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Chapter 1584: The Feng Clan’s Secret Plot!


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 They didn’t use their powers; they were using normal weapons to fight.

Lin Feng understood. Lu Zhan had told him about the rules; cultivators couldn’t use their powers in front of ordinary people…

The man with the sharp face attacked. His opponent was bare-handed, so the man wasn’t afraid.

However, the man saw something flash and suddenly his other eye suddenly hurt violently. He was blown away and BOOM! A part of the wall collapsed! A cloud of grey dust appeared in the room. There was a huge hole in the wall of the restaurant and one could see outside now!

The others rushed up in a crowd. They wanted to help the man who had been blown away, but the young man threw kicks all around himself and in the blink of an eye, everybody was lying on the ground and struggling to get back up.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile. These gang members were really weak.

The punks were afraid anyway, and they didn’t dare continue causing trouble. 

They finally heard more people. Three more people showed up at the door. They were all fifty to sixty-years old.

Everybody was astonished when Qi emerged. They were cultivators as well!

The young man was going back to his seat but when the three people showed up, he stopped.

A short one, a tall one and a fat one. They were with the people on the floor, so when they saw Lin Feng and the others, they were surprised. It’s him?

The old man who was thinking was Feng Dao Chang; he was an elder in charge of External Affairs. He had the strength of an Independent Supreme Ultimate Celestial Cultivator, and was about to break through to Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator. The other elders were Feng Dao Yuan and Feng Dao Ji.

When the young man saw those cultivators, his heartbeat accelerated. He didn’t like them. The others were real cultivators, and he was just a young man with abnormal power. Actually, those powers were part of what people called abnormal cultivation, they were not considered real cultivation, so he felt even angrier.

“Hey, you three old grouches, what are you doing here? You think you can act tyrannically because you’re a little bit strong? What do you want now?” asked the young man provocatively.

Feng Dao Chang didn’t say anything, but Feng Dao Yuan could barely control himself. He stepped forwards, but Feng Dao Chang stopped him and said, “Don’t cause trouble.”

The ones who had been beaten up crawled back up. The one with the sharp face came to the front and said, “Uncle Chang, destroy them! They dared attack us, members of the Feng Clan!”

Feng Dao Chang didn’t want to reveal his identity; he just wanted to come see, then go back and report that Lin Feng wasn’t dead.

These days, the Feng Clan was happy because everybody thought Lin Feng was dead. Yet now, he was right there in front of them!

The man with the sharp face had even sold Feng Dao Chang out. Feng Dao Chang shouted and slapped the man with the sharp eyes in the face. Then he turned around and cursed, “Bastard! You morons like to act wildly in defiance of the law and public opinion, huh? If you dare do such a thing again, I will cripple your cultivation!”

The man with the sharp eyes didn’t dare say anything anymore.

Feng Dao Chang looked at Lin Feng and the others and bowed hand over fist, “Everybody, I’m very sorry. He is drunk. Young people do these kinds of things when they’re drunk. Have a good evening. Goodbye…”

He was being extremely polite, but the young man said angrily, “Hmph! Easier said than done! You ruined everything and you think you can leave now?!”

He tried to sound intimidating. Feng Dao Chang had a bad temper, and would normally attack, but Lin Feng was there…

“I’m sorry, sorry. We’ll pay for your bill as a sign of gratitude, and we’ll pay the restaurant for the damages caused. Forgive us,” said Feng Dao Chang apologetically.

Lu Zhan knew that the Feng Clan was a powerful group in Jiang Nan and that they didn’t want to give the young man with abnormal cultivation and his friends another chance to cause trouble. Lu Zhan walked over and said, “Alright, alright. It was just a misunderstanding. You can go. Just stop causing trouble.”

Feng Dao Chang said goodbye and left with his people immediately.

The young man went back to his seat and said angrily while taking a sip of his drink, “What did those young men just say? Feng Clan? Where is the Feng Clan from? Are they famous in Jiang Nan?”

Wang Yuan and the two others were excited. They looked at Lin Feng and Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan sighed helplessly and explained, “The Feng Clan is a real cultivation clan. They’re the biggest influential group in Jiang Nan. Every year, some talented cultivators from the Feng Clan join our forces. We can’t offend them.”

“Hmph! Real cultivators are arrogant. If you hadn’t stopped me a moment before, I would have taught them a good lesson. Those fucking dogs!” The eyes of the young man were filled with blue fire.

After that, Wang Yuan looked bored and said, “Alright, let’s continue drinking and when we’re done, let’s go.”

When the waitresses saw the bad guys leave, they thanked them and went back to work.

Feng Dao Chang had paid for everything already. 


Feng Dao Chang couldn’t continue with his birthday dinner. He had to go back and report to Feng Yin Quan.

Feng Yin Quan was drinking tea when Feng Dao Chang told him what had happened. When Feng Yin Quan heard that, he spat out his tea and stood up, “What?! You saw Lin Feng?”

“Yes, 200% sure. In Jiang Nan Grand Hotel. He was with some other people. They were all cultivators. I came back to report to you.”

Feng Yin Quan’s face stiffened. He walked back and forth and muttered to himself, “I didn’t think he’d dare come back to Jiang Nan. Ye Qi and the others have disappeared. We don’t even know if they’re still alive. He may have killed them already. Now he’s back… What does he want to do?”

After ten minutes of mumbling to himself, he remembered Feng Dao Chang was still there and waved impatiently, “Alright, I know now, leave! Go and report to everybody. From now on, stop offending him.”


After Feng Dao Chang left, Feng Yin Quan went to the secret passage and then to his underground room to see the ancestor.

All the ancestors of the Feng Clan had contributed to that place. The pure Qi there was excellent.

There was even a source of pure Qi. It kept releasing spiritual Qi. It was one of the most vital things for true cultivators.

When Feng Yin Quan arrived underground, he opened the door with the greatest care, “Ancestor, I came to beg you for mercy…”

“What now? About Ye Qi and the others’ location?”

“No, there is no news from them yet. But… Lin Feng came back to Jiang Nan…” said Feng Yin Quan. The Ancestor had already scolded him before because of Ye Qi and the others.

“What? He’s back? But you said he was dead?! How annoying!” the Ancestor said angrily from inside.

“Eh… an elder in charge of Foreign Affairs would like to see you. He’s worried there was a communication problem. What do you think?”

“Hmph! You’re the leader of Feng Clan and you’re a piece of shit. Lin Feng, an insignificant cultivator of the Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer, and you look scared to death. How pathetic. The plan hasn’t changed then. If he dares offend the Feng Clan, he must die! So we’ll join hands with other cultivators, and go and kill him!”

The old man muttered to himself irresolutely, “I’ll give you two spiritual birds. The male can track someone based on their spiritual Qi, so it check on a person’s comings and goings. The female one can transmit the information from the male to you and stay at your side.”

The birds appeared and landed in Feng Yin Quan’s hands.

The old man said, “Didn’t you say that Lin Feng was in a hotel right now? Make the bird go and sense his Qi.”

Feng Yin Quan left for the Jiang Nan Grand Hotel.


Lin Feng stayed there for one more hour and left the hotel. Lu Zhan and Lin Feng said goodbye to Wang Yuan and left.

When they left, there was a small bird in the distance. It silently followed Lu Zhan’s car. The bird was extremely fast and quickly landed on Lu Zhan’s car.

Lu Zhan said to Lin Feng, “Do you want to go and see Nian Ling Jiao and the others?”

Lin Feng nodded, “Yes. I haven’t seen them for a few days now.”

Lin Feng and Lu Zhan had no idea that a little bird was tracking them… 

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