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Chapter 1583: No Discord, No Concord!


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Lin Feng looked at his sword. It was perfectly fine, not a single scratch. Lin Feng couldn’t help but take a deep breath. He said to Ying Hun, “Ying Hun, in the future, don’t take initiatives. I could have ended up in trouble because of you.”

Ying Hun smiled and replied excitedly, “I was just playing. If I had wanted to kill him, it would have been easy in less than ten attacks!”

“Alright, alright, alright. You’re a sword soul, so not many people can compete with you in terms of swords,” Lin Feng agreed.

“Lin Feng…” Lu Zhan came over and looked Lin Feng over worriedly. When he saw Lin Feng was safe and sound, he was relieved.

Wang Yuan pulled a long face. He had brought three elite fighters, and Lin Feng had defeated all three of them. They even had different specialties: fire, electricity and swords… But Lin Feng had destroyed them all!

Wang Yuan was desperate.

Wang Yuan looked at Lin Feng and Lu Zhan gravely. “Lin Feng, as expected, you’re extremely strong, but I’m telling you, don’t do things which are forbidden for cultivators. Otherwise, even if I can’t defeat you, I can ask my superiors to take care of you!”

Lu Zhan and Wang Yuan were friends so he said, “Alright, let’s leave the matter at that then, Wang Yuan. Let’s consider you having exchanged views on cultivation. Don’t worry, I know Lin Feng. He’s not the kind of person who poses a threat to public order!”

Wang Yuan sounded kinder and gentler suddenly, “Alright. Since you’re saying that, I trust you for the time being. We’re off!”

As the three people were about to get in the car, the one with the sword turned around and bowed hand over fist. “Lin Feng, you taught us a good lesson. I hope we’ll have opportunities to exchange views on cultivation again in the future. If you accept…”

Those people were second-class cultivators, but they still looked at him with respect and admiration. Lin Feng was qualified to be a first-class cultivator, it seemed!

However, the competition was fierce. No first-class cultivator could help another person rise and become a first-class cultivator. Their skills and techniques were secret too! The three of them had finally met someone who could defeat them, so they all hoped Lin Feng would help them.

Even though they didn’t know Lin Feng, they hoped they could become good friends.

Wang Yuan felt awkward because of that, but he didn’t say anything. He actually wanted to fight Lin Feng too! Lin Feng needed to become stronger though…

When Lin Feng saw those people were not hostile anymore, he decided to let bygones be bygones and bowed hand over fist. “You’re too kind, my new friends. It was nothing. Everybody, let’s work hard! Good luck to all of us!”

Just before, they were threatening to kill each other, and now they chatted like good old friends.

“Wang Yuan, you can’t leave now. You don’t live nearby and you don’t come to Jiang Nan very often. Let’s go to the best restaurant in Jiang Nan, I’ve invited you!” said Lu Zhan.

Wang Yuan’s eyes gleamed. He turned his head and said, “You’re right! We haven’t had a good meal together for years. Today is a great day indeed!” He said to Lin Feng, “Brother Lin, let’s forget about what happened. No discord, no concord. We may even be partners in the future. Together, we can make Huaxia a wonderful place, peaceful and harmonious.”

The two groups took their own cars. Wang Yuan followed Lu Zhan’s car, who drove to the Jian Nan Grand Hotel.

Jiang Nan Grand Hotel was the biggest hotel in the province, and one of the most luxurious. It was also a fine dining restaurant. In ordinary times, Lin Feng and Lu Zhan didn’t have enough money to come to such places. 


An hour later, the two cars stopped in front of the Grand Hotel. When Lin Feng and the others came out of their cars, Lu Zhan asked for a small private room. After that, Wang Yuan took the menu and said, “I’m inviting you today, Lu Zhan, so you can’t try to pay.”

After that, he gave the menu to Lin Feng, Lin Feng chose a fish dish with a spicy soup and then gave the menu to the others. They ordered some vegetables. Wang Yuan ordered a bottle of spirits, a special liquor made of yeast, a traditional drink in Jiang Nan. He also ordered some beers and some soft drinks.

The waiters bought everything quickly. When Lin Feng saw alcohol, he said hastily, “I’m sorry. I don’t drink alcohol. You can drink. I drink soft drinks instead.”

Wang Yuan smiled jokingly, “You’re like a tiger and you don’t drink alcohol?” Even though he said that, he didn’t insist.

After a few shots, Wang Yuan stared at Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin Feng, where are you from? Where did you study cultivation?” asked Wang Yuan, as if he were just curious.

Lin Feng was annoyed. He couldn’t tell anyone the truth. Nobody would believe him. The World of Battles…? So Lin Feng said, “Hmm… I’ve had a difficult life. I grew up on the streets. Then, I met an unknown teacher who taught me a few things. Step by step, I progressed.”

Lin Feng smiled modestly. When Wang Yuan saw that Lin Feng didn’t feel like talking about the past, he couldn’t but feel even more curious. “You are so young, and your cultivation is so incredible. You are a great person. I have lots of experience and I think you can become very powerful in Huaxia. If you’re interested, I can recommend you.”

Lin Feng was an extraordinary young man, so Wang Yuan wanted to support him. It would be a pity if someone like Lin Feng didn’t do something important for the nation. He would also contribute to making society more harmonious and stable.

Lin Feng understood what he meant. He liked Huaxia. Before going back to the World of Battles, Lin Feng wanted to do something for Huaxia. He had to accomplish something.

Therefore, Lin Feng replied, “I would love to, yes.”

They suddenly heard some people shouting, and the sound of chairs and tables being thrown.

Lu Zhan and another young man had grim looks.  Lu Zhan wanted to stand up to go and see, but Wang Yuan stopped him, “We don’t have many opportunities for us to gather together. Let’s not be chivalrous and help those in need without reward. You’re not an ordinary cop. It’s not your job. Let’s have another drink…”

Lu Zhan thought Wang Yuan was right. Why get involved in some ordinary people’s fight? It wasn’t his job at all.

However, as they were about to raise their glasses, someone suddenly opened the door, two waitresses came in looking flustered. One of them shouted, “Brothers, please help us…”

The two waitresses wanted to come in and hide, but someone kicked them. A few men with full body tattoos showed up at the door. They all had crew cuts and big golden chains around their necks.

“Fucking hell, shameless stinky bitches, huh? We want to fuck you, you should feel honored. Do you know who we are?” exclaimed a man, reaching out for the two women. The women were so scared they ran and hid behind Lin Feng and the others.

A man with a sharp face looked at Lin Feng and the others. He said deliberately, “What? You want to help those bitches?”

The guy spoke like that because he noticed Lin Feng and the others looked oddly calm. When he saw they didn’t look afraid at all, he understood they weren’t ordinary guests.

Usually people were afraid of them, so when they saw Lin Feng and the others looked so indifferent, they thought Lin Feng and the others were trying to provoke them.

Lin Feng remained silent, but suddenly a young man from his group grabbed an empty bottle and threw it towards the four men.



The man with the sharp face raised one eyebrow. The pain coming from his other eye was almost unbearable. 


One his friends wanted to attack, but the man stopped him. He wasn’t a coward. He ground his teeth and said, “Fucking hell, you dared attack me? You’re doomed!”

He took out a knife and pointed at that young man, “We’re going to have some fun, and when I’m done with you, I’ll put your hand in an alcohol jar as a trophy!”

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