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Chapter 1578: His Corpse Disappeared!


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“Leader Feng, Lin Feng is dead, so you won’t have problems at home!” said an old man, currying favor with him.

“Yes, in the past, I was afraid of what would happen because those traitors wanted to betray our Feng Clan. Now, I can finally do some cleaning. Those people wanted to create a new Real Cultivators Association with the aid of Lin Feng. He who laughs last laughs longest!” said Feng Yin Quan furiously.

He turned his head and said to the old man, “Brother Cang Yun Dao, you helped a lot this time. You did a good job, so I learned about the traitors in a timely manner. From now on, you’re the new vice leader of the Real Cultivators Association. Now, go and inform everybody that I want to see them!”

After a short time, the members of the Real Cultivators Association gathered in the conference room. He told them all about Lin Feng’s death. They had met Lin Feng before, so they knew that if he had died, something extraordinary had happened.

“I am sure that everybody knows about Lin Feng’s death now. We have no enemy anymore,” said Feng Yin Quan.

Everybody shouted cheerfully immediately, “Congratulations, Leader Feng! The enemy is dead so now our association is safe in Jiang Nan… A period of long and peaceful rule is starting for you, Leader Feng.”

Feng Yin Quan looked glum and slapped his table violently saying, “A period of long and peaceful rule? I’m afraid it’s not that easy. Some people are plotting against me. Some people want the association to go through important changes. If Lin Feng hadn’t died, the Real Cultivators Association would be doomed already.”

Feng Yin Quan looked at the elders. He had already managed to identify the source of the problem on the inside. He was extremely subtle and had a very sophisticated way of thinking. He knew that to control the Real Cultivation World, he needed to have an iron hand in a velvet glove and use both carrot and stick. He had to get rid of those who could potentially cause issues in the future.

First, he had to deal with the elders who initially wanted to join hands with Lin Feng to rebel against him. All the elders were scared inside. None of them had thought something would happen to Lin Feng. He was a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator who could condense a spiritual armor and now he was dead now!

Many people hoped those were false rumors. They hoped Lin Feng would suddenly show up and teach Feng Yin Quan a good lesson!

However, they could keep dreaming. Lin Feng didn’t show up and Feng Yin Quan was still there.

“Hey, everybody, you’re all among the best cultivators of Jiang Nan. We should all protect the Real Cultivation World together… but some people decided to support Lin Feng, a person of unknown origin, or more precisely, of questionable antecedents. I feel so sad for the Feng Clan…” said Feng Yin Quan, pretending to be disappointed. Then he turned his head and said, “But I am not a petty person. The Feng Clan doesn’t punish people by killing them. This time, we’ll just consider it a good lesson. I don’t want to punish those who decided to follow Lin Feng. I just hope that in the future, you won’t try to betray the Feng Clan again!”

After that, everybody was relieved. Everybody looked solemn and grateful. In the future, they would remain loyal. They would do their best to make the Real Cultivators Association become more powerful… 


“I’m leaving, everybody. I have many things to do. I’ll come back to see you when I’m done,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist.

“Alright, Little Feng, come back when you have time.” Lin Feng’s mother said gently. She understood that Lin Feng couldn’t stay with his parents all the time. He was a heroic young man and he traveled the world. She didn’t feel lonely anyway.

Everybody said goodbye to Lin Feng and he left but as soon as he came out, he felt ice-cold. He hastily condensed pure Qi in his meridians and finally started feeling warmer.

“Ah? Where am I?” Lin Feng sat up. He was on an operation table. His body was surrounded by boiling hot Qi. The ice melted thanks to his pure Qi; hot steam appeared and dispersed after a while.

Lin Feng got on the floor and stretched. Even though he felt a bit tired, he was extremely happy inside. He had finally retrieved his Spirit World! It was one of his main goals, so he was very happy!

While thinking about that, Lin Feng suddenly heard someone’s voice. It came from behind the door; someone was unlocking the room! Lin Feng hid behind the door and saw three people come in. One of them was Wang Yuan. Lin Feng didn’t know the two others…

“AAAHHHHH? Where’s the corpse?” When Wang Yuan saw the operating table was empty, he suddenly cried out and ran forwards. There was no corpse! Where was the body? Wang Yuan was extremely worried!

Lin Feng took advantage of the situation to leave the room, since they had their backs turned to him. Nobody saw him.

Wang Yuan looked around and didn’t find Lin Feng’s body. He felt like his brain was about to explode. He was convinced that someone had stolen Lin Feng’s body! He naturally thought it was Lu Zhan!

Lu Zhan was the one who had brought Lin Feng there, after all and people said Lu Zhan and Lin Feng were quite close. Most importantly, Lu Zhan had already shown signs that he wanted to take Lin Feng’s body away.

Wang Yuan called Lu Zhan. When Lu Zhan answered, Wang Yuan cursed, “Lu Zhan! Have you forgotten that you’re a fucking member of the army! Do you understand that what you did is a major crime! You’re putting your life at stake. It’s not a joke. You have three hours to bring the corpse back!”

Lu Zhan was driving at the moment. He was so dumbstruck he suddenly braked hard in the middle of the road. People behind nearly crashed into his car. Everybody started honking, others cursed him.

Lu Zhan parked the car on the side of the road and asked, “Wang Yuan, what’s wrong with you? Why are you angry?”

“Lu Zhan, don’t pretend you don’t know! Hurry up and bring Lin Feng’s corpse back. We used to be friends in the army, so I’m not going to let anyone know. Just bring the corpse back. If you don’t, then don’t blame me. I can’t do more than that to help you!” said Wang Yuan furiously.

“What? What did you say? Lin Feng’s corpse disappeared?” screamed Lu Zhan. Then he added, “I am still in Jiang Nan. Even if I wanted to steal his remains, I couldn’t! Do you think I can duplicate myself or what? The security systems in those facilities are extremely advanced, how could I steal a corpse alone?”

Wang Yuan was stupefied. Indeed, Lu Zhan was right. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed at first. Wang Yuan knew Lu Zhan was just a Cultivation Spirit.

Wang Yuan was perplexed. He hung up the phone and started walking back and forth. If Lu Zhan wasn’t the offender, who was it? Who was able to do something so incredible? What was that person’s motive for stealing Lin Feng’s corpse?

“Or could the superstitions be true…? Can corpses really rise from the dead before they’re buried to chase old enemies…? Bah! Impossible! Could it be that he came back to life and left? Bah! Even more impossible! He’s been dead for a while now. He couldn’t possibly come back to life. Even if he came back to life, how could he have disappeared from the room?”

Wang Yuan didn’t understand. Everybody looked perplexed as well. Wang Yuan reported to his superiors. The whole harbor went into a tizzy. 


 Lin Feng left the harbor and went to Linhai, but he had no phone anymore, so he didn’t have any way to contact Lu Zhan for the time being. He had no money left, either. Lin Feng was terribly annoyed. 

 His eyes suddenly gleamed. He saw a young man secretly following a young woman. Was he a pickpocket?

Lin Feng followed him silently. The young man took out the woman’s purse from her bag. At that precise moment, Lin Feng grabbed his wrist!

“Hey…” the pickpocket gasped in pain and surprise. Lin Feng pressed on his hand so hard the man was forced to kneel down. The young woman turned around and saw her purse in the pickpocket’s hand.

“Miss, this must be your purse. In the future, don’t play on your phone while you walk down the street. You didn’t even notice a pickpocket was stealing your purse…” Lin Feng said, giving her purse back.

The pickpocket looked Lin Feng over and said threateningly, “Let me go, motherfucker! Let me go! Otherwise…”

Lin Feng didn’t let him finish, slapping him absently. Lin Feng just used his usual strength, but the pickpocket’s nose instantly started bleeding. Lin Feng looked down at him and said, “Otherwise what?”

As soon as Lin Feng finished, people gathered around them. Three young men had shown up, holding knives. They threatened Lin Feng, “Which group are you from, little boy? Hurry up and release our brother. I can’t believe you actually dared provoke us, the Brotherhood!”

Lin Feng was astonished, and asked, “Are you really from the Brotherhood?”

One of them said, “Stop talking shit and release him! Then you’re coming back with us; you offended the Brotherhood, you must be sick of living!”

“Hasn’t the Brotherhood left Linhai? Why are you back?” Lin Feng didn’t let go of the pickpocket and when the others heard Lin Feng, they looked down on him and smiled scornfully.

The other one played around with the knife he was holding and said, “What world do you live in? The Brotherhood will never leave Linhai. Not only won’t we leave, but we’re also going to expand our territory!”

Lin Feng was getting angry. Guo Zhan Cheng had played tricks on him. Lin Feng took out the things the pickpocket had in his pockets. Two women’s purses and change…

He let go of the pickpocket and then counted the money he had just taken from him. Over two thousand yuan. Lin Feng took a few notes and then started leaving.

“Stop. Leave the money here!” commanded a young man with a knife, blocking Lin Feng, trying to scare him.

Another one threatened, “You looked for trouble, little boy. We could have let you off, but since you dared provoke the Brotherhood… little moron…”

After that, he suddenly saw something black flash. Bam! A fist punched him in the face. When he opened his eyes again, he saw Lin Feng smile and say, “Didn’t you want to punish me and crush me? I’m waiting, come?”

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