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Chapter 1591: Las Vegas Gambling Party!


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 Cheaters! They cheated properly: they were using their cultivation to cheat!

When Lin Feng saw that, he couldn’t stand it. He immediately thought of a way to teach them a good lesson. He released some pure Qi. They were extremely weak, teaching them a good lesson wasn’t an issue.

This time, Jack took got seventeen, and the stake was fifty. The men looked at the result: six, six and five… seventeen!

Lin Feng smiled icily. He controlled the three dice. The three men who controlled the dice no longer did.

The next throw was strange: the roulette stopped, but the dice continued moving, as if they were possessed by a ghost. They rolled to one side and then to the other. In the end, they finally stopped.

The three men understood that someone had done it on purpose. They all looked at Lin Feng, who looked unmoved. They were all shocked and angry. Lin Feng laughed inside. You cheated, why couldn’t I?

The three men were stupefied. Lin Feng could control three dice alone? Impossible!… for them, at least. That’s why they were three people, to control three dice. The young man in front of them could control three at once?!

That was astonishing, but they also knew that if they admitted they had lost, it would be a catastrophe. Everybody would understand that they cheated, and in the end, Jack would consider them pieces of trash.

The three men were already covered in cold sweat but they forced themselves to keep calm. Lin Feng had only used a little bit of Qi; he released pure Qi until those three people finished using up their own. He did it all on purpose. Once they used up their energies, Lin Feng stopped messing with them.

In the end, he released even more pure Qi and made the dice become the same numbers as Wang Yuan’s bets. Lin Feng’s pure Qi pressed the dice on the table. The three men couldn’t control them at all.

The dealer announced the winner. Wang Yuan smiled at Jack, “Mister Jack, it’s not early. We’ve played enough.”

Jack pulled a long face, and looked at the three people angrily. They had just lost a few hundreds of thousands of dollars. How could he possibly keep calm?

Jack didn’t say anything. The three men all spoke hastily, “Mister Wang Yuan, you won because you had an unfair advantage. That man was doing things! He cheated!”

That guy’s Mandarin wasn’t as good as Jack’s, but he also spoke clearly as he pointed at Lin Feng.

The dealer had a bad feeling. Lin Feng had been watching the game carefully, but he hadn’t touched the table at all. The dealer knew, because he had been watching him. But he didn’t dare say anything because he couldn’t offend Jack and the others.

Jack was a well-known gangster. He had many minions and liked to resort to trickery. At the same time, he was also a VIP client in the casino.

If they offended him, the consequences would be tragic. The dealer would lose his job and Jack would destroy him, if not just kill him!

This place was for people who had money. The dealer was just working there. He could die or disappear, nobody cared about such an insignificant person. He didn’t dare take the risk!

Jack said to the dealer who was staring blankly, “Mister, look! Someone says someone is cheating! Isn’t the casino going to intervene?”

The dealer nodded and called the manager. At the same time, a dozen security guards gathered around them. They were all big Caucasians. They looked like big white polar bears!

The manager looked down on Lu Zhan and Lin Feng and said, “Hey, fucking chinks! Don’t cheat in my casino. Otherwise, I’ll chop you up!”

He swore at Lin Feng and Wang Yuan! Wang Yuan hammered the table and shouted out, “You better watch your words! We are clients here! The customer is always right! You dare insult us like that?!”

Two burly security guys immediately put their hands on Wang Yuan’s shoulders.

Lin Feng had to intervene to help Wang Yuan. He grabbed the two security guards’ wrists and pressed on their arteries. The two men screamed and fell to their knees in pain.

The other security guards stopped when they saw that. Lin Feng shouted in Chinese, “Make them move away! Otherwise, don’t blame me for destroying your entire casino!”

The manager looked astonished. Those two guards were extremely strong and fast. He did not expect that they wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack!

But he also knew that if he continued causing trouble, it would be a catastrophe. The other clients would be terrified, and the manager couldn’t afford that.

He said hastily, “Alright, alright! You didn’t cheat, you can go!”


Wang Yuan and Lin Feng left the casino. When they were dozens of meters away, a few guards came out of the casino and chased after them. Were they going to chase them until their hotel?

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Lin Feng asked, turning around.

“Hmph! Little boy, you think you’re extremely strong, huh? Give back the money you just stole!” the three cultivators in Mandarin demanded shamelessly.

“Huh? Hehe, dream on! We cheated only because you cheated first, so we have nothing to feel guilty about. Anyway, I’m telling you, if you keep following us, we’ll have to resort to force!” Lin Feng didn’t intend to flinch.

“Fucking hell. It seems like you won’t cry unless you see a coffin, huh? You dare provoke us? Alright, guards, take care of him!” said the manager, coming out as well.

The three cultivators and the guards charged Lin Feng and Wang Yuan. They didn’t hide their hostility anymore. They all took out weapons.

The three cultivators all released evil Qi and charged Lin Feng with their fists. Their energies weighed thousands of jin! They all looked ferocious and brutal.

Lin Feng couldn’t let them have it their own way. He threw a punch at those people. Their fists collided.

Boom, boom, boom! Lin Feng threw punches extremely quickly. Someone shouted in English, “OH MY GOD! SHIT!”

The men were blown away. They were cultivators, so when they were blown back four or five meters they didn’t fall, they landed on their arms and bounced. Their fists were all purple and swollen.

The three cultivators had suffered a crushing defeat. The other guards who were initially eager to try didn’t dare come forward anymore. The manager’s expression changed drastically. They all swallowed and didn’t dare say anything.

Wang Yuan said to Lin Feng in a low voice, “Let’s go, Lin Feng. We’re not in Huaxia. We shouldn’t get in trouble. Let’s go!”

Wan and Lin Feng left. Everybody stared after them. Jack was extremely angry. He had lost face in front of so many people. He, the Godfather as people called him, had been humiliated in front of everybody! He couldn’t stand it.

“Three pieces of trash. You can’t even defeat three fucking chinks? How humiliating!” cursed Jack.

He called Wang Yuan. When Wang Yuan saw his name, he picked up the phone. Jack was on the line, panting and dismayed. He said, “Fucking chink, you offended us! You made us lose face! The deal is cancelled! I would prefer not earning any money than selling it to you! Go and die, pancake faces!”

When Wang Yuan heard Jack, he shouted back, “Mister Jack, you cheated first today! We’re even now. I think you should keep your promise. You shouldn’t cancel the deal just because of a trifle…”

Huaxia really needed to get the relic back. It was part of their culture and heritage. It belonged to them and their ancestors. If they didn’t get it back this time, they would never get it back.

“Fuck! (note: English transliteration used in original), go and fucking die! I want you gone from Las Vegas tomorrow!” shouted Jack, and he hung up the phone!

The reason why he had made things so difficult for Lin Feng and Wang Yuan was because he didn’t want money; it was because he couldn’t let anyone ruin his plans!

He initially really wanted to sell the relic to Fu Sang. Fu Sang had promised that they would pay much more than Huaxia, so Jack had naturally accepted. Jack was going to get five percent of the transaction, which was a lot of money!

However, the owner of the relic had, for some reason, seemed to prefer Huaxia and wanted to sell the relic to them. Jack was extremely angry, so he had taken advantage of an insignificant problem to make it something huge. He was rather satisfied. His plot had worked well! 

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  1. Orange Joe June 18, 2020 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    Lol pancake faces. This author is not good at American racism.

  2. Mr. A July 8, 2020 at 8:52 am - Reply

    We liked Lin Feng because he’s not like all the other typical Chinese Main characters he kills people when they try to kill him. There are laws and you can’t kill people on earth? All of the other villains tried to kill Lin Feng so many times and now Lin Feng is turning into that typical Chinese Main Character where he just beats the evil guys up even tho the evil guys would kill Lin Feng if he was weaker. So what if there are laws? You are the strongest of the strongest just make the entire country or world submit to you. What is earth like the main world or something like you can’t do that here? Earth is a lower world from all the other worlds and clans like the Feng Clan has a terrifying Ancestor that is almighty but isn’t Lin Feng all mighty? This is so typical especially with the “Dream on” They’ll cheat so I guess I’ll cheat as well, Just call them out on cheating or beat them up. isn’t the ancient relic apart of Huaxia’s religion? You’re telling me Lin Feng the genius who talked all that about helping Huaxia and saving Huaxia is now gonna do it the legit way? He’s said it so many times that his home town is very important and he wants the future of Huaxia to be successful

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