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Chapter 1577: Lin Feng’s Death!


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 Lin Feng was extremely worried. If the lights broke, would his Spirit World break along with it? What would happen to his relatives?

Lin Feng didn’t dare wait any longer. He flashed towards the ball. Lin Feng wanted to check if he could get in or not. 

When Lin Feng showed up, everybody noticed him!

“Who’s that? He wants to die?” exclaimed someone, turning pale with fright. 

 Leader Wei was in the middle of the crowd. He suddenly cried out in fear, “Isn’t that… Lin Feng? What is he doing here?”

Lin Feng arrived in front of the lights and touched them. His hand went straight through. He didn’t need to use any strength to get through.

Lin Feng took his courage in both hands and went straight in. Like his hand, his body wasn’t stopped by the lights. However, the light curtain was thick. It took Lin Feng over ten minutes to fly through the light wall!

All the cultivators on the ships saw that. Wang Yuan had received an order that they had to watch all of Lin Feng’s comings and goings, but after Lin Feng crossed the light wall, some people couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“Hey! He went inside! Why can he go inside and not us?” someone sighed.

Someone shouted explosively, “Let’s go and try as well! What if there are treasures inside! He will keep them all for himself!”

“Indeed! I’ve been saying the exact same thing the whole time! There must be some celestial mountain dwellings and caves in there! There must be so many good things!”

Everybody was so excited that they completely ignored Wang Yuan’s orders. Everybody left the ships’ decks and went towards the lights.

Of course, those people were all strong cultivators and carried away by success, so now they were ready to do anything to seek instant benefits. Their eyes were bloodshot with greed.

Boom, boom, boom!

There were a few explosions. Three people bounced off the light curtain and crashed back onto the decks of the ships.

The crowd cried out in alarm and turned pale with fright. The three people didn’t look like humans anymore. They were completely dehydrated, and looked like mummified corpses. Not a single drop of liquid remained in their bodies!

Wang Yuan pushed away the people around him to see. He was frightened, too. He was a cultivator, so he understood what was going on. Those three people’s dantians had exploded, and their pure Qi had spilled out.

Wang Yuan turned his head around again, but he couldn’t see Lin Feng. He was even more alarmed. 


After Lin Feng crossed the light, he looked perplexed. No island? Just the boundless and indistinct surface of the sea. Was it all a mirage, in the end?

Lin Feng flew towards the source of the light. It seemed to be coming from the water. Lin Feng dove into the ocean and activated his Purple Lights Aeon Armor to protect himself. After a long time, he finally saw something floating in the water.

The thing looked like a crystal ball. It diffused multicolored lights. Lin Feng was alarmed. Could this be his Spirit World?

His Spirit World was in his body initially. Had it turned into a crystal ball after his arrival on Earth? How would he be able to put that world inside of his body? If it was tangible like that, how could he open it?

Lin Feng went closer, and reached out for the crystal ball. What Lin Feng hadn’t expected was that when he moved his hand closer to the crystal ball, it suddenly absorbed him. His body slowly grew longer and longer, and he was completely distorted. He clenched his fists but it was like the ball was trying to get inside his palm…

Before Lin Feng even had time to understand what was going on, his palm was opened by a mysterious force. The crystal pierced through his palm and went inside his body.

Lin Feng suddenly sensed an explosion inside of his body. Something was swelling extremely quickly inside him!

Lin Feng hastily looked inside of his body and was pleasantly surprised. The crystal had disappeared, and his Spirit World was right inside of him!

 His Spirit World was the same as before. Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised and worried at the same time. He ran down that familiar road. He couldn’t wait to see his parents!

When he arrived, they were all drinking tea and seemed like they had no idea about what was going on in the outside world.

“Dad! Mom!” shouted Lin Feng, running towards them.

“Lin Feng…” Lin Feng’s parents looked at him strangely and curiously. They came to hug him and asked, “Little Feng, look at you! How busy have you been? You haven’t come to see us for such a long time!”

Lin Feng decided to sweep the bad news under the carpet and tell only the good news, so he didn’t mention what he was going through. He said hi to everybody. He had missed them. 


Back on the boat, the cultivators cried out in alarm, “Hey! The light curtain broke and disappeared…”

The lights slowly disappeared, looking just like mist now. It was beautiful but strange. People could see it from hundreds of miles away.

Now that the light curtain didn’t block the cultivators anymore, they were all curious and left the ships to go and see closer. They wanted to find Ye Ren Island, but it had completely disappeared. They were disappointed.

It was like Ye Ren Island had never appeared. Everybody shouted loudly, “Hurry up and look! There’s something purple under us! Could it be a precious treasure?”

Some purple lights flashed under the water. Suddenly, the cultivators dispersed as everybody looked shocked and scared. Someone said, “Hey! Isn’t that Lin Feng? What’s wrong with him? Is he dead?”

When they saw Lin Feng, they reacted immediately. They dived, grabbed him and took him back onto the deck. Wang Yuan couldn’t help but sigh in sorrow.

Lin Feng’s body was ice-cold. He couldn’t be more dead. His body looked like he had been dead for days.

“How is he doing? Does he have any Qi left?” asked someone. Wang Yuan shook his head. He stood up slowly. Wang Yuan didn’t understand. How come Lin Feng had managed to get inside the lights without any effort, and now he was dead?

The other cultivators also checked Lin Feng and performed first aid on him. They all used their own tools. However, nothing worked.

The reason they were so worried about Lin Feng’s death wasn’t because they were worried about him personally. They wanted to ask Lin Feng what had happened and understand the mystery of the island. 


 After an hour, everybody gave up. Lin Feng was dead. His body was already starting to stiffen.

“Sigh, what a pity! I’m afraid nobody will ever crack the secret of the island! The mystery disappeared along with him!” Leader Wei sighed sadly.

“It’s his fault! Who asked him to jump in? Moron!” “If it weren’t for him, we might never have been able to defeat that mysterious island..” 


The ships arrived back at the port three days later. Lu Zhan was already in a difficult position. When he saw people disembark carrying Lin Feng’s body, he nearly collapsed.

Lin Feng had disappeared and Lu Zhan had looked for him everywhere. In the end he had secretly boarded a ship…

Now he was back, but he was just an ice-cold corpse. Lin Feng’s body was as cold as snow. A layer of thin ice had even appeared on his body!

Leader Wei and Wang Yuan ordered people to put Lin Feng’s remains in a room. Leader Wei frowned and asked, “Leader Wang, what do we do with his body? Do you want to… dissect him?”

Wang Yuan shook his head, “The situation is very mysterious. I am not sure yet. Please tell our superiors to decide.”

When Lu Zhan saw Wang Yuan come out of the room, he hastily asked, “Wang Yuan, how is he doing? Can you save him?”

Wang Yuan took a deep breath and sighed, “No. He’s as dead as one can be. Lu Zhan, where was that guy from?”

Lu Zhan briefly explained what he knew about Lin Feng.

However, he kept mentioning ordinary people from town when he told him about Lin Feng. Wang Yuan couldn’t care less, so he interrupted LU Zhan, deciding to act promptly and inform high-ranking officials.

The temporary military zone wasn’t dismantled for the time being, because they had no idea what had happened to Ye Ren Island. It kept appearing and disappearing all the time, after all! 


 Lu Zhan went back to Jinjiang. He was sad. He went straight to where Nian Ling Jiao was. When he saw Zhang De Sheng, Qing Yue and the others, he told them about Lin Feng’s death. 

“What? He’s dead?” Suddenly, everybody looked frightened. 

Zhang De Sheng sat down and whispered, “It’s over… It’s really over… We have no hope anymore…” 

Qing Yue and Qing Yi burst into tears. Even though they weren’t very close to Lin Feng, he was also a cultivator and they had enjoyed spending time with him. If he were still alive, they would have become friends sooner or later. 

 Nian Ling Jiao didn’t seem sad at all, as if Lin Feng’s death had nothing to do with her. 

 Even though Wang Yuan had said to keep Lin Feng’s death a secret, he couldn’t help but tell them. Among the cultivators who were in the military zone, some of them also revealed the secret to people they knew. The news spread around quickly in the world of cultivators. 


“Hahahahahaha! He’s FINALLY dead!” Feng Yin Quan was overjoyed. He was excited and kept laughing happily. Finally, his sworn enemy was dead! 

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    Line Feng heard that the astrology department took the meteorites that crashed earlier and he hasn’t ONCE gone there to retrieve them. Why not?? He could have gone there or joined the Cultivator Association just for the prestige to request to see those.

    Thos is just milking everything they can from a final arc that just a simple fight would have resolved happily.

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