!”

Lin Feng replied thoughtfully, “I’m more or less done. I am now sure that the Feng Clan are the ones who sent those people, because they just came to look for clues. They didn’t find anything and left. When do we leave?”

Lu Zhan answered, “If you’re done, we can leave now. I’ll come and pick you up.”

He hung up the phone. Lin Feng didn’t go back to the Residential District in the end, waiting there. For the time being, he had to put the Residential District aside and focus on Ye Ren Island! 


Half an hour later, Lu Zhan stopped his car next to him. Lin Feng got in the car and asked, “Lu Zhan, are Nian Ling Jiao and the others safe?”

Lu Zhan started driving and said firmly, “Don’t worry. it is THE safest place in the Special Operations Department buildings. It’s guarded heavily, and there are many other security mechanisms. There is enough food and water for an entire lifetime in there.”

“Oh.” Lin Feng said, then asked about Ye Ren Island. 

Lu Zhan told him a few things briefly. Some high-ranking officials had called him and had told him that Ye Ren Island had appeared again and that they should leave two days later, so Lin Feng and Lu Zhan had to get back quickly.

Lin Feng was interested in the whole Ye Ren Island thing, especially since it had something to do with the Brotherhood. 


 An hour later, Lin Feng and Lu Zhan were back in the military zone. They could see the sea in the distance. They could now see a strange island in the distance. There were mountains on it. It was green and looked beautiful, like a mystical place.

As Lin Feng and Lu Zhan were gazing into the distance, someone not far from them said, “Officer Lu, we’re having a meeting, come quickly!”

Initially the cultivators were all in the conference room. Lin Feng and Lu Zhan quickly went in. There were many more people present than the previous time. Many people were standing as well. Leader Wei was on stage with the representatives of a few powerful sects and clans.

This time, Lin Feng and Lu Zhan didn’t go to the front. They were in the very back. There were too many people; getting to the front was nearly impossible.

“Alright, silence everybody! It’s the last phase before departure. According to the list we made last time, among those who registered, we selected forty people. I’ll announce them now!” said Leader Wei. He started reading the list.

Lin Feng was excited at the beginning, but after he finished reading, he still hadn’t said Lin Feng and Lu Zhan’s names.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. Since they had called them to tell them to come back, why weren’t they in the list?

Lu Zhan was confused as well, but they weren’t the only ones. The crowd at the foot of the stage started whispering and someone said loudly, “Why isn’t my name on the list?”

Leader Wei looked at that person and said solemnly, “Don’t worry. It is just the first team. If the first team fails, you’ll go. This time, we selected some people who are extremely well-informed and knowledgeable. The only thing we had in mind when we created the team was to increase our chances of success to the maximum and avoid having people dying…”

In the end, Leader Wei’s explanation was perfectly legitimate.

After that, a soldier arrived. Lu Zhan couldn’t help but gasp with astonishment. “Wang Yuan!”

He seemed to know that person. Lin Feng asked him who he was. Lu Zhan replied, “He used to be my instructor, he trained me when I became an officer! Now, he’s from the Department for People and Goods. His cultivation level is much higher than mine. He’s one of the lead cultivators in Huaxia!”

Wang Yuan arrived on the stage; he sounded capable and experienced. “Those who’ve been called, stay here. Everybody else, leave.”

People started leaving. Lin Feng was extremely annoyed. Could it be that he had to listen to people to go away? Lu Zhan was a member of the government, so he was obedient and tried to pull Lin Feng away.

But when he turned his head around, he didn’t see Lin Feng!

Lu Zhan looked around but he couldn’t see Lin Feng at all. Lu Zhan came to the conclusion that Lin Feng had already left the room, so he left as well, but he didn’t see Lin Feng outside, either.

Lin Feng was hiding in the middle of the chaos. He was hiding just under the ceiling in a corner behind some heavy curtains. He could see everything from there.

Everybody left quickly, and soon only a few dozen people remained. Wang Yuan said, “Everybody, comrades, it’s a classified operation. Nobody can talk about it, so be ready, you’ll never be able to tell anyone about this mission. We, the army, are in charge of the operation. Without my authorization, nobody can communicate with the outside world, you understand?”

The crowd naturally didn’t protest. They were all obedient. Meanwhile, some military experts checked everybody and took all their communication devices.

After that, Wang Yuan told them more about the details of the operation and it ended. After that, they went to the port and waited to get onboard the ship.

Lin Feng was caught unprepared when people left through the backdoor. When everybody left, they locked the door, and locked him in!

Lin Feng didn’t dare come out of his hideout, afraid to get caught. In the end, he smiled and looked at the top, which had a few windows. Lin Feng ran up the walls and went to the very top of the ceiling.

He could now see the port. There were ten army ships there, all over a hundred meters long. There were cannons on their decks. The boats looked imposing and awe-inspiring from here.

The ships formed two lines. Lin Feng watched the crowd get on the boats. He already had an idea. Since his name wasn’t on the list, why not follow them secretly?

At that moment, Lin Feng’s phone rang. It was Lu Zhan. He asked Lin Feng where he was. Lin Feng didn’t tell him the truth. Even though he trusted Lu Zhan, he couldn’t let anyone know about such an insane move.

Lin Feng told him he was busy, that he didn’t need to worry, and then hung up. 


 Military sirens rang out. The boats slowly left the port and moved towards Ye Ren Island. They all looked solemn and heroic in the twilight.

Lin Feng condensed some pure Qi, then started floating in the air and flashed after them. He started following the boats.

Flying wasn’t difficult at all for Lin Feng. He just looked like a bird high up in the sky, following those ships from far behind. If someone could have seen him at that moment, they would have been terrified.

It was dusk, and Ye Ren Island was even more visible, surrounded by mysterious blue lights. It looked like a blue lamp in the darkness, a wonderful sight.

Lin Feng slowly flew down and looked at what the people on the ships were doing. Some of them were wearing armor. Some sentries were patrolling on the deck, but they couldn’t see him, he was too high up in the sky. Lin Feng got ready to land. He flashed and in the blink of an eye, he was standing on a cannon tower. He had done so completely silently.

Lin Feng was now wondering how to mingle with the cultivators. After several hours, he still couldn’t see them, so he was upset. 

 After another hour, he heard some steps and finally saw the cultivators. They were chatting and walking to the desk. They started looking at the sea.

Lin Feng decided not to mingle with them in the end. There were only forty people… If he joined them, they would definitely notice him. 


 The boat continued moving towards the island for several days. Lin Feng left the boat during the day and came back on it at night to rest.

On the fifth day, the boat slowed down. A gigantic light appeared not far from the boat. It looked like a gigantic ball made of glass floating on the sea.

However, Lin Feng glanced at it and suddenly, his blood started boiling. That island looked so familiar!

“My Spirit World?!” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. Even though he could only see an iceberg which was a part of his Spirit World, he also sensed some familiar Qi. 

Lin Feng was perplexed! Why would his own Spirit World end up floating over the sea?

Some cultivators took out their weapons and started attacking the island, but their bullets all bounced off the light ball. Some soldiers also started attacking the island with the cannons, but the cannon shots just made some waves appear on the light ball, that’s all. 

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