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Chapter 1590: Jack Can’t be Trusted!


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 Brother Li glanced at him and said, “Thinking about that is my job. Do your job and that’ll be enough…”

Brother Li seemed to be trying to protect Lin Feng. At the same time, he was curious too. After scolding Gao Chun, he smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, please don’t pay attention to that young man. Gao Chun likes to argue.”

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, but didn’t say anything.

He looked calm and composed. Lin Feng laid down on his bed and released his godly awareness, checking the secret rooms around. With Lin Feng’s cultivation level, walls couldn’t prevent him from seeing and hearing things.

He heard three people talking about playing at the casino. One of them had come to M Country before, so he knew more than the others and started telling them about the place and how it worked.

Lin Feng listened because he was curious. The man explained how he led a life of debauchery. When Lin Feng heard the man talk about real cultivators, he listened even more carefully.

He heard the man say, “A few years ago when I came here, I tried and exchanged views with some real cultivators. They’re different from us. It’s a different system. They worship some kind of thing called Christ, some others worship something Indian gods; they’re completely different from us. Regarding how strong they are, some are strong…”

Another one said, “So did you win?”

“I…I lost, against some Indian shaman. Their shamans are really strong. They can Summon gods to fight on their side. It was like I was fighting against several people on my own. I suffered a crushing defeat and nearly died.”

As Lin Feng listened, his phone rang. Wang Yuan had given them all a phone when they had landed. Wang Yuan said, “Lin Feng, come to 702. I need to talk to you.”

 Lin Feng went to 702 and knocked. Wang Yuan opened. Lin Feng noticed a gun on a table with a telescopic sight. It was a dangerous weapon.

“Is that your gun? What do you want to do?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Hehe, of course it’s mine. We need snipers during the trade, hiding everywhere.” Wang Yuan gave Lin Feng a soft drink and then he took his weapon.

“So why did you call me?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. He knew nothing about guns.

“Because you and I are going to see the others tonight,” said Wang Yuan indifferently. Lin Feng was startled.

“Why me? Why not the others?”

“The others… I don’t trust them.”

“Eh? What? Why would you trust me more than the others?” Lin Feng had a bad feeling.

“Yes, Lu Zhan told me about you. I trust Lu Zhan, so I trust you. Lu Zhan said that your cultivation was incredible and that you had extraordinary weapons, so I obviously decided to choose you first. Besides, you will also participate on the day of the trade,” said Wang Yuan.

“I’ll participate as well?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Yes. You don’t need to follow the general instructions anymore. Just follow me,” said Wang Yuan resolutely.

Lin Feng understood that Wang Yuan had planned everything and he trusted him a great deal. Lin Feng felt great pressure.

Very quickly, Wang Yuan disassembled the gun and put it in his bag. Then he stood up and said, “Let’s go. We need to proceed with the last verification.”

Wang Yuan took Lin Feng to the elevator. When they arrived on the ground floor, they left the hotel. 


The night was extremely beautiful there. There were lights everywhere. Lin Feng and Lu Zhan walked to their target destination. After walking past a few streets, they arrived in front of a casino.

Lin Feng was surprised. Was the trade going to happen in a casino? He didn’t ask anything; since Wang Yuan had taken him there, there couldn’t be a mistake.

They entered the casino and Lin Feng saw dozens of tables. There were many people sitting at all of them. Lin Feng was even more surprised, because many of them looked like people from Huaxia!

Wang Yuan took Lin Feng to a table. There weren’t many people at that table, only half a dozen. The roulette wheel was spinning. When Wang Yuan and Lin Feng got closer, the others looked at them warily.

One of them was going to ask them something but a foreigner at the table stopped him and raised his hand saying, “Mister Wang, you’re here. Please sit down.”

He spoke Mandarin! He had an accent and his tones weren’t perfect, but he pronounced the words correctly and had a nice flow.

Wang Yuan sat down. He looked at the others, who were glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey. Then he asked, “Mister Jack, when can we proceed with the trade? Let’s proceed with the last verification?”

Jack smiled but sounded cold, “Mister Wang, the owner of the item has changed his mind. He has new conditions…”

When Wang Yuan heard that, he pulled a long face and asked angrily, “What is that supposed to mean?”

Jack knocked on the table. He looked at Lin Feng and then at Wang Yuan, he said, “You may not know that the owner is like you guys, a cultivator. Back when he obtained the item, he started studying it, but twenty year later, he still hasn’t made any progress. If you could help him understand it, he would be willing to give it without any financial compensation.”

“What if we can’t understand it either? The trade won’t happen?” asked Wang Yuan patiently.

“Hehe, the master said that if you didn’t understand it, he’d sell it back for ten times the price originally agreed upon,” said Jack.

Wang Yuan hammered the table and shouted, “Mister Jack, you don’t seem very trustworthy! How dare you go back on your word? Are you trying to mess around with us? You’re not very honest! We are very disappointed.”

When Wang Yuan got angry, the people around all released Qi and looked at them. Many of them got ready to attack. Of course, Lin Feng got ready to attack as well.

“Mister Wang, I have no choice. The owner obtained the item himself and legally. He hasn’t violated any of the laws of our country. Even if he wants to increase the price a thousandfold, it’s legal. If you don’t want to trade the item or don’t have the money for it, then the trade must be canceled,” said Jack. He didn’t feel guilty, and didn’t think it was unfair at all.

Wang Yuan frowned. Huaxia was already going to pay billions for the item; if they increased the price that much, then the price would become unbelievable… Wang Yuan couldn’t make the decision on whether to accept such a price or not.

Lin Feng felt like it was unfair. Jack continued, “Mister Wang Yuan, I have no choice but to tell you a secret. Actually, this time, you’re not the only people who want to buy it. If you are not happy about that, you have no choice but to deal with them.”

Jack continued, “One of them comes from Fu Sang. He offered a price much higher than yours. Even though Fu Sang has its origins in Huaxia, they are not following the path of virtue anymore. Because nobody can understand that item, the owner decided to choose you.”

Lin Feng wondered what kind of country Fu Sang was? They always tried to get in through every opening. They had offered a higher price?

They didn’t have just one opponent on this mission!

Jack said, “The others are from everywhere. They are all moguls and tycoons in their countries. One of them is Huaxian like you…”

“What? Someone from Huaxia? Who?” asked Wang Yuan. He seemed astonished. Who dared?

Jack smiled and shook his head, “I can’t tell you, but I just thought I’d warn you that the price they offered is also higher than yours…”

Everything changed at that time. New conditions, new circumstances!

The atmosphere became tense. Even Jack felt awkward. He waved and called the dealer. Wang Yuan tried to bet on three numbers.

In the end, after a few games, he was covered in sweat. He was using his own money.

Jack was so happy, he kept shouting in broken Mandarin, as if Wang Yuan was his best gambling friend. Very quickly, he lost a lot of money.

In the end, Lin Feng couldn’t help but intervene after watching that person. Each time he threw the three dice, Lin Feng could sense an invisible strength inside.

Very quickly, Lin Feng looked at the three other people. Each time the dice rolled, Lin Feng could see those three people looked extremely focused, and their Qi fluctuated. Each time they proceeded according to orders they had received from Jack before!

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