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Chapter 1582: Difficult Sword Battle!


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Lin Feng also felt some pressure. He condensed some pure Qi in his head and finally took a deep breath.

Each time the lightning struck him, they became smaller. Lin Feng looked at his opponent coldly, as if he wanted more powerful lightning.

Finally, his last lightning exploded. He tried to condense some more, but it didn’t work.

“Who the fuck are you…” He didn’t surrender and continued swearing.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

As he was speaking, Lin Feng slapped him in the face three times. The man immediately collapsed.

His mouth started bleeding, and drops of blood dripped on his chest. He coughed twice and a few teeth fell on the ground; he had just lost some teeth. Others were on the verge of collapse.

“Hehe, who taught you how to speak? Cultivators should respect people. Otherwise, they get beaten up like you,” Lin Feng said looking down at him.

“Be careful, Lin Feng!” Lu Zhan shouted suddenly.

Lin Feng had actually sensed some Qi behind him. He jumped over ten meters away and at the same time, the third man brandished a sword and landed where Lin Feng was a second before.

This one was an expert in swords. He was also the best cultivator of the group. He had strength at the top of the Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer already.

“Hmph! Petty and vile, huh? You tried to attack me by surprise?” Lin Feng said angrily.

Lin Feng’s perception was great, or he would have been in danger, or even died!

That person’s attack had gone beyond Lin Feng’s expectations. When they had arrived, they had said that they wanted to put pressure on Lin Feng, they had never thought he’d crush them!

But how cruel! The one who had just lost some teeth was one of his good friends, so when he saw his friends like that, his eyes were filled with murder.

“Bah! Do I need to attack you by surprise to kill you? Come and taste my incredible sword!” shouted that man. He got ready to humiliate Lin Feng.

He liked solo duels, especially since most people weren’t great with swords. He usually managed to crush his opponents, tear their clothes apart, and so forth. In the end, he usually cut their skin slowly.

He wanted to play the same old tricks on Lin Feng!

Lin Feng got excited. He had studied Ying Hun’s sword technique, but he had never tried it for real in a fight. He couldn’t wait.

Lin Feng’s hand flickered, and the Ying Hun sword appeared in his hand. It was golden and dazzling, and looked magnificent.

“Hey hey hey…! I didn’t know you knew how to use swords. And you also have a ring, huh? Hehehehehe… As expected, you have lots of precious treasures,” said that person greedily, “So, today, I’ll steal your ring and see what’s so good inside. I’ll see if I can sell some of the deceased’s items at a good price at some underground auctions. Hahahahahaha!”

He knew that cultivators usually put their most valuable items in rings. He also knew that a ring like that cost at least a million yuan! If it was of the highest quality, the price could go up to one hundred million yuan!

“Stop wasting time and attack now,” Lin Feng said, blocking the exit.

Lin Feng and the two people who attacked him before suddenly surrounded by celestial sword lights.

“Invisible and intangible Sword!” shouted Lin Feng’s opponent. His sword turned into several shadows in the air, moving towards Lin Feng too quickly.

Lin Feng said, “Void Destroying Energy!”

Lin Feng wasn’t any weaker than his opponent, and he was also much faster. Their swords didn’t collide, their sword Qi collided first. Boom boom boom! Their energies sparked as if two scorching hot metal bars had collided.

Clang clang clang! After that, the swords collided a few times. Beautiful sword trails appeared all around the fighters.

“Not bad, young man! You  managed to break my invisible and intangible sword attack! Hahahahahha! Awesome!” Even though he didn’t have the advantage, he admitted Lin Feng was an amazing cultivator.

Few people could resist three of his attacks. Since he had bumped into another sword expert, he had to use his best attacks now!

He spun his wrist and his sword moved straight towards Lin Feng’s hand. The attack was called Yellow Cutting Dragon!

When it reached people’s wrists, it usually cut their hands off!

Lin Feng wasn’t slow, and also used his sword, using an attack to block the enemy’s attack.

His opponent said, “Be careful! Yellow Dragon Sword!”

After that, he put his sword horizontally and the sword moved towards Lin Feng’s face like a shooting star. After that, Lin Feng turned his head and leaned aside. He was stunned. That attack was extremely fast. He could have been cut in two!

“What a sly and vicious attack.” His sword Qi dashed to the skies.

That man’s sword Qi also dashed to the skies. His expression changed drastically. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would react so quickly each time. Each time he attacked, he was pushed back or bounced away instantly.

It was the second attack already, and he didn’t have the advantage at all!

“Aaahhh… A flying sword…” Lu Zhan was terrified. Lin Feng’s sword was floating in midair!

A sword was a weapon; making a weapon fly was different from flying as a human. If the connection with the weapon was lost, the cultivator could get injured!

The duelist was startled too. “Lin Feng, you’re really strong. You can make a sword fly… But I know how to do that too!”

The tip of his sword pointed at Lin Feng, and then danced towards him!

Lin Feng asked inside of his head, “What are you doing, Ying Hun…? Hurry up and give me the sword back…”

The sword was floating in midair, but not because Lin Feng made it; Ying Hun was controlling the sword at this moment!

“Hehehe, Master, that guy is way too arrogant and aggressive, so I want to teach him a good lesson. Leave it to me!” Ying Hun implored him.

Lin Feng sighed helplessly. Since the enemy was using a sword, he couldn’t flinch, or they’d consider him a coward.

Lin Feng said hastily, “Be careful, don’t kill him.” The sword flashed and turned into a beam of light.

Clang! Energies sparked. The man’s sword was forced several meters away. The Ying Hun sword followed it and they clashed again.

The enemy didn’t dare get distracted for even a single second. Lin Feng didn’t dare intervene, worried that he would disturb Ying Hun’s attack.

The two swords shot up into the sky and collided again. Lin Feng looked at his opponent, who was covered in sweat.

He was extremely focused. Lin Feng didn’t do anything, and only sighed helplessly inside, It feels like I’m a cheater, but she played a trick on me…

His opponent looked more and more exhausted. When he looked at Lin Feng, he was absolutely stunned. Lin Feng wasn’t doing anything to control his sword. Could it be that he was so strong that he could control the sword entirely with his thoughts? The sword was extremely precise! He didn’t need to move at all?

He had a bad feeling. Solely relying on that observation, he was convinced he had already lost.

Two sorts of sword cultivators. When he controlled his sword, he needed to use incantations. Lin Feng just used his mind!

If Lin Feng moved and attacked by surprise, he would be caught unprepared and die!

However, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill him.

The swords sparked and collided several times. The swordsman was stunned. He staggered and shouted explosively, “Slowly! Stop!”

Clang! His sword fell on the ground; it was broken already.

The Ying Hun Sword had cut the tip of his sword off. He was extremely sad; his sword was sharp and it had been made using the best materials!

The Ying Hun Sword came back into Lin Feng’s hand. The duelist crouched down and lifted his broken sword. He shivered, even though he wasn’t cold. His sword was a very high-quality weapon; he had bought it for 5.5 million… He had never expected someone to break it!

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