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Chapter 1579: Seizing an Opportunity To Expand!


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 When the two other thugs saw that, they looked furious. Nobody dared provoke them on their territory! Even if they stole people’s things, nobody could pose a threat to them; what was happening was a first!

The two men charged Lin Feng, brandishing their knives. Everybody was ready to see Lin Feng’s corpse lying in his blood soon. Lin Feng naturally didn’t even spare a glance at them.

Lin Feng didn’t get angry. However, he didn’t intend to let them go that easily.

Lin Feng leaned aside. At the same time, he raised his fingers, and two threads of pure Qi burst out of his hands. Even though it was invisible and intangible, it was much sharper than their blades.



Everybody was dumbstruck and stepped back. They had balls? Well, they had probably fallen off onto the ground at that moment. They had never seen such a horrible thing!

Two of the men’s arms were cut off and lying on the ground, still holding their knives. They kept twitching on the ground, like they were angry. It was terrifying.

The two men used their other arms to grab their fallen ones. Blood kept dripping out.

“Hehe. You two are insane. Why did you cut each other’s arms? Hehehehe… How strong and awesome!” Lin Feng smiled mockingly.

“Brother, hurry up and leave! More of them will probably arrive soon…” shouted someone well-intentioned in the crowd, worried for Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at the crowd and noticed an old man. He smiled, turned around and started walking away.

With the money, he would be able to get back to Jiang Nan easily. Lin Feng was convinced that those two were unlikely to die. Someone was definitely going to help them and call an ambulance.

But after walking only a hundred meters, he heard some people coming behind him. They were all members of the Brotherhood, running after him.

Lin Feng had injured Guo Zhan Cheng the other day. After that, he had told him that he wanted the Brotherhood to leave Linhai. When Guo Zhan Cheng had left, he had indeed left Linhai, but to go and call reinforcements! During the next following days, Guo Zhan Cheng had learned about Lin Feng’s death, so he had decided that leaving Linhai wasn’t necessary anymore.

“Stop right there. You’re not going anywhere today!” another man shouted at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng slowly turned his head around and looked at the big man. He casually took out a one yuan coin, and suddenly the coin soared up!

Pa pa pa! There was a succession of sharp sounds. It was like the coin had grown wings and turned into an iron butterfly. It pierced through all their wrists, and blood started gushing.

Lin Feng had condensed pure Qi in it, so the coin was extremely powerful. In less than a few seconds, they had all dropped their weapons. They already had only one arm usable, and looked ridiculous.

Everything had happened too quickly. It was impossible to see what was actually going on. Even those people didn’t understand why their wrists had suddenly started bleeding.

In the end, the coin disappeared somewhere down the street. Someone would get lucky and find it.

The big put his hand on his new stump, looking terrified, he asked, “You… Who are you…”

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Go back and tell Guo Zhan Cheng that I will come see him. Since he disobeyed my orders, now it’s too late to leave.”

After that, Lin Feng walked to the first taxi in the taxi line, but all the drivers had seen Lin Feng and the Brotherhood’s fight, so who would dare agree to drive Lin Feng?

Actually, those drivers were almost like the Brotherhood’s servants and informants. Who dared be enemies with the Brotherhood?

Lin Feng frowned and walked towards the middle of the road. He stood right in front of a taxi coming his way. The driver slammed the brakes on. Lin Feng walked to the side of the car, but the driver raced away in a squeal of tires.

He just wanted to drive and not offend the Brotherhood.

Lin Feng was furious. He shifted twenty meters away and stopped another car. This time, the driver gave it gas, but Lin Feng put his hand on the front of the car. The car stopped and the tires started smoking.

This time, the driver didn’t dare try and escape. Lin Feng opened the door and sat down in the passenger’s seat. “Jiang Nan.”


 The driver started driving hastily. He didn’t even dare look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t say anything.

 When they arrived in Jiang Nan, Lin Feng asked the driver to stop and took out two hundred yuan. The taxi driver was relieved, but it would take him ages to calm down for real. He drove off hastily.

Lin Feng checked the bag he had taken from the pickpocket and found a phone. He dialed Lu Zhan’s number. Lu Zhan picked up the phone, “Yes, hello?”

“It’s me, Lin Feng.”

“Ahhhhhhh! Are… Aren’t you dead?” asked Lu Zhan. He sounded shocked and nearly dropped his phone. At the same time, he sat up from his bed. His hands were trembling.

Lu Zhan had been feeling extremely sad since Wang Yuan’s call. Lin Feng’s sudden death had made him feel extremely guilty. He had blamed himself for wanting to take Lin Feng to Ye Ren Island. If he hadn’t, Lin Feng wouldn’t have died!

Lu Zhan admired Lin Feng and had set high hopes on him. He hoped Lin Feng would be able to bring some changes to the cultivation world.

“Where are you? Let’s meet up. By the way, don’t tell anyone that I’m alive,” Lin Feng said.

Even though he said it a bit aggressively, Lu Zhan didn’t get offended. He hastily came out of the station and went to meet Lin Feng. Half an hour later, he finally saw Lin Feng.

He couldn’t control himself anymore. He suddenly slammed the brakes on and slid over to Lin Feng. Then he looked at Lin Feng, checked that it was really him and hugged him!

“Lin Feng! Are you really not dead?”

Lin Feng felt awkward. He pushed Lu Zhan away gently and said, “Let’s talk in a better place.”

“Alright.” said Lu Zhan. 

They went to a private room in a restaurant and ordered some dishes. He was going to treat Lin Feng. He deserved it!

“Lin Feng, what happened? Wang Yuan called me and told me you were dead… Then he called me again and told me your corpse had disappeared…” said Lu Zhan. He felt perplexed.

Lin Feng sighed helplessly. What to say? That he had come back to life? Lu Zhan would be so scared he might die of a heart attack. If he spoke the truth, it would have disastrous consequences!

But Lin Feng quickly thought of something. He smiled, “I was just in a coma, I guess. I mean, I was injured by the light curtain at Ye Ren Island, after all. When I woke up, I was already lying on a dissection table. Wouldn’t you have left l if you were me?”

Lu Zhan was covered in cold sweat. “Oh God… Luckily you’re fine, otherwise…”  Lu Zhan didn’t finish his sentence. It was too horrible to think about.

“Lu Zhan, how are Nian Ling Jiao and the others doing? Are they safe and sound?” asked Lin Feng.

“They’re safe. I thought you were dead ,so I thought it would be better if I sent them to another province, but since you’re back, it’s not necessary anymore,” Lu Zhan said hastily.

Lin Feng was relieved. As long as Nian Ling Jiao and the others were safe and sound, he could sort everything out without having to worry.

When Lu Zhan saw that Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he asked, “Lin Feng, Wang Yuan reported to his superiors and they are getting ready to go and investigate Ye Ren Island. The first to get hit will be you!”

“Oh? What do they want from me?” asked Lin Feng, pretending he didn’t understand.

Lu Zhan said pensively, “You know, even though cultivators have adapted to modern society, nobody knows about cultivation, but actually… actually… cultivators feel great pressure, especially those who are from powerful sects and clans, such as the Feng Clan. They have to use their powers secretly. Some cultivators are sick of it, so they want to create their own country and get rid of ordinary people.”

He spoke mysteriously, but it was easy to understand what he meant. Those influential groups didn’t want to have limits, they wanted to be free.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but frown. Indeed, that sounded nice. Cultivators weren’t ordinary people, after all. Many of them were wildly ambitious. However, when people had power and influence, their ambitions didn’t have limits anymore.

Like in the World of Battles, people respected the strongest cultivators. It was a chaotic and cruel world.

Lin Feng didn’t want to see that on Earth. Huaxia was his homeland. He couldn’t let it turn into a battlefield!

Lu Zhan added, “What you don’t know is that many national influential groups also cooperate with groups in foreign countries. For example, Fu Sang Country fostered many new cultivators in Huaxia. They want to destabilize Huaxia!”

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