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Chapter 1592: Indian Valley!


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 Wang Yuan called Jack back, but Jack didn’t answer. Wang Yuan was angry and upset. He was going to have to take responsibility for what had happened. His superiors weren’t going to be happy. If the mission failed, it would be a waste of money, and Wang Yuan would naturally be punished.

Wang Yuan and Lin Feng went back in front of the casino. Jack and the others weren’t there anymore. Lin Feng and Wang Yuan went back inside, but Jack wasn’t there either. Where was Jack?

Lin Feng was already sick and tired of all this. He noticed the manager; he could see the manager was someone who gloated over people’s misfortune. Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and dragged Wang Yuan out of the casino into the reception area. Wang Yuan demanded, “Lin Feng, what are you doing dragging me like this? I haven’t found him yet!”

“Wang Yuan, go back to the hotel and leave it to me now,” Lin Feng said.

Wang Yuan didn’t say anything, and there was a flicker of motion. Lin Feng disappeared.  He heard someone shout, “OH! MY! GOOOOD! What’s that thing over there, it’s flying!… Oh my God! Is it Superman or Spiderman?”

Wang Yuan raised his head and saw Lin Feng soaring over the tenth floor. He looked like a tiger, bouncing from wall to wall to the top, like in the movies.

Lin Feng was trying to get high up to see things from a distance. He glanced around and saw Jack and the others. Lin Feng saw a few familiar faces get inside a long car.

Lin Feng immediately left the building by piercing through the wall; pieces of stones, cement, and glass suddenly fell from the tenth floor. Some of them even crashed against a building nearby. Lin Feng disappeared from everyone’s field of view very quickly. 

 Everybody cried out in alarm. People from M Country spoke English. Wang Yuan’s English was perfect, and he understood absolutely everything. They were all saying good things about the superhero they had seen. Many people had even taken their phones out to take pictures!

Wang Yuan walked back to their hotel. His heart was pounding. He had no idea Lin Feng’s cultivation level was so high. Even he was shocked and impressed by Lin Feng’s performance!

At the same time, he was worried about Lin Feng. He called Lin Feng and asked him not to go too far. He couldn’t cause chaos here. If it drew the attention of M Country’s government, it would be a diplomatic catastrophe! 


 Lin Feng was already chasing Jack and the others. There were three cars in total, Jack’s car was in the middle. Lin Feng was just flying through the air, condensing pure Qi in his feet to do so. He looked like a majestic god.

Lin Feng did not expect that he would chase them for an entire night. Jack’s car and the two others left the city and started driving up a mountain road.

Lin Feng remembered the way as he traveled, so he could find his way back. The landscape was extremely beautiful, especially from above. He could see lakes, rivers, swamps, waterfalls, and wild animals; Lin Feng could see at night as well as during the day.

Lin Feng’s phone rang again. Wang Yuan asked worriedly, “Lin Feng, where are you now?”

“I am chasing Jack. They left the area. I want to see where they’re going. If I’m not mistaken, I think they’re going to see the owner of the item!” replied Lin Feng.

Wang Yuan was astonished when he heard that. He asked, “How are you chasing them? And stop shouting! If they hear you, you’ll be in great danger. If you can’t do it, just come back. We’ll find another solution!”

Lin Feng agreed and hung up the phone. However, he had to chase them, and he couldn’t give up halfway. 

Jack’s car drove through the winding mountain roads. There were beautiful cliffs and valleys. It was extremely beautiful, especially from up where Lin Feng was. There were so many fruits and vegetables. It was a perfect place to have a nap and a picnic.

Jack continued driving. A strange wind started blowing in the valley, and all the cars stopped. A few silhouettes appeared in the wind.

Lin Feng stopped and released his godly awareness. Those people’s clothes were old and damaged. They looked like cavemen, but Lin Feng also detected a powerful Qi from their bodies.

Jack came out of the car and shouted at them, “Elders, I am Jack! I came to see you, Chief!”

When they recognized Jack, they let them pass. Lin Feng was far away, but he had already seen lanterns in the distance. There were bonfires everywhere, and people were dancing and chanting around them. It looked like a dance, but it was actually a ritual.

Lin Feng followed Jack until he stopped near a village. Some people led the way to a hut made of wood and thatch.

The people who had come with Jack were outside chatting. There was nobody else. They were probably all participating in the ritual.

Lin Feng went in another direction. He landed silently at the top of a thatched hut, released his godly awareness, and listened.

However, he was instantly regretful. He had forgotten the most important thing: they didn’t speak the same language!

Lin Feng was extremely annoyed. He had acted without thinking. Now he was in danger. Jack had come to this place right after their altercation, so he had probably come to report.

Could it be that the owner of the relic was here? That village looked like a native village; how had they obtained a relic which belonged to Huaxia?

Lin Feng was extremely upset. He felt powerless. Even though his cultivation level wasn’t bad, he had failed just because he didn’t understand their language!

As Lin Feng was thinking, his phone suddenly rang, it was very bad timing, as everybody heard his phone.

The people Jack had brought all heard it ring. Lin Feng hastily moved higher up in the sky, but it was already too late. Many people suddenly surrounded the hut.

Torchlights appeared all around him and lit the area. Lin Feng was astonished when he saw some people bring a strange pot. Were the natives cannibals?

“Hey, good little man, huh? How did you dare follow me?! You’re not gonna leave ever again then, little boy!” said Jack charging at Lin Feng and shouting. His friends all raised their guns.

Lin Feng hadn’t even said anything, and Jack ordered them to kill him. Some people charged him. They all wanted to kill him!

It was the first time Lin Feng had faced people with guns, so he couldn’t afford to be distracted. When people used swords or such weapons, Lin Feng could usually use pure Qi and his Purple Lights Aeon Armor. This time, he wasn’t sure it would work against bullets, so he decided to keep flashing and dodging.

Naturally, he also threw a few palm strikes at the same time. He attacked the bullets coming towards him. The bullets all fell one after the other, and Lin Feng didn’t feel scared anymore. The winds caused by his One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave attacks made the bullets fall down. His Purple Lights Aeon Armor also worked and blocked bullets.

Lin Feng immediately activated his armor and slowly landed, like an ancient Buddha. Those people kept shooting. Their bullets bounced off his armor and fell to the ground. Lin Feng was perfectly safe.

Those people were dumbstruck. Jack was gaping, and he shouted angrily, “Stop! “Stop!”

The man shouted in English, but Lin Feng understood what it meant. His people stopped shooting. A few old natives came out of a hut and looked at Lin Feng. They seemed shocked.

“Lin Feng… Who… are you? Why can you fly…? Do you practice black magic?” asked the frightened Jack.

“I’m not here to chat, you tried to kill us,” Lin Feng said. He noticed a strange wind starting to blow.

He had blocked Jack and the others, and now the native elders had shown up with wooden sticks and were shouting. Lin Feng had no idea what they were saying.

Lin Feng was astonished when the few old men who had just come out of the hut spoke Chinese! Their Chinese was perfect! They had absolutely no accent.

“Who are you? Why did you trespass on our tribe?” asked the old man. His eyes were filled with anger.

When Lin Feng saw he spoke fluent Chinese, he said curiously, “Those people attacked us. We came from Huaxia. Who are you?”

“AAAHHHHHH! You’re from Huaxia! You’re here for the ancient relic, right? But Jack said you had already given up on the trade. What is going on?” asked the old man curiously. He glanced at Jack angrily. 

Jack pretended to be embarrassed and played around with his hands. As expected, he had lied!

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