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Chapter 1588: Killing on The Street!


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Lin Feng was embarrassed. Nian Ling Jiao’s brain still didn’t work properly because of the trip. Lin Feng said coldly, “Nian Ling Jiao, you move back. I’m going to teach these retards a good lesson.”

But Nian Ling Jiao stopped him. The men burst into laughter when they saw her expression. She wanted to know the answers to her questions for real.

Lin Feng sighed helplessly and said to Nian Ling Jiao, “They’re harassing you sexually! They’re saying bad words!”

“Ah?” Nian Ling Jiao looked ice-cold suddenly, and very angry. She walked forwards. 

The bald man didn’t look angry. He just rubbed his belly and smiled evilly, “Hehehe… So you’re coming to get it, huh?” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Nian Ling Jiao suddenly flashed and reappeared right in front of him.


The bald man was shocked and terrified, but it was too late. Nian Ling Jiao’s bamboo slip was in his left eye already!

Blood gushed and the man screamed miserably. He was a brutal and violent man, but she had stabbed his eye with a bamboo slip. Blood kept gushing, and he had to put his hand on his eye.

All the people around were terrified, but Nian Ling Jiao didn’t let them off. She immediately threw a palm strike and real pure Qi emerged from her palm. There was an explosion and all the members of the group were blown into the sky.

When they crashed back down on the ground, they were all dead!

“Oh no, they’re dead!…” The crowd around ran away in terror.

Lin Feng had forgotten that she didn’t know the rules. They had just talked about having fun, a walk, and some shopping, not killing people! He had forgotten to tell her she couldn’t use cultivation in front of ordinary citizens. Now they’d been unlucky; they came out and she had killed over twenty people at once. It was nothing but a slaughter.

Lin Feng hastily pulled her back to him. Lu Zhan and the others also pushed the crowd away. They couldn’t stay there. The police hadn’t arrived yet so…

They ran over two hundred meters in one breath and saw police officers patrolling the road. Someone was talking to them and pointing at Lin Feng and the others.

As expected, two police and officers and five or six guards started chasing him! Lin Feng ran away with Nian Ling Jiao. Lu Zhan guided them to the main road.

Lu Zhan said to Lin Feng, “This is a disaster!”

Nian Ling Jiao got in the same car as Lin Feng and Lu Zhan because she was fast too. Nian Ling Jiao said disapprovingly, “What disaster? Only a few people died, right? I’ve killed so many people in my life!”

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Indeed, Nian Ling Jiao, indeed! The law of the World of Battles was the law of the jungle. The weak were the prey of the strong. The Earth was different!

Lu Zhan swallowed in astonishment. He wondered if Nian Ling Jiao was normal and asked Lin Feng, “What do you think?”

“What can we do? They’re gangsters from the Brotherhood, bad people; killing bad people is good.”

Lu Zhan didn’t intend to sell Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Feng out, but he suddenly cried out, “We’re doomed! They’re chasing us!”

Lin Feng turned his head and saw several police cars behind them. At their pace, they were going to get caught soon.

Lin Feng had never cared about rules. He went into the back of the car, opened the window and shouted, “Imperial Imprint Formula!”

A gigantic Imprint appeared, tens of meters wide. There was an explosion and the road blew apart. All the cars behind them had to stop.

Lin Feng didn’t do it to harm people, and controlled the size of his Imprint. 

 The police cars in the back accelerated, but suddenly the ground shook and gigantic boulders fell on the road. They were terrified and stopped quickly.

Many cars bumped into each other, and some drivers fainted. Lin Feng had managed to make them stop following him. When the distance between them and the car was good enough, he recalled his Sky Destroying Imprint. 


“Where have you learned to drive ,for fuck’s sake?” a policeman said to the trainee who was driving.

The trainee said, “Leader, don’t blame me. The ground was destroyed. I even saw a big golden rock fall on us!”

There was dust everywhere in the air, so they couldn’t see clearly. An officer cursed, “Where did that fucking golden boulder come from?”

Another policeman said, “Leader, it really was a golden boulder and it was gigantic. A few stories tall…”

The officer wanted to ask his colleagues to intercept the criminals, so he didn’t pay attention to the Sky Destroying Imprint when it was moving down. The dust began to disperse finally.

All the policemen were stunned. A meters-wide hole had appeared in front of them on the road.

The first car was already hanging above the hole. The car was shaking, then it rumbled down into the deep pit. 


Lu Zhan and Lin Feng went back to the secure hospital. Before going back, Lin Feng and Lu Zhan swore neither of them would talk about it, as if nothing had ever happened.

After bringing Nian Ling Jiao back to the mysterious hospital, Ling Jiao and Lu Zhan came back outside. This time, they wanted to understand the situation a little bit better. 

Some police officers had investigated and asked, “Are you serious? A golden boulder fell from the sky? But where is the boulder now?”

A police officer said, “I think it was a problem with the road.”

An old police officer who had experience shook his head and said, “No. It’s not that simple. Cultivators did something. Some people must have used a special weapon. Otherwise, the attack couldn’t have been so powerful.”

All the police officers were stunned when they heard the old man talk about cultivation, so they asked, “So, what do we do? Who’s that strong in Jiang Nan?”

The old police officer shook his head, “We can’t get involved. Let the Special Operations department take care of it. We have to report to our superiors.”

Lu Zhan’s phone rang. Lu Zhan picked up the phone immediately and said, “Hello?”

“Officer Lu? We’re on the northern road, some cultivators have committed a crime. A huge hole appeared on a road. Some of our officers were nearly injured. I hope you can take up the case, because we can’t take care of such matters,” said the old police officer.

Lu Zhan was involved… and now he had to solve it?

“Eh, Mister Wang, I am on a business trip. There were no deaths you said? You can take care of it,” said Lu Zhan.

Mister Wang hung up angrily. He went back to his job guiding the traffic.

After making sure everything was fine, Lin Feng and Lu Zhan left. 


When they went back inside, Nian Ling Jiao was in her courtyard playing around with different bracelets. She didn’t seem concerned at all, even though she had killed people. When Lu Zhan saw how indifferent she looked, he sighed helplessly.

Lu Zhan said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, are you and she really from the World of Battles? Have other people come with you?”

Lu Zhan had millions of questions. What are you doing on Earth? Are you good or bad? How come you’re such strong cultivators? Is it the end of the world?

Lin Feng looked at Lu Zhan’s face and patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry, Lu Zhan. It was an accident. Such things will never happen again…”

Nian Ling Jiao noticed Lin Feng and Lu Zhan were chatting in the distance, so she came over and took out a necklace. She asked Lin Feng, “What kind of stone is it? It’s beautiful!”

Lin Feng looked at it. Nian Ling Jiao was talking about a red piece of glass. It cost only twenty yuan. Nian Ling Jiao was too naive…

“Ahem! A special stone from Earth…” Lin Feng said. 

Nian Ling Jiao was excited and asked, “Help me put it on!”

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