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Chapter 1580: Wang Yuan’s Provocations!


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 Fu Sang? Lin Feng remembered the ninja from the Feng Clan. The Feng Clan had sent a ninja to kill him once. Feng Shi Jie had also learned cultivation from Fu Sang.

Lu Zhan looked at the screen and his expression suddenly changed. He said to Lin Feng quickly, “It’s Wang Yuan. He probably wants to ask about you. What do we do?”

Lin Feng frowned. It seemed like it was getting out of control. Lin Feng nodded and said, “Tell him I’m back.”

Lu Zhan hesitated, but he answered and Wang Yuan said, “Lu Zhan, tell me the truth, is Lin Feng back? Someone just told me that many people got injured in Linhai.”

Lu Zhan looked at Lin Feng and said, “He’s here with me…”

Wang Yuan nearly choked. He shouted explosively, “What? He’s there with you? Come back to Linhai right now!”

Lu Zhan’s ear hurt when Wang Yuan shouted so loud. Lu Zhan looked at Lin Feng imploringly. Lin Feng smiled icily and took the phone. He said to Wang Yuan, “Hello, what’s the problem? You seem angry. Whom did I often? You think you can keep me prisoner as you wish?”

Wang Yuan hadn’t thought Lin Feng would take the phone. He was dumbstruck, but when he heard Lin Feng’s arrogant tone, he was momentarily astonished. But he was proud and arrogant too, so he shouted again, “Lin Feng, don’t mess with me! I’m telling you, we know nothing about you, so I have many reasons to arrest you!”

Wang Yuan was threatening Lin Feng. He thought he was going to scare Lin Feng to death with such arguments.

However, Lin Feng said indifferently, “Stop talking shit. You are allowed to arrest me? Alright, good! I’m waiting for you then!”

He gave the phone back to Lu Zhan while Wang Yuan was still talking. Wang Yuan shouted, “Tell that idiot to take the phone back!”

Lu Zhan tried to give the phone to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng refused. Lin Feng was enjoying the whole situation. He enjoyed infuriating Wang Yuan.

Lin Feng understood the saying First, learn and don’t get angry, then learn how to infuriate people.

Wang Yuan shouted at Lu Zhan, “Lu Zhan, tell Lin Feng that I’m going to come with some people and teach him a good lesson!” before hanging up.

Lu Zhan pulled a long face. He seemed extremely worried, he said, “Lin Feng, you need to hide. I’ll help you. I know him well, I’ll make him calm down…”

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Thank you, Lu Zhan. Actually, I don’t mind at all. I’m curious to see how strong Wang Yuan is.”

Lu Zhan shook his head and sighed helplessly. After finishing their meal, Lu Zhan paid and wondered what to do.

Lin Feng asked, “Take me back?”

“Lin Feng, we shouldn’t stay together. Go far away and when he comes, I’ll talk to him…” Lu Zhan said.

Lin Feng was annoyed. He had the feeling Lu Zhan was making a fuss over a trifle. He couldn’t help but say, “Lu Zhan, don’t worry. I’m not being reckless. Even though Wang Yuan’s cultivation is good, he still isn’t strong enough to injure me.”

Lu Zhan finally started the car and as he was driving, he said, “I’m not worried about him. You don’t understand. Even though Wang Yuan’s cultivation level isn’t high, his troops are extremely strong people. Many of them are high-ranking officers. They’re all elite fighters in Huaxia.”

Lin Feng was thoughtful. He hadn’t thought so many people supported Wang Yuan. How did he have so much influence? 


When they arrived in Jinjiang Residential District, Lu Zhan didn’t leave. He said he wanted to protect Lin Feng.

Lin Feng asked him lightly, “Are you afraid that I’m going to leave?”

Lu Zhan shot back angrily, “What are you on about, Lin Feng? I’m really worried that Wang Yuan will come and hurt you!”

“What if he does come and threatens me? Who will you help then?” Lin Feng asked deliberately.

“Hmph! You of course! I know you haven’t done anything wrong. I have no reason to be against you!” said Lu Zhan without hesitation.

As he was talking, his phone rang. It was Wang Yuan again. He asked where Lin Feng was.

Lin Feng was annoyed. Lu Zhan was too restless. A moment before, Lu Zhan had told Lin Feng about Wang Yuan’s influence, so Lin Feng had a new idea. He couldn’t meet those people in the Residential District. If something happened, it would have a big impact on ordinary people’s lives.

Lin Feng thought of Ten Thousand Willows Park. It was in the eastern part of town and all the factories and shops there had already fallen into disuse, so people never went there.

“Come! I’ll wait for you in Ten Thousand Willows Park!” shouted Lin Feng into the phone. 


 When Lin Feng and Lu Zhan arrived, it was afternoon already. There were a few illicit lovers in Ten Thousand Willows Park. It was the best place to have sex without being seen. However, Lu Zhan told them to leave for their own safety.

Lin Feng asked Lu Zhan to call Wang Yuan again. Wang Yuan said he was about to arrive.

Less than thirty minutes later, Wang Yuan’s tires squeaked just outside of the park. Just like Lu Zhan, he drove straight to the sports ground right at the center of the park.

Lin Feng saw four people and frowned. He knew that the three others with Wang Yuan weren’t weak. They were Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators, at least. They were even surrounded by some pale golden lights.

Lu Zhan looked at Wang Yuan and quickly took him aside. He said, “Wang Yuan, what do you want to do? Lin Feng is a good guy. He hasn’t done anything wrong. You’re kind of stirring up trouble here, don’t you think?”

Wang Yuan’s face was stiff. He said, “Lu Zhan, do you know that Ye Ren Island has disappeared?”

Lu Zhan was stupefied and asked curiously, “Come on, Wang Yuan… How could one guy alone make the island disappear? Are you just joking or what?”

Wang Yuan grunted icily, “Ye Ren Island appeared a few months ago. It just descended from the sky. We noticed it and checked it, and thought that it could probably be… the remains of a gigantic meteorite. We wanted to study it, we didn’t expect that Lin Feng would make it disappear!”

Lu Zhan was covered in cold sweat as he asked, “Come on, so many people have tried to get there and nobody has succeeded. Why would HE succeed? And alone, on top of that!”

“I think it’s strange. We couldn’t get through the light curtain, but Lin Feng went straight through!” said Wang Yuan.

At that moment, Lin Feng lost patience. Why speak and not fight? “Wang Yuan, are these all the people you brought with you today?” Lin Feng challenged him.

Wang Yuan pushed Lu Zhan away and said mockingly, “What? You think it’s not enough? These three people are elite forces in the Special Operations department. They are in charge of punishing cultivators who don’t respect the rules. They’re all Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators. Do you think you stand a chance?”

Lin Feng grinned and said, “Oh? Not bad. Alright, three of you, come; same time, altogether, or even all four of you if you wish.”

If they joined hands and he taught them a good lesson, they would feel so humiliated. They were very arrogant and self-important, after all.

“Hmph! You like to talk big, huh? We’re going to show you, little snot! Watch my fire skill!” said one of the three men. He took off his shirt and threw it on the car.

He had huge muscles and was much taller than Lin Feng, built like a bull. In contrast, Lin Feng was so slim he almost looked like a high school student.

“Wait!” shouted Lin Feng as they were about to attack.

The big man said, “What? You’re afraid now?”

Lin Feng smiled, “Since we’re going to fight, let’s bet. If you lose, never pester me again. If I lose, then I’ll follow you and you can dissect me.”

Wang Yuan and the others hadn’t thought of conditions or a bet, but since Lin Feng said that, why not? Even if they lost, they would continue pestering him. They would show Lin Feng he had offended the wrong people!

Another man whispered in Wang Yuan’s ear, “That little boy is a sly fox. We can’t agree. It sounds too good to be true!”

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