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Chapter 1589: Urgent Mission!


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Nian Ling Jiao was so happy to wear the necklace she kept smiling happily. Qi Xiao Hua arrived. Nian Ling Jiao said, “Mom, look at this beautiful necklace, Lin Feng bought it for me. “

Qi Xiao Hua smiled and sighed, “If you haven’t gone insane because of the Brotherhood, you wouldn’t think this piece of crap is a nice gift. There are jewels which are much, much more beautiful, but you will never be able to afford them…”

She sounded sad and disappointed.

“Mom! What are you talking about! The Brotherhood used to bully me and now they can’t anymore. Besides, Lin Feng is really nice and helps me a lot. Women can be cultivators too! I’m not afraid of them. I could even go and take our jewels back!” Nian Ling Jiao said impolitely

Qi Xiao Hua looked at her with hope, but then shook her head, “Even though the price of those jewels was low, they are the fruit of mutual consent. Don’t go and steal them back.”

Nian Ling Jiao replied, “Alright, but don’t worry, the Brotherhood has bullied us enough. I will get our things back!”

Nian Ling Jiao then pulled Lin Feng’s sleeve and said, “Lin Feng, you have to help us. Help our family!”

At that moment, Lu Zhan’s phone rang. He answered, then said to Lin Feng, “Wang Yuan wants to talk to you.”

Lin Feng took the phone. Lu Zhan walked away. Wang Yuan said, “Lin Feng, you’re going to leave the day after tomorrow. What you said last time is still ok. If you’re ready, come over. When you arrive, call me; I’ll come and pick you up.”

Lin Feng hadn’t thought he’d have to work on that so quickly. He wasn’t ready, but since he had accepted, he had to keep his promise. Besides, it was something interesting and for his own nation, so he had to agree!

Lin Feng was worried about Nian Ling Jiao. He said, “Nian Ling Jiao, I need to leave for a short time. Stay here with your parents. We can talk about your family goods which have been stolen when I come back, but don’t take any risks alone. Don’t act without careful consideration.”

Nian Ling Jiao lowered her head and said sadly, “Why are you telling me this only now? I want to come with you everywhere you go.”

“Too inconvenient. Besides, your parents are here. Even though they’re strict, you’re safe. You wouldn’t want to abandon them, right?” Lin Feng probed, sounding Nian Ling Jiao out.

As expected, Nian Ling Jiao hesitated. Nian Ling Jiao was the result of the fusion of two souls. Of course she had affection for her parents and she couldn’t dare say she would abandon them.

In the end, she nodded unwillingly. “Alright, as you wish. Hurry up and come back. Then we’ll go to the Brotherhood and get our revenge!”

Lin Feng asked Lu Zhan to take care of them, too. Lu Zhan naturally agreed. 


The next day, Lin Feng and Wang Yuan met up at ten in the morning. Wang Yuan said, “Lin Feng, come with me. I’ll tell you the details of the mission.”

Wang Yuan took Lin Feng to a black car. A dozen people were inside. Lin Feng glanced around and realized all those people were cultivators.

Wang Yuan said to Lin Feng, “They are your comrades for this mission. They’ve never been abroad. They’re coming to M Country with you this time. They’ll help protect our nation’s interests.”

Those people were between thirty to forty years old. People were the strongest when they were in their thirties. They were faster and better, mentally and physically.

Therefore, when they saw Lin Feng, they were surprised. One of them was a thirty-year-old-man, who asked, “Officer Wang, that young man… He’s so young… Are you sure we can use him?”

The others were surprised, “The mission is extraordinarily important. I think we should find an experienced cultivator.”

Wang Yuan knew those people were going to have things to say, so he tapped Lin Feng’s shoulder and said, “He’s young yes, but he’s much, much stronger than you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t take the risk.”

When Wang Yuan said that, the people looked at him curiously, but they didn’t insist. 


Wang Yuan took a picture of all of them and put them in their respective files. There were all sorts of details about them inside.

The mission was very important, but it was in Las Vegas in M Country, a place known for its casinos.

Huaxia had five officials. All were people from special departments, like Special Operations. 

Lin Feng remembered all the details. He had a great memory these days. Lin Feng was thus the first one to get done.

Lin Feng asked Wang Yuan, “What kind of material is the relic made of?”

Wang Yuan shook his head and said apologetically, “It’s very special, so the superiors won’t tell anyone else such details. At the right time, you’ll have to deal with the safe. As long as the safe is safe, then the relic is fine, too.”

The meeting ended at noon. Wang Yuan gathered his things, stood up and said, “Alright, let’s go and get some food, and then I’m going back to the office to get ready for tomorrow.”

Everybody nodded. They went to a restaurant, ate something simple and went back to the office in Linhai. Lin Feng and the others got out of the car at the end of the path before the forest.

They already had rooms. Lin Feng called Lu Zhan and asked about Nian Ling Jiao. “Don’t worry,” said Lu Zhan. Now, Nian Ling Jiao was fine and normal, so Lin Feng could focus on his mission.

Lin Feng was going to travel by plane for the first time. Even though he was curious, he had also flown at incredible altitudes in the World of Battles. One thing was sure; he didn’t get airsick and he didn’t have vertigo! 

Lin Feng slept the whole trip. He needed to rest to be strong. When they landed, Lin Feng woke up. He felt great and refreshed!

After getting off of the plane, Lin Feng glanced around. There were three groups of officials. The officials had over ten elite men with them. They were perfectly safe with such security measures.

No wonder Las Vegas was the gambling capital city of the world. The extravagance of the place went beyond what Lin Feng had imagined. All sorts of casinos were everywhere, extremely hot girls were everywhere… In other words, this was a money squandering den!

Lin Feng and the others followed the officials to a hotel. The hotel was in a strategic place. Lin Feng stayed in the same room as two other people. It was the most important place. The room for core members of the mission.

“Hey, you’re Lin Feng, right? Which group are you from and what type of cultivation do you practice?” asked the man who had talked to Lin Feng during the meeting. It seemed he looked down on Lin Feng a little.

Lin Feng pretended he didn’t see his hostile face and smiled, “Me? I am just an independent cultivator. I’ve studied a few different real cultivation skills. I don’t practice a particular type of cultivation. I’m pretty relaxed.”

The man frowned. He didn’t believe Lin Feng. People who had been chosen for this mission were all extremely strong.

So he said, “You mean that you’ve practiced cultivation using all Five Elements? Not bad then… Being able to control all five elements is pretty good…”

Lin Feng just smiled. Since they were all comrades, he didn’t need to argue with anyone. Besides, it was a secret mission; if they started arguing, they might get exposed, which would be a catastrophe.

The other one was a bit older, in his forties already, said, “Gao Chun, don’t ask others useless questions. Keep calm. Let’s rest for an hour!”

The thirty-year-old was called Gao Chun. Gao Chun looked at him with a fake smile. It seemed he had to submit to the forty-year-old man, so he said politely, “Brother Li, sorry, I’m just too curious. He’s so young and we’ve spent half the day together already, but I still don’t know what kind of cultivator he is. I’m worried that he’s too weak for this mission.”

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